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A man now part three by John

We arrived at Grandma's house and when I entered the hall she said to dad "Who is this handsome young man you've brought today?"ype your story here. I could feel myself blushing and I felt my scalp heat up under the shiny , polished surface and my stiff collar seemed to tighten around my neck.
We had a delicious lunch and I sat opposite the sideboard where I could see myself in the mirror over it. As I moved, i could see the shine on my brushed hair and on my stiff detachable collar. I started to feel excited even though I didn't really understand this and just thought it was the discomfort of what I was wearing. The lunch was delicious but I was looking forward to getting home so that i could change.
When we got home i said that I would go up and change but dad said"No, you will stay as you are but you can go up and brush up" I was horrified as I had never felt so uncomfortable in my life. I spent the evening reading as there isn't much you can do in a three piece suit and stiff collar. Eventually, bedtime came and with some relief I undressed from my rigid carapace. I noticed that my everyday clothes had disappeared and that there was another suit hanging on the wardrobe and another shirt and stiff collar. Tomorrow would be Sunday - church - I just knew that I was in for another day of discomfort and formality.
Sunday was a hot and humid day but I just put on the clothes left out for me - so soon I was accepting a new regime in dressing but was pleased to think that Monday would be collage and I wouldn't have to wear this outfit. I brushed my hair with Brylcreem until it was so shiny it looked like patent leather and went downstairs.
More to follow if you wish.....

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