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Unforgettable Experience - True Story by Jeff

I didn't want to but I didn't have choice. Jill was a real big commitment person and once

you committed to doing something, it was going to happen. I don't even think she

wanted it to happen, that is how strict she is. Once I told her I decided to do it, she told me

there was no turning back.

The next day she showed up at my door ready to go. I didn't want to leave my house, I

was nervous and I had changed my mind but there was no chance she would change hers.

I followed her to her car were I got into the passenger's seat and buckled, I was very quiet

and she wondered why. She should have known I was nervous, she was too. We pulled up to

the strip mall and into a parking spot, no other cars around; after all, it was getting

late. She got out of the car but I just sat there for a minute as she came to my door. She

opened it grabbing my hand and leading me to the entrance. She flung the door open and

walked in and I reluctantly followed.

Jill walked to the counter as I took a seat and signed the sheet of paper sitting there. With

no one else around, Lauren came from the back and welcomed us. I was too nervous to

say a word. After turning down a drink or snack, she motioned for me to follow her. I

got up and Jill came to me and hugged me saying she loved me. Why then was she

making me go through with this?

I followed Lauren to a 10 x 10 booth and she asked me to take a seat. I did so in the big

comfortable chair and she draped her nylon cape around my neck and fastened it snug.

She ran her hands through my hair examining and wondering what she could do with it.

She then asked what I would like done today. A large lump came into my throat rendering

me speechless. With Jill watching patiently behind me, I finally spoke up. Shave it off,

all of it. Lauren looked at me puzzled and looked back at Jill. Jill gave her a

confirmation nod and Lauren obliged. She walked to her counter and fumbled through

her drawer. A snap then humming came from Lauren's hand as she turned the chair so it

was facing the mirror.

"This is a number one blade. I will buzz it very short all over then we will shave

completely with the razor, which is what you want right?

I nodded to her as she approached my head with her powerful clippers. With a bit of

hesitation in her face, she placed the clippers at my hairline directly above my eyebrows

right in middle and slowly and gently pushed the clippers back across my head. I felt a

sudden cold breeze come across my head as the clippers were pushed across my head

repeatedly until no more length existed. By this time I noticed the reflection of Jill had

disappeared and she went back the waiting area where she found a seat.

The clippers were silenced and the hair was brushed off my face. The back of the cape

was undone but no removed and the thick paper towel around my neck was unfolded so

that it covered the back of the cape and my shoulders. Lauren walked over to a stainless

steal container and opened it to remove a steaming hot towel. She wrapped my head

with it and turned the chair so that it was facing the side of the booth. She removed the

towel once it chilled and rubbed and oily liquid over my head. She then wet her hands

and put some powder in them and rubbed them all over my head. This revealed a very rich

but thin layer of cream which was massaged into my head. She pulled out her mach

III razor and started on the right side. She scarped in the hair away in a downward

motion then repeated moving upwards. She would rub her hand over the spots several

times applying more cream and scraping more hair way.

She continued until my whole head was shorn and my bare white scalp was revealed. She

rubbed lots of oils and creams on my head and gave me let another massage. She

removed the cape and escorted me to the front desk where Jill was waiting anxiously. I

walked over to Jill and gave her a hug as I felt her hands wonder up my back and to my

head. I paid Lauren and gave her handsome tip. Jill and I walked out the door and down

the sidewalk to the restaurant where a lot of people stared at me.

I never told Jill but that was one of the best experiences of my life. Completely liberating

and it seemed as if something was freed inside of me. Next time, I wont be hesitant,

it wasn't as bad I though it would be.

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