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A Returning Customer Part 2 by Mike V

Joe had been going to Mike's every two weeks as his father had ordered for several months now. His extra-short slicked boy's regular and his new wardrobe had given him a lot of grief at school at first, but by now the shock was over. As much as he hated to admit it, he was glad his dad had taken charge. School had just got out for summer break, and this particular Friday morning, Joe's dad told him not to bother going to the barber's today. Joe wondered what was going on, but didn't say anything.The next morning, Joe's dad woke him up at 7am! and said they were both going to do some errands. Joe got in the car with his dad and they were pulling up to Mike's Barber Shop just as he was opening. Mike said to Joe "I wondered where you were yesterday-did you forget?" Joe's dad said "No - I told him he didn't have to go". Joe was very confused as he climbed into the chair - why did he not have to go yesterday, but today.
As Joe was being caped, his Dad said "We just received Joe's report card in the mail the other day, and he didn't do as well as I hoped. I'm signing him up for summer school on Monday and the school isn't air-conditioned, so I think a nice summer whiffle is needed". Joe had no idea what a "whiffle" was. Mike said, "I haven't had a request for one of these for awhile". He picked up the clippers, removed the guard and went right down the middle of Joe's head! Joe just sat there with his mouth open, while Mike shaved off the rest of his hair."There you go Joe-that will keep you nice and cool in summer school". "What do you say, Joe" said his dad. "Thanks" said Mike. "Thanks... what", said Dad. "Thanks, sir" said Joe. Dad informed Mike that Joe wouldn't be in for a couple of months, but would return before school began in the fall for his "regular" cut. As they continued on to the rest of the errands,getting double takes from every teenager they passed, Joe couldn't stop rubbing his head and thinking that the whiffle was just the latest step in his dad's discipline regime. What was next..?

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