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My AfterSchool haircut gone wrong by holyvenom

After school,i was walking to the barbershop,i was so nervous what or how should i caut my thick black hair.i was wondering what to cut and when i justthought about it,i reached the barbershop,then what i thought off was vanished.So i shly enter the shop.the barber or uncle greeted me and was getting rdy as i put down my bag and went to the chair.I was so nervous and did not what to tell and i just said usual.Then he roll over my shirt collar and placed a towel around near my spine and cape me with a neon pink cape.i started feeling excited and scared at the same time.Then he took a no.3 clipper and started going up my end of the neck and he out moved on to my sideburns my sloping it straight up and cutting it at the side of my ear,he did the same on the other side soon short strands of hair were all over my upper cape.Then he started running the clipper across my back and i saw at the mirror huge chunks of black hair falling of.Then sparayed water at my top of my hair which is the thickest part grown.then he took a comb,comb from the side and snip off,it was for 5 minutes and i started becoming anxious.then he soak the bangs with water and trim it off to a no4 length.i was about to cry where he styled my hair and i started looking handsome.Suddenly i spilt out of what was i thinking in my mind, then the uncle used the comb and scooped down anyhair that was on my cape,hecame with a no2 clipper and all around my head.i was horrified and a thick strand of hair was hanging on my fringe there and he comb my hair through.he then removed the cape,and i saw all my cut hair.I payed him and left quitely as i really wanted a short haircut like this.

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