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One time too many by Paul

Dylan admired his long blond hair in the mirror. All though he had submitted to the dreaded shears and been to the female hairdresser, who was the only one he allowed close to him with scissors, his long blond hair looked better than ever.
The 2 inches, that had fallen to the scissors at the lady hairdressers, made him shiver and almost brought tears to his eyes. But he admitted that his glorious mane looked even better, healthier and thicker at the ends after the ½ yearly trim.
He threw his awesome mane around him and rubbed the big bulge in his pants. “My f***ing awesome mane. I look so fantastic with that head of long blonde hair. Gonna grow it to my ass for my 21 birthday” the boy-with-hair thought to himself making his dick rock hard by the thought of all that additional blond hair that was to come.
He dressed and went to the party at his college. As usual he attracted a lot of attention because of his awesome mane. The colossal mane of blond hair appeared even bigger and longer on the back ground of his skinny body. He was so skinny and small that the amazing mane was all that everybody else noticed about the longhaired boy.
Dylan LOVED the attention that his long hair attracted. He bragged about to everyone who wanted to listen to him – and also to those who didn’t!
“Dudes my mane is so f***ing awesome, that I could win every hair beauty contest I decided to participate in. No boy or girl in the land have such awesome hair as me. My mane makes me special and apart from everybody else. Won’t ever let no dude come near my mane with no scissors. Gonna grow this awesome mane to my ass dudes”.
Some of the girls just loved his wonderful long blond hair and wanted to touch it all the time. But Dylan was extremely vain about his mane. “Hey dudes don’t touch this golden mane of mine. I’m the only one who get to brush my long awesome hair and caress it”.
Also some of the guys were extremely attracted to his awesome mane. Several of them had visible bulges in their pants when they looked at his crowning glory and rubbed them when they thought they weren’t seen.
But Dylan noticed – and bragged: “Hey dudes my awesome mane makes you all hard ha ha. My long hair is so f***ing beautiful that everybody admires it and worships it. But it’s my mane dudes. You are allowed to watch but NO caressing dudes. Ain’t never gonna cut this awesome mane – too f***ing hot!”.
Dylan went around bragging and throwing his f***ing awesome mane around him all so proud of his lovely and incredibly beautiful long blonde hair.
But at the party there were also some who HATED this boy and all his bragging and all of that long s**t.
They were so tired of listening to the longhaired guy bragging about his “f***ing awesome mane of dudes long hair” and showing it of all the time that they decided time had come to teach the longhair a lesson.
As the longhaired boy-with-the-hair approached the group of 4-5 guys and 3 girls one of them shouted at Dylan: “Hey bro. F***ing awesome mane of long dudes hair you have”.
Dylan blushing of pride went to the group throwing his ridiculous long hair around him. “Yeahh dude f***ing long and awesome this mane. No one got hair like mane”.
One of the other guys smiled at Dylan: “Yeah right dude. Ain’t seen hair like that on a guy or girl before. F***ing long”.
Dylan busted with pride and his dick almost exploded in his pants: “Yeah f***ing long and awesome my mane. But this is no where near the end guys. Gonna grow it to my ass dudes!”.
Then one of the girls moved to Dylan – she couldn’t hide her contempt for the ridiculous long blond hair on the skinny boy.
“Hey sweetie ever thought of a haircut – could need one”.
Dylan blushed and his legs trembled: “Ha ha never gonna happen. Ain’t no one gonna cut this gold of my head. Gonna keep growing it to my ass. More beautiful and astonishing than ever”.
Without warning two of the guys – from the colleges football team – strong and tall grabbed the skinny guy – who was no match to the sport trained guys – and dragged him into a dark room.
Dylan tried to protest and resist but to no avail. The loud music drowned out his cries and his struggle was useless against the strong guys.
They locked the door and turned on the light – the two guys still holding Dylan in a screw rod.
“Now sissy boy we will teach you a lesson” one of the other girls said. “We are sick and tired of listening to you bragging all the time of your ohhh so lovely beautiful long blonde hair and showing it of all the time”.
She grabbed a bag and started to take out things from it.
“You see pretty boy. Apparently you want to be a girl since you walk around with hair like a girl. So we will help you and turn you into a nice little princess – the queen of this party”.
And with no further ado they undressed Dylan and dressed him up in black stay-up pantyhose, black gather belt, black bra and a black short dress. They applied red lipstick and make up to him and gave him a pair of black stiletto heels on.
In a matter of minutes the boy-with-the-hair was turned into a hot looking princes. They brushed all of his overlong blond hair and gathered it into an enormous ponytail and fastened it high on his head which made it swing every time he moved.
“Now sissy boy. You look ever so cute. Now go back to the party and enjoy all the attention your sissy looks deserve! This should teach you not to brag about your ohhh so lovely hair anymore and get a boys clean and short haircut! If we ever catch you bragging about that awesome mane again or showing it of to the world we swear we will cut it all of!”.
Dylan who was all red in his face of shame and humiliation were pushed out of the room and into the party again.
He could hear them laugh behind him. Never in his whole life had he been son humiliated. He HATED what they had done to him. Making him into the most adorable looking hot girl at the party.
He immediately drew attention with his sexy looks. He just barely managed to walk on the high stiletto heels. All that was on his mind was to get away from the party as fast as possible.
Girls looked at him with hate, envy and jealousy because of his sexy looks and amazing overlong sexy high blond ponytail. And guys addressed him and made sexual offers to him. He felt so humiliated and turned them all down.
He managed to make it to the door and onto the street where he got a cab. The cab driver nearly dropped his cigarette as he watched the astonishing lady entering his cab. “Where to Miss?” he asked – with a big boner in his pants.
Dylan told the address and all the way home he had the driver watching him and his enormous long high ponytail in the rear view mirror.
When he came home he immediately undressed and removed the make up – but as he watched himself naked in the mirror with the fantastic high sexy blonde ponytail his dick rose to attention and he wanked until he came over his own wonderful blond hair.
The next days Dylan kept a low profile. He didn’t brag – at least not so much as he used to. And he kept his awesome mane in a discrete bun.
But as the days and weeks passed by he regained his self confidence. And the memory of the horrible event at the party and the threats to his awesome mane became distant.
So he started bragging again about his “f***ing awesome mane of blonde dude’s hair that didn’t have its like anywhere on earth” throwing it around and showing it of.
To his misfortune one of the girls from the night at the party observed his behaviour and told it to the other participants from the cross-dressing event. They went out of their skin of anger and promised to get even with that boy-with-the-hair once and for all.
So they gathered and drew up a plan on how to get at the longhaired blonde and all his filthy and disgusting hair. They observed his habits and then decided to strike!
One afternoon after Dylan had done his jogging at the college he headed for the locker room. He found himself all alone there. A bit unusual but he didn’t reflect much upon it. Nice to have the shower for himself. He undressed and went to the shower.
Just then he heard the key to the locker room being turned around. He turned around and there was the whole gang from the night at the party!!
They all smiled sadistic to him and moved slowly towards him.
Dylan feeling more naked and exposed – and terrified than ever backed into the shower room.
They just kept closing in on him slowly and with those sadistic grins on their faces.
Dylan found himself with his back against the wall. They moved towards him and made a half ring around him.
Dylan was at the point of fainting. He couldn’t breathe. He felt dizzy. And his legs felt like gel. His stomach was aching. He was all dry in his throat. Never in his life had he been so afraid.
“You seem to remember us” one of the guys said with a sadistic smile.
“That’s good. But unfortunately you seem to have forgotten what we taught you”.
Dylan felt the room move upside down. He couldn’t utter a single word out of fear.
One of the girls moved close to Dylan. He felt so ashamed and humiliated standing naked before them and particularly the girls.
The girl had the most marvellous mane of thick very long red hair below her ass all the way to her knees.
She said:” You see we girls like to have our long hair by ourselves. We don’t like guys to grow their hair so long as yours and compete for the attention of the guys. She took a lock of her amazing long red hair and twisted it around Dylan’s dick that immediately reacted to the soft long hair and went rock hard.
The girl smiled at him and covered his dick in her red mane and started to wank him as she spoke: “I see that you like to have a hairjob. I bet you yourself have often given hairjobs to lusty guys right?”
Dylan was blushing all over – ashamed of the pleasure he felt of the hairjob he was given – and humiliated by standing here naked before all those people. Somehow however he couldn’t lie to this amazing redhead. So he nodded discretely.
“I knew. You use all that long awesome hair to give the guys pleasure don’t you?” She wanked his dick and Dylan was at the point of exploding.
Again he couldn’t but nod.
She wanked him with extra passion and feeling and he exploded and came into her magnificent red mane.
“Now look what you did to my hair. You naughty boy. We will have to teach him a lesson won’t we!”.
The others closed in on Dylan and grinned: “YEAHHHH”.
In a second they had grabbed the skinny hairboy and dragged him into the room next door. Quickly they strapped him to a chair so he couldn’t move at all.
“Hey dudes stop. What are you doing! Let me go” Dylan cried in desperation.
But they just laughed at him and applied duct tape on his mouth.
The poor guy sat naked in the chair strapped down and taped.
Another of the girls moved in front of the terrified guy.
She smiled cruelly at him: “I HATE longhaired guys. I find them disgusting” She reached for his long blond mane and pulled a huge strand of long blond hair.
“God I HATE this long S**T. Its disgusting. You look awful with that long hay. That’s why you will be harvested now!”.
She let go of his hair and grabbed a hairbrush. She went behind the chair and started to brush the wonderful long blonde hair into a waterfall of gold streaming down the chair and covering his back completely.
“OHHHH I HATE this S**T” she said with a voice full of disgust. And you walking around bragging about it all the time and showing it of to the world. I feel like vomiting”!
She left the brush and picked up an enormous pair of sharp scissors!
She snipped in the air around and above Dylan’s head.
The guy in the chair almost passed out.
He tried to move – in vain. And to protest – in vain.
They laughed at his struggles.
“Now you will get a haircut sissy boy. We warned you not to brag and show of that long hair – but you didn’t listen. So now you must pay the price.
Dylan trembled and shoke all over. Tears streamed down his face.
She approached him with the huge shears snipping them all the time showing him the sharp blades slowly squeezed together.
“Soon these sharp blades will close around your overlong blonde girly hair and send it to the floor where it belongs” she smiled cruelly at him.
An then she grabbed at huge hunk of blonde hair and put the shears into Dylan’s pride and glory. She moved it all the way to the top of his head and held out the enormous strand of blond hair in the air – it measured around 30 inches!! And then very very slowly she closed the blades around the thick strand of long hair.
The hair was no match for the sharp scissor and the huge lock of hair soon left Dylan’s head and landed in her hand. She held it high in the air as a trophy. And led it dangle before Dylan’s terrified eyes.
“There goes years of growth and pride – say goodbye to your long long blonde hair” and then she threw the lock in Dylan’s lap where it landed on his dick.
She went on to the next huge hank of blond hair, held it high in the air for Dylan to watch and led the scissor slide all the way to the top of Dylan’s head – and then: riiiiitscjh. The huge strand of hair left Dylan’s head and dangled before his eyes. And then joined the other lock in his lap and on his dick which began to come to live by the weight of his own lovely long thick soft heavy cut hair.
She repeated the “treatment” all over Dylan’s head. TONS of cut hair landed in the huge pile of cut blond hair in his lap and covered his now rock hard dick completely.
All the long hair had been cut of with the sharp scissors.
Now the third girl approached him. She was a blonde too. But with a fantastic buzz cut. Her hair was extremely thick and looked wonderful cut so close and short.
“Now my dear all the long s**t is of. And you already look so much better” . She kissed his cut hair.
“But you are not finished my darling”.
She grabbed the clippers from the bench behind Dylan – Oster76 and applied the Blade 000.
“Now sweetie you probably never had a clipper cut. Or if you had it must have been son many years ago that you probably have forgotten it. So you just sit back and relax and enjoy as my clippers take you further down”.
With these words she turned on the clippers. Dylan shooke from the metallic sound of the Oster76. It was VERY noisy.
She grabbed Dylan’s head and held him in a firm grip. And then she started moving the clippers all over Dylan’s head. TONS of blonde hair streamed down all around on his body to his lap and onto the floor.
She worked with great efficiency and experience and soon Dylan’s head was clipped to the skin.
She let go of his head and turned of the clippers.
One of the guys grabbed a mirror and held it before Dylan.
He hardly dared to look but did so at last.
The last thing he saw before he fainted was himself bound and gagged naked in the chair covered in cut blond hair all over and a completely clipped head with his white and pink skin so visible and his previous pride reduced to stubbles!

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