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A Visit to a proper barber by Snipped Sam

This was the first story I ever wrote in the haircut story site, back then I called myself Shorn lad,I wrote the story in august 2005I have managed to retrieve the story and tidy up the spelling, hope you enjoy it.

A visit to a proper barber
By shorn lad
I had never been in such an old fashioned barber's shop, the chair, the barber, the equipment seemed very ancient, I was fascinated. The boy in the chair was being given a proper short back and sides, part of me wanted to stay and another really wanted to get up and leave. As there was a man in front of me also waiting I decided that once he was installed in the chair I would find an excuse and leave after all it had taken a while to get my hair to a seventies look. Eventually the boy came of the chair severely barbered, as he wiped his neck the man stood up but the barber looked at me `you`re next lad `he said jovially `but this gentleman is first I think ` I said quickly `no lad I'm not having my haircut I've just brought Christopher`
I hesitated not knowing what to do, `come along lad` he said firmly, so I had no choice but to take my place on the chair, sit right back there's a good lad` and the gown was soon round me and I was all tucked in and ready, the other two left as he was combing my hair, ` I think for you young man, a nice short back and sides is the order of the day `. I did not know what to say; as he picked up the scissors I just nodded.
Soon he was snipping away, loud snips and lots of hair falling away; it went on for ages I was beginning to look very different. He seemed quite happy I was just glad no one else was there to see what was being done. He then took some antiquated thinning scissors and thinned my hair all over; it was very uncomfortable as he tugged at my hair. He then brushed me down, ‘well my lad, you are looking much more neat and tidy now hey` I nodded `yes sir a lot better`
`Right lad you need to bend your head right down for me, it's time for the most important part of your haircut`
I bent my head down for him `right down lad, as far as you can get it...that's more like it`
My heart sank as he took the clippers from the hook, he turned them on and began to run them up the back of my head, up and up he went, he then tilted my head and did above my ears. Then came a vigorous brush down, he stood back and surveyed his work ` a touch more of the back I think` and he took a different pair of clippers and clipped at the back again. Once he had finished he gave me a good brush down and combed my hair precisely in place, he then sprayed my hair and powdered my neck.
When I came of the chair I put my hand on the back of my neck it felt so bare
As I ran my hand up it felt rough and bristly
` You will soon get used to it lad, at least you now have a smart haircut`
`Yes sir and a very short one too” I replied meekly
I paid for my haircut and emerged from is shop feeling very self conscious and very much barbered, there was no mistaking that I had just come from the barbers
The End

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