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A man now part four by John

TypeWe arrived at church and I was aware of people looking at me in my new haircut and formal clothes. My friend Bobby was sitting further back so I didn't have chace to speak to him and he and his family hurried away after the ser4vice. We stayed to chat in the sunshine with other parishioners, some of whom complimented me on my appearance.
After lunch I asked if I might change but dad said "No" "You are now a formally dressed young man" I then asked about school and was told that I would be attending school like this from now on. I became rather angry and started to shout and then I let a swear word. Mum gasped and there was terrible silence. Dad then said "Go to my study and wait for me" When dad came in he was very angry and said I would have to be punished.
"Bend over the back of that chair and lower your pants" I did as I was told as I was so terrified.
After what seemed like a lifetime, I felt the cane cut into my buttocks - a split second later the pain exploded in my head. Five more strokes followed until dad said"Now tidy yourself up and apologise to your mother. Mum had been crying I could see but we made up and I went my room and stayed there until bedtime.
I dressed for school in this formal outfit and old fashioned haircut, dreading the reaction of my class mates. Strangely, the reaction was favourable and they were interested in my haircut and clothes. After school I saw my best friend Bobby - I was leaning against a wall when he came up to me and he came very close. Our stomachs touched as I was leaning slightly backwards. He reached out and tightened my tie and said "I want some of this" I didn't know what he meant but later he said he would like a haircut like mine and we agreed he would come with me and dad on Saturday.
Saturday came and we entered the barbers which had that strong sweet smell of hair dressing. Dad told the barber that Bobby needed a good severe haircut and left him in the chair while I sat on the bench to watch. Bobby looked terrified as his hair fell into the nylon cape getting shorter and shorter. Then the clippers came into action and his head was pushed forward so that a good run up the back of his head could be achieved. Bobby looked wonderful after the Brylcreem had been rubbed in and an arrow straight parting made. after much brushing, he looked immaculate and the barber smiled and said "There you are young man, even a fly couldn't stand up on your head"

Next it was my turn and the barber said I would have take off my high stiff collar so that he could really get a close finish on the back of my neck and head. I felt the pressure of the metal clippers dig into mt skull as they went higher and higher up until i wondered if I would have any hair left at all. After the Brylcreem and brushing I put my collar back on and agreed that I now looked the perfect gentleman with a neck that was hair free above the collar until it hit the smooth brushed area of my head.

Bobby said "You look great" "So do you" I replied" On the way home he said he was going to ask his dad for clothes like mine------

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