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Twin Barber Part 1 by holyvenom

One afternoon,james was walking back home after school,he stopped at a mirror and started adjusting his thick black hair,he patted his thick bangs and straighten his sideburns,they in a distance his so a signboard down a narrow alley.he decided to check it on where he saw a signboard written "free haircut up roll!"he did not meant what was that and he woke into the shop behind the sighboard,but it was a computer repain shop,and the repairer as what did he want,then he knew wat james and ask him to follow him.They went dowm to a basement where there was one barber chair in the middle and infront was the nesscary things. it was quite small,then the repairer capes him with a cape which has a hair falling design and ask him to wait for the barber.After few min,james set his handphone to videotape his haircut,he was continued waiting when the barbers arrived,they were twins and was ready to cut james hair,james was nervous and then........

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