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"and I do mean short" by Snipped Sam / shorn lad

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"and I do mean short"
By shorn lad
I was really kicking myself, the day before I had been to an old fashioned barbers shop, having lost my nerve to stay and have my haircut, I had left before it was my turn, asking the barber if it was alright to come back the next day. He had agreed with reluctance, clearly he thought i should not put of my haircut, whilst I had no intention of returning, later that evening I realised that I had left my library books under the seat I had sat on. The next morning I returned with trepidation, hoping he would let me have the books and let me off the haircut. When i walked in he was sitting reading a newspaper, he looked up and smiled `you are back`
`Yes, I think i left my library books here yesterday`
`So you did, in a hurry to get out as I remember, well at least today it will not be books you are leaving behind`
`Could I have the books please`
`certainly you can young man, but first you and i have something more important than books to concern ourselves with, and this time you are going to have your haircut`
`Do I have to? `
`I rather think you want those books back young man, a bit expensive to replace I'd say`
`Yes, very expensive`
`Then it's either in the barber's chair or replace the books`
`The barber's chair, I suppose then`
`Hang up your jacket and in the chair, young man`
I was soon fully caped, tightly tucked in and ready for a haircut, he picked up a pair of long steel scissors, it was the sight of his work the previous day had made me want to run; he combed my thick dark brown hair.
`Any chance of just a light trim sir? `
`You are having it cut short, and I do mean short`
he proceeded to start to cut my hair, he was quite rough how he combed and lifted my hair and cut large chunks off, pulling at my hair, he pushed my head firmly to position it so he could cut away. A very large pile of hair began to lie on the cape, which was white nylon. After several minutes it seemed of cutting out came the thinning scissors, these seemed to really bang against my head as he chopped off loads more hair. I was just really thankful that it was just the two of us in the shop and nobody was there to watch this ordeal I was enduring. When he eventually put them back on the side he gave me a good brush down with a stiff nylon brush, loose hair seemed to fly everywhere. My heart sank as he took the clippers from the hook which was to the right of the barber's chair; he opened the steriliser cupboard and changed the blade on the clippers. I then felt his hand on the back of my head, he firmly bent my head down as far as he could, with one hand holding my head down, he started to clip my hair, it went on for ages up and up he went, first the back of my head and followed by above my ears, my head being firmly moved to where it was required to be. After the clippers came the razor on the back of my neck and to arch above my ears. Once I was restored to a normal sitting position I was able to see just what he had done, I could never remember having such a short haircut. He brushed me down then combed my hair into a severe parting with the aid of a dab of hair cream. I was then removed from the chair, charged for my haircut..
`Thanks for my haircut sir` I thought, I will not show him that he had won
`Any time boy, any time'
"Could I have my books now, please sir?”
"Oh I forgot to mention, The head librarian came in after you for his haircut, I gave them to him to take back to the library as I wasn't sure if you would come back”
The End

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