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Cross Country Clippings by cjd30101

Type your story here"Hey, Christian! What do you think about shaving your head for charity? We could let people chop off clumps for a couple dollars and then you can use the clippers and buzz the rest off..." asked Andrew

"Man, I don't know. I really like my hair.

It was right after the Cross Country meet and I walked into the gym as I left the locker room, changing out of my uniform into a pair of athletic shorts and an under armor tank top. It was filled with people shaving their heads, and I remembered Andrew's question from earlier.

My best friend luke had hair about as long as mine, and he sat down in a chair on the far side of the room, and I ran over. As I got in line, everybody began to snip off strands of his hair. When it was my turn, I lopped off his bangs and left a straight fringe. I backed away as the barber -principal kitzman- took clippers to his head. The remainder of Luke's hair drifted to the floor and he was bald. He started in the back and brought the shears up the crown and cut off everything in its path.

As I ran the meet, my long hair was hanging in my eyes and was getting sweaty. The guys on the team would often make fun of me for having a shoulder length mop, but I enjoyed it. It was flying out of control as I sped past the other runners and I decided that I would get rid of it. It was for charity and it needed to be cut anyway.

"Hey mom, can I shave my head? I texted her
"It's your hair... Do what you want." She replied

I slowly walked up to the empty chair and sat down, as other students walked over and snipped off pieces of my formerly long hair. It felt very odd, because I could not see what it looked like. Soon Luke walked over and cut off a chunk, and I had a massive hard on, something you could definitely see through my tight compression underwear and the gym shorts on top. As he glanced at it, he indicated me about his similar state, but my focus was on his bald head, a major turn on.

Coach Eagle pulled the clippers around my head and the long mess fell to the ground. He said that it could help me run faster and that instead of brushing it every morning, I could just run a razor over it.

As I pulled my phone out and looked at my newly shaven head, I immediately came. I felt the tiny bit left on top and knew it would be something worth keeping.

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