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Summer Haircut by Michael Casey

Every Summer during my teenage years I had to stay with my Great Aunt Donna. It was so boring going there and nothing ever happened. I usually just went to the beach with my friends. When I was 15 I had really long black hair that I was growing for a little over a year. My bangs completely covered my forehead and my ears. t was running down my neck and was almost touching my back. It was long but I loved. However I could tell me Aunt Donna hated it. On my second week with her she brought me down to the kitchen where I saw a stool and a pair of electric clippers on the table. I knew what this was going to lead to but I still asked her what it was all for. She told me that I getting a haircut today and it wasn't optional. She told me my hair was too long and that it was too hot for hair like mine. I tried to argue but it was no use and she sat me down on the stool and wrapping me in a bright pink cape. When she took out the clippers I noticed she didn't have any guard on them. She told me that I was going to get a good haircut this time.

She immediately started to shave off all my hair. My hair was so thick it took her a good amount time to shave it all off. She ran the clippers down the middle of my scalp and kept going. The buzzing shook my and large clumps of hair fell to the floor. When she finally finished she took some shaving cream and a straight razor and shaved my head completely bald. Every week she shaved what little stumble I grew with her razor and I had to put sunblock on my bare head every time I went outside. She kept me bald until my third week of school when I finally left and my stumble grew back.

For the next three years when I went there the first day she would shave my head and gave me her weekly touched ups. However the last two years she let me keep a very tight crew cut but it still wasn't much. This continued until I was finally an adult and stopped going.

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