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angry and confused barber by manjul

It was the time when i was inn 12 grade . it was very hot summer in india and my parents were forcing me to get a haircut . friday was my deadline and it was wednesday itself. so after coming from school that day i decided to go to my barber .but my coaching classes or tutions were first so i went there first and it ended at 8 p.m at night. after that i rushed to my barber and unfortunately he was closing. i told him about my parents deadline and he smiled by telling me he was only waiting for his last customer and when nobody came he was closing but as i arrived in time he get me in and closed the entire shop. i parked my vehicle at the side of his shop and he agreed that i can parked.after getting in i sat to his barber seat. his shop was old fashioned and was having all sorts of old shears which he uses on his customers but one thing was that all his shears was absolutely clean . when i sat he received a phone call , after that he told me that he had to get to a place immediately and that was it. but he told me that he had to be there only for sometime he will be back after 20 minutes hardly. i began waiting as he leaves and start looking about his drawers and shelves because i was having nothing to do.time pass by and after half an hour he returned and my phone ring. it was my dad . i told him that i will be home in 1 hour because i am getting a haircut . he agreed. i sat in his chair and he put a cape around me so tightly that my face and neck turned to red .i told him about that but he did not listen to me .i thing he was quite angry and confused since he was thinking about something else after coming from that place. he told me what i want this time . regular or something else. i told him that i want short back and sides . i also told him that the back and sides were to be clipped a little long not clipped but god knows what happen to him he was not responding to me. he started the haircut . he took the clippers and push my head down to my chin . i warned him not to short but he was in his own dream. he pushed the clippers to my crown. he clipped my left and right sides to my scalp. i was screaming but he was not listening to me. after the sides and back were done he started with the front . he wet my hair and after that he started cutting my hair with scissors. my hair was long and down to my nose . he cut my bangs above my eyebrows and i was like so angry on him. he then set my hair cutting with clippers and comb technique then down to my scissors and after 30 minutes it was over . them came the turn of setting my hair. he went inside and brought a old style ointment and oil . i dont know what was it. he started putting that on my already sheared long soft hair he put that oil on every inch and side of my hair . my hair was wet with this oil and he started combing my hair so hard that my scalp was red at that time.he combed my hair with side part and turned the chair towards the mirror and i looked to my image . my face was red and eyes was in tears . but i have to admit that my haircut was looking so good. he remove the cape and i rested in peace then i breath then . i charged him 200 rupees and asked him why he was so angry and confused that he was not responding to me and then came my dad . he told me that the phone call that he received was none other than my dad . he told him to cut my hair like that and with confused expression . my dad was a businessman a kept his hair like that with side part and since the next day was my birthday and i was turning to 18. thats why he wanted my hair like that . me and my dad was looking so handsome and masculine that time with such good haircut . our hair was jet black and body was toned as we both go to gym daily. at last the barber give me a new pack of oil that he put on my hair and that was the same brand my dad uses. after that we went to home and my father explained me thats the same haircut that his dad got him when he turned to 18. i kept my hair like that up till now and i am happy with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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