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My New Hair Style by Authorharj

My name is Calvin. I`m one of seven brothers. When I was only four years old, my dad started shaving his head. I hated the way it looked and didn't want to try it. But my dad asked me if I wanted to. When I said no, my brothers started making fun of how I'd look bald. For years they begged and pleaded for me to do it. And on my 7th birthday, they made the mistake of plotting out how to make me go bald.

One day, they went out and didn't come back for hours. That day, my dad was at work, and I was all alone. When my brothers returned, they had a paper bag in hand. They said it was a new shampoo and I should try it. I was suspicious and told them all to go first. After the six of them showered, I went in. I didn't expect what was next.

I started showering and I put the shampoo on my hair. Everything seemed to be alright. But when I finished the shower and got out of the bathroom, my brothers all attacked me. They tied me to a chair and duct taped a bar of soap into my mouth.

`Do you know what you just put on your hair?` asked one of them.

I shook my head knowing that it couldn't have been good.

`Half of the worlds most powerful hair remover,` said another.

`This is the other half,` said my oldest brother holding up a bottle.

They poured the entire contents of the bottle on my head. Minutes later, not a hair was left but they left me with that stuff on for two hours. When they wiped it off and let me go I ran to the mirror. I was completely bald. I rubbed my head and started to cry.

My dad walked in and saw me crying. `What did you do to him?` He asked.

`We just got rid of his hair,` said my brother that was the youngest of the six.

Dad saw the bottle in the trash. He picked it up and read it.

``Baldness in a Bottle!` You idiots! This stuff permanently removes hair if you leave it on more than five minutes.`

He turned to me, and said, `How long did they leave this on you?`

`More than an hour,` I cried.

Dad turned back to them and said `GET IN THE CAR!` My brothers instantly went out to the car. My dad picked me up and said softly, `Don`t worry. We`ll get them back.`

Shortly after, we were all in the car. We stopped at a waxing salon. My brothers all swallowed hard.

Dad marched them into the building with me right behind him wearing a hat. There, my dad and I watched them all get their heads waxed. It wasn't long till they were all as bald as me. Dad made a decree to them. `You will all be required to get your heads waxed until I say so.`

Then we all piled back into the car and went somewhere where none of us expected: A wig shop. My dad gave me quite a bit of money and told me to go get some wigs.

I went inside and found a lot and a bottle of wig adhesive. One was spiked, another was neat red hair, and another was jet black. I had a large paper bag when I came out.

When I went back outside, the car came speeding up to me. Dad told everyone to get out. When my brothers got out they were all in Military Uniform complete with black boots and hats. I laughed my little head off.

Then they all got back in the car and dad helped me put a wig on. It was the brown spiked hair one. We glued it on and when it dried it was like real hair. I couldn't pull it off but I didn't want to. I looked really cool with those stiff spikes on my head. I read the adhesive bottle and saw that it lasted twelve hours.

My brothers ended up bald permanently as well but they didn't get wigs or hats. They also received other punishment in the form of Boot Camp while I stayed at home with dad. Once they tried to get revenge by using the wig adhesive on my feet and glueing me to the floor but dad stopped them. Since then they haven`t bothered me. I`m going back to school soon, and they may never know that I have to wear a wig.

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