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A man now by John

It was my thirteenth birthday and a glorious August day. Mum and dad had given me presents and were to have lunch with grandma. After breakfast dad said "We must get our hair cut" Mum looked nervous and apprehensive. I wondered too what was happening as mum usually took me to her ladies salon to have my pageboy bob cut. The ladies there were always kind to me and I loved the feel of the soft nylon cape when I was having my hair trimmed.
I got into the car with dad and we drove into town and parked and then walked to the barber shop where he always went. We entered and there was a lot of noise and the smell of hair oil was heavy on the air.
Dad went and spoke to his regular barber and we sat down on the red leather banquette and waited. dad went first and I watched as the barber deftly cut his hair and shaved his neck. Dad always looked smart and this was no exception.
Now it was my turn and I was nervous. dad had spoken to the barber before I got into the chair but I didn't hear what he said.
"Hello young man" said the barber. "We are going to turn you into a man today"
The nylon cape swished around me and was tightly fastened around my neck. It was a very different cape as the nylon was thick and stiff.
"Now let's get started" he said as he snipped his scissors in the air.
My stomach tightened and at the same time there was a stirring in my groin.
Snipp, snip. My pageboy bob was disappearing fast and I felt my head and neck being exposed. Next I heard the whirring of the cutters and felt the hard metal on my neck. I didn't dare look in the mirror. Eventually I did and someone unrecognisable looked back, hair standing on end.
The barber lent over to the Brylcreem pump and rubbed and large dollop on his hands which he then worked into my hair. It felt very strange. Suddenly the comb made a parting on my scalp straight as an arrow and my hair was combed and then brushed and brushed until it shone like patent leather.
I couldn't believe the change but I loved it and agreed with the barber that I now looked like a proper gentleman.
Dad said "My word you look smart"
We drove home with my neck feeling very naked and that strange feeling of one's hair plastered to the scalp.
Part t3wo to follow if anyone is interested

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