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What Came Over Me by Dave

Saturday morning arrived and I didn’t have a thing on the calendar that
needed my attention. My first day of vacation would begin on Monday! As I
was shaving, I was thinking about having 3 entire weeks to myself. This
would be the first time in 33 years that I was facing vacation without Mary.
I lost Mary to breast cancer almost a year ago. I sure do miss her. Mary
and I were blessed with one son, Jason. He has always been Jay to us. Jay
is married and he & Dot has blessed us with three, wonderful grandchildren.
One good thing is that Jay and family live in the same city so I get to see
them every weekend and on holidays.

I finished getting ready for the day and had breakfast. As I was brushing
my teeth, I noticed I could use a trim. Since I lost Mary, I found the
weekends long having nothing in mind to do. Living in a high rise
apartment, I didn’t have any yard work to do. I had gotten home late last
night, I didn’t take time to look at the mail. I picked up the mail and
began looking through it.

There staring me in the face was a catalog from the Burpee Seed Company.
Then it came to me that I had requested the catalog when I was on the
Internet and came across their website. As I sat there looking at the many
different varieties of vegetables, the time I spent on the farm as a boy
came rushing back to me. I remembered growing up, planting a garden, and
how wonderful the fresh vegetables tasted. As I was leafing through the
catalog, I caught myself running my fingers through my hair. Suddenly I
remember my typical haircut when I was a boy - a long crew cut. Thinking of
my crew cut days, I was suddenly brought back to reality and headed off to
see Jeff, my barber.

When I arrived at Jeff’s barbershop, he had just opened for business so I
was going to be his first customer. I got in the chair and told Jeff I
wanted a long crew cut. Jeff seemed surprised since I have always had this
long, businessman’s cut ever since he had been cutting my hair. “What
brought this on?” asked Jeff. I told him that I had been looking back to my
childhood and I had always had a crew cut and enjoyed it.

It wasn’t long before the hair was falling and when Jeff had finished with
the initial cut, we talked about going shorter on the sides. When I got out
of the chair, I had been given a H&T crew cut. It sure did feel great. As
I was walking home, I loved the feel of the smooth sides and back. Suddenly
I knew how I was going to spend my vacation time. I was going to use my
time looking for a small farm in the country. I had to find a place where
there was good soil. I was going to have a big garden.

When I got home, I sat down with the Burpee Seed Catalog and ordered some
seeds. I reasoned that having ordered seeds, I had to find a place where I
could plant them. As I looked, suddenly some names of vegetables came back
to me: Little Marvel, peas; Ebenezer, onion; Kenabeck & Pontiac, potatoes,
etc. I had to get hold of a good realtor and suddenly I remembered my old
friend, Dan. He is or was a realtor so I picked up the phone and had the
operator give me his phone number. Immediately I called Dan and he was
surprised to hear from me. I told him what I wanted and he said he had
several good prospects. We made an arrangement to meet and go from there.

Monday I drove to Dan’s office and we sat down and looked at some prospects.
Things began to happen quite rapidly. In fact, I decided, when I got back
to work, I was going to retire. I had 43 years in, so I could retire with a
good pension.

I met with Dan 3 more times and finally I found the place I had been
thinking about. It was a fifty acre farm with a new home being built on it.
I looked at the floor plan and made an offer. Two days later, Dan called
and said if I wanted the farm, I could have it at the price I had offered.
I felt like I was walking on air. Actually the price I offered for the farm
was far less than what I could get out of my apartment. It was settled, I
would retire and move onto the farm. As I said, things were moving quite
fast indeed. I had Dan handle the sale of my apartment as well.

A few days before I was to go back to work, I stopped off at Jeff’s and had
him give me another H&T crew cut. Once again, I loved the feel of the skin
on the sides and back….so smooth. Each time I would touch the smooth skin,
chills ran down my spine. As I was walking home, I knew I had to let my
boss know I was retiring. One day, I called him and hit him with the news.
He said, “Boy Joe! This is a surprise but I can’t say I blame you. I am
retiring also.” Now that was a surprise to me. Being that we both had been
working for the government for all of these years, I guess I shouldn’t have
been so surprised. I made arrangement to come in during my vacation and get
the papers moving.

When I signed the papers for retirement, I felt like a heavy load was lifted
from me. I would be retiring a day before my boss. In fact, I would be
back at work only a month, before the final day. When I returned to work,
my boss came to see me and couldn’t get over my new look. He commented on
the H&T crew cut. He told me he had always thought about the day he would
get a short haircut. It seems he couldn’t get the courage to take the step.
I invited him to go with me the next time I got my H&T Crew Cut. To my
surprise, he took me up on the offer. That Saturday, we met at Jeff’s shop.
Before long, my boss was free of his long hair. He loved it.

As I said, things moved quickly. My son and family couldn’t wait for me to
move onto the farm so they could come and visit. I did so look forward to
having them visit. I couldn’t wait to get some animals on the farm and
enjoy having them around me.

The last haircut that Jeff gave me was the best one yet. He cut the crew
cut much shorter and with the sides and back shaved. It sure did look much
better and felt much better. My apartment sold quickly and all I was
waiting for was the house to be finished. The day came when I left the city
and moved to the country. Actually the new house had almost twice as much
space as my apartment.

I found it delightful the first night in the country. All I could hear was
the insects outside chirping away. I found that the house was almost dead
silent. It was so quiet that I thought I was going deaf. Suddenly I
realized I no longer had to fight the traffic, the noise, and the smell.
The air was so fresh out here.

My first morning in my new home, found me falling into the same routine as
in the city. As I looked in the mirror and began to shave, I decided I was
tired of the mustache. I got out my mustache trimmer and before I knew it,
the stache was gone. I liked the look. For some reason, I ran my hand over
my freshly cut crew cut and felt the almost smooth sides and back and found
the urge to take the trimmer to the crew cut. Before long, I had removed
what hair I had on my head. I loved the feel of the stubble. It wasn’t
long before I was shaving not only my entire face, but my head as well.

What came over me? I don’t know, but I just felt like I had to get rid of
the hair on my head except for the brows. When I finished, I looked in the
mirror and liked what I saw. Gone was the salt and pepper hair. I think I
look much younger without the hair. Strange as it seems, a young person
with the shaved head looks older and we older folks look younger without the

I took my shower and when the water hit my head, I discovered a new world.
I loved the feel of the water on my head and how slick it felt. When I got
dressed for the day, I had to look again at the smooth, BALD head. It didn’
t have any shine to it, but it sure was BALD! I remembered something I had
seen on the Internet whereby one could get a good shine on the noggin. That
morning, I went out and got the necessary items to achieve the ‘look’ I
wanted. When I got home, I tried out the items and sure enough, I had a
bright shining head, now to get some sun on the freshly denuded head and get
a tan going.

It was the beginning of spring, so I had to get my seeds in the ground. I
asked around and found someone to come and plow my garden and get it ready
for planting. The smell of the freshly turned soil brought back fond

Planting the garden made me feel like I had just gotten a new toy at
Christmas time. I couldn’t wait for the seeds to begin growing. I had
planted some potatoes and couldn’t wait to see the first sign of growth
there as well. The barn wasn’t too large, but adequate for what I had in
mind, a few chickens. A farm isn’t a farm unless you have hens cackling and
the roosters crowing. I love rabbits so I was going to have several
rabbits. Yes! I know that animals can tie you down to the farm, but I didn
’t mind that at all. I found a place where I could order the chicks and
rabbits. I wanted red chickens so I ordered a cross between a Rhode Island
Red and the Cornish Giant. That is what we had on the farm growing up. Not
only were they good layers, but they were a great meat bird as well.

As for rabbits, I had always wanted the world’s largest rabbit, Flemish
Giant. They are so much FUN and so gentle. They love to be around people.
I found a place where I could order them - one day shipment. I ordered them
and made sure I was at the airport nearby when they arrived. I checked them
out and they were fine. I couldn’t wait to get them to their new home.

I sat one evening thinking how much Mary would enjoy the animals and the
little farm. I had to check on the chicks quite often to make sure they
were nice and warm and had plenty of food and water. Before going to bed, I
made my rounds and made sure everyone was ‘tucked in for the night.’
Returning to the house, the phone was ringing and it was Jay. We talked for
a time and then I went to bed.

I now look forward to not only getting up each morning and shaving my
face/head but look forward to seeing the ‘KIDS’ as I call them. I was so
looking forward for Jay and his family to arrive. They would be coming that
weekend. It will be a 3 hour drive for them.

I found that I was up bright and early to take care of the KIDS and to get
things ready for Jay and family. I couldn’t wait to see the grandkids.
They are teenagers now. When they arrived, I couldn’t wait to see the
present that they said they were bringing with them. I had no idea as to
what it would be. I figured it would be some kind of house warming gift.

Well! You could have knocked me over with a feather when I was presented
with two tiny, light haired, Golden Retrievers. I had always wanted one.
They are so family oriented. When the grandkids presented me with the gift,
tears came to my eyes. The ‘boys’ as I called them, were so lively and so
cute. Lucky that Jay thought to bring some food for them. I immediately
made a home for them in the house. Now I would have some companions at
night. It was lonely at night. During the day, I found lots of things to
do outside so I didn’t have time to be lonely.

Jay’s wife, Dot, made herself at home in the kitchen. She is such a lovely
person. I think of her as my daughter that I never had. After lunch, I had
some surprises for the gang. They got to meet Harvey & Bugs, the Flemish
Giants. They were still small, but they were growing like weeds. They also
got to see the baby chicks that have now begun to sprout their contour
feathers. I didn’t get too many of them - only 50. I have a big area all
prepared for them when they get big enough to go outside.

Jay’s kids had never seen a garden so they were interested in that. It
wouldn’t be long before the first of the crops would be ready to enjoy:
Radishes, Lettuce, Green Onions, etc. The potatoes were doing well and so
were the beans. I couldn’t wait for the peas to be ready - that is one of
my favorite of the fresh vegetables. Before I knew it, I had to stake the
tomatoes. Of course Jay’s boys wanted to know about the stakes and I
explained what they were fore.

As the boys were discovering the farm, Jay and I were alone. Jay asked me
about the new look I had - no mustache and no hair. I told him what
happened and he smiled. He said, “You know Dad, you look much younger and I
have never seen you happier since we lost Mother. How do you like the bald
look?” I told Jay I loved it and that I wasn’t going to grow hair, ever
again. Jay reached over and rubbed my head and I never had a feeling like
that before. For some reason, it was so exciting but at the same time so
comforting. Then Jay hit me with the question, “How do you think I would
look with short hair or bald?” Jay’s hair was over his ears and collar. He
kept it looking great. I told him I thought he would look great with
shorter hair. He then said he was seriously thinking of going short. It
seems that his male friends were sporting sport hair.

That afternoon, everyone jumped in my truck to go to town. I needed to get
some goodies for the new ‘KIDS’ on the block and the gang wanted to explore
the town. I got the toys for the new arrivals as well as lay in some food
for them. They would be growing quite rapidly now and would need a lot of
food. No! I didn’t forget the treats! Puppies have to have treats.

As Jay and I brought back the goodies from the pet store, we met up with
David, Cory, and Brad, my grandsons. They thought the small town was most
interesting. Jay then said, “Dad! I am ready for the barbershop. Is there
one in town?” I was surprised since Jay and the boys go to a salon to get
their hair cut. I told them of Tony’s Barbershop! I go there from time to
time to have Tony give me a good shave. I let the hair grow for about 4
days and then Tony has something to shave off. I love the time I spend in
the barbershop. I remember how the barbershop smelled when I was growing up
and Tony’s shop had that same smell.

We had to get a move on since Jay’s wife, Dot, would be reporting back in an
hour. You know women, they love to shop and every chance they get, they
take advantage of it. Well! We made our way to Tony’s. Tony was sitting
in his chair reading the newspaper. Tony looked up and said, “Hi Joe! It
doesn’t look like you need my services today.” I laughed and introduced
Tony to my son and grandsons.

Jay got right up in the chair and before Tony had a chance to ask him how he
wanted his hair cut, Jay said, “Give me a cut just like Dad!” To say I was
surprised to hear what Jay had just said, is hitting it right on the nail
head. Tony was happy to hear that request. Tony didn’t even ask Jay if he
was sure about the request. Tony picked up his biggest clippers and turned
them on and proceeded to make a nice wide, white strip right down the center
of Jay’s head. His sons were paying close attention. By the time Tony had
removed all the hair off of the top of Jay’s head, his sons all said,
“Looking great Dad!”

In no time, Jay was stepping from the chair with a good shine on a BALD
head. He reached up and began rubbing his head. He said, “Dad! This is
great. In fact it is AWESOME!” As we were congratulating Jay, David, the
oldest boy, was in the chair and when we turned around, we saw the first
white strip on his head. He was going out for football and wanted to go
short. His hair wasn’t that long, just touching the ears and collar….like
his dad! Now Cory and Brad was a different story. They are twins with
long, blonde hair - the hair was almost past their shoulders.

Jay and Dot have tried to get them to cut their hair shorter, but they
wanted it long. I must say that they did keep it clean and neat. Just as
David stepped from the chair with a shiny, BALD HEAD, I noticed Cory and
Brad in a huddle. David looked great with his head shining. Just as we
finished giving David a good massage, Cory said, “Dad! Brad and I want to
get a trim. How about it?” Jay was eager to give the boys a positive
answer. He later told me, “I would never pass up an opportunity when those
two wanted a haircut.”

Jay said, “Go for it.” We sat down as Cory and Brad tossed a coin and
called it. Brad won, so he went first. Tony combed his hair and commented
on how long it was. Then Tony asked Brad how he wanted it cut. Brad, in a
loud voice, said, “I want a BALDY just like granddad, dad, and David.” I
know my mouth dropped open but was smiling. I looked over at Jay and he was
smiling. It wasn’t long before Brad’s long, blonde hair was sliding down or
rolling down to his lap. He took some of the hair and threw it up in the
air and was smiling. It wasn’t long before he stepped from the chair with a
great shine on his BALD head. Brad was feeling his head and said, “This is
fantastic. Thanks Dad!” Tony took time to sweep up the hair so he didn’t
slip on it and then looked at Cory.

Cory said, “I guess I won’t get my hair cut at this time. I don’t want to
look like you four.” Just as Brad was about to say something, I could see
the sadistic grin on Cory’s face and he stepped to the chair. I could see
the disappointment on Brad’s face. Just then Cory said, “Just kidding. I
can’t wait to get rid of this.” I no time, Cory had joined the ‘BALD
BROTHERHOOD’ as Jay was calling it. Everyone gave Cory a good massage and
he was enjoying it. I paid Tony and gave him a handsome tip. Just as we
were to leave, Tony said, “You know. You all look great. I think I will
have to get one of those sometime soon.” Jay looked at his watch and said,
“Tony! We have some time to spare! I think your idea is great. Have a
seat.” I looked at Jay and said, “Are you serious?” Before Jay had a
chance to answer, Tony was in the chair and had placed the cape around

“Let’s do it!” said Tony. Someone will have to secure the cape. Then Tony
said, “I think Joe should make the first cut and then the rest of you take
turns. Let’s get this head cleaned up.” Now that was an offer that I
couldn’t refuse. In no time, Tony was relieved of his hair. There! Six in
a row. Now you don’t see six baldies in a row every day of the week. You
guessed it, as Tony stood up, he was rubbing his head. He said, “This is
Great. Thanks Guys!”

I looked at my watch and knew it was time to meet Dot. When we arrived at
our designated spot, Dot was nowhere to be found. Jay was a little worried
and I told him not to worry. The town isn’t that big and besides, knowing
women as I do, she is still shopping. It wasn’t long before we saw her
coming. Jay and the boys decided to surprise her. When she arrived at the
truck, she was loaded down with purchases. She asked where Jay and the boys
were. I helped her with the bags and then Jay came out.

Dot suddenly let out a yell! She ran to Jay and began rubbing his head.
She said, “What possessed you to do that? Oh! I know! It’s your father
here. Dad! I am surprised at you. You had to really ‘work’ on Jay to get
him to get this haircut. Thanks! I love it. Have the boys seen this?”
Just then the boys appeared and said, “We have seen it.” Dot’s mouth
dropped open! She said, “Honestly Dad! You and your son are in your second
childhood, but these boys! Honestly!” She then began to smile and rubbed
their heads as well. What’s with this head rubbing from anyone other than
BBC people?

We all jumped in the truck and off we went to my favorite restaurant for
supper. I told the gang I had to get back to the farm to take care of my
‘kids.’ I noticed as I drove back home, everyone was either giving or
receiving a good head massage….all except for Dot.

The next morning, as I was preparing breakfasts, the boys were busy shaving.
They appeared with a good shine on their heads and immediately took the
puppies outside for their morning training. I was happy to see that, by
keeping them in a small, restricted area, they didn’t mess up their bed. As
soon as they got outside, they were ready to do business. I couldn’t get
over the fact that they were well on their way to being house broken. I
knew there would be accidents, but I was sure they would be few in coming.

I called to Jay and Dot that breakfast was ready! I called them again. It
seems that they were running late this morning. Later Jay told me that they
had a great time last night and early this morning. I could tell that Jay
didn’t have time to shave but I was sure he would be shining shortly after

A year later, I am enjoying my ‘kids.’ Ben & Jerry are almost full grown.
They are a delight to have around. I do so enjoy their company and they
enjoy the company of Harvey & Bugs. Oh! Yes! The chickens were laying
eggs and the roosters are crowing. I sure did like the sound of the
cackling and the crowing. Those two sounds made for a great farm. Jay and
family were to arrive that weekend for a week. I couldn’t wait for them to
see all of the ‘kids.’ When they arrived, there was Jay and the boys still
sporting the BALD LOOK! It seems that they all enjoy the cut so much that
the have kept it.

It seems the boys thought that Granddad needed more company. They had a box
to present to me. I could tell there was something alive inside due to the
fact that it was difficult to keep the box level. When we got inside, I
opened the box and there before my eyes were two of the most beautiful
kittens. Of course I had to pick them up and give them a HUG! They were
typical kittens. Ready to explore. The Grandkids are something. They had
brought the materials with them to make a scratching post for them. I
thanked them all and couldn’t wait to have the ‘new kids on the block’ to
join Ben and Jerry. I was surprised how well everyone got along after a few
hisses from the new kids.

Well! That’s my story. Moving to the farm was the best thing I have done
besides marrying Mary and having Jay. Yep! I am still bald and loving it
every day.

Oh! Yes! To the surprise of Dot and Jay, they had a new baby. It was a
boy! I couldn’t wait to see it. They named him, Joe. To say I was pleased
would be putting it mildly.

Joe was two months old when I first met him. Immediately I said, “Why is he
so bald? Didn’t he have any hair?” Dot smiled and said, “Now you know
better than that! Your son took the razor to him when I was out shopping.”
I looked up at Jay and he was grinning from ear to ear. “I wanted to start
him off right. Dot knows it was a matter of time before he would join the
“Bald Brotherhood.” I looked at Dot and she was smiling and rubbing Jay’s
head. Now there are six.

I received a phone call from Jay about a week after they had last visited.
Jay sounded so excited. It seems their suspicions were correct. They are
going to have another child. I was so happy for them. All of the children
that Dot and Jay have had have grown up into such fine gentlemen. I can’t
say that about Little Joe, as I call him. I’m sure he will turn out like
the rest of the boys. I am hoping that it is going to be a girl. Dot so
wanted a girl.

Well! 2 months later, I received a call and Jay told me that not only was
Dot pregnant, but she was carrying another set of twins and they are boys.
I asked Jay if he was going to try for a girl. He laughed and then said
that he and Dot had talked it over and there were to be no more children.
They thought 6 was enough. Before I could say anything more, Jay told me he
had the operation. He is such a considerate person. He said, “Dad! It was
the easiest of the options. Why should Dot go through with an operation
when what I did was quite simple. I was so proud of Joe at that moment. He
seems to consider his mate and always seems to do the right thing.

Well! Right on schedule, Dot gave birth to two healthy boys. Both she and
the boys are doing well. I was quite surprised that she seldom has anything
to do with the boys other than nursing them. It seems the brothers have
taken over the work. Yes! They even do the laundry, bathing, etc. I asked
Dot about it and she said, “Can you believe this? They asked, in fact
almost pleaded, if they could take care of them.” Of course I had to ask -
what about feeding them at night and who takes care of them when they are
sick and crying. Dot smiled and she said, “Hold onto your hat! They take
care of that also. I do check to see if the sick one needs anything
special, but they take care of everything. I’m so proud of them. They all
are going to make great fathers, just like your son. I am so blessed.” I
smiled and I knew what she meant.

Now what color hair do you suppose the new arrivals have? I can’t guess
since the boys are shining in the head department. It seems the boys, with
the help of their Dad, shaved the fuzz off. Jay smiled and again said,
“Starting them off right.” Dot just smiled and said, “If I remember
correctly, they too had blonde hair!”

Oh! Yes! I love the garden. When the seeds began to show signs of growth
last year, I was so happy. The garden also brought back fond memories. I
sure do enjoy the fresh vegetables. They are so fresh and tender. The
garden is in for this year and I can’t wait to harvest fresh vegetables
again. Retirement is all that I thought it would be and more.

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