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V Cut by Hairmo

Jordan walked down the the leisure centre to meet some friends. On a Saturday they always went for an hour or two in the swimming pool. Mainly it was just an opportunity to show off your six pack and maybe attract a few girls. Jordan had grown his hair out from a number two buzzcut, which he claimed was his secret weapon - buzzed head and a six pack. Mint!, to about two inches all over. He hadn't got it cut because he was fed up of the buzz. Sure it was easy he thought but it was boring too. Jordan wanted something more exciting but had no idea what to do.

Jordan quickly brushed his hair in the morning and looked out at the weather. It was a hot summers day so he didn't bother to put on a t-shirt - showing off the muscles would attract the girls. On his way down he bumped into his friend AJ who had always kept his hair short and was always the one whose hair was `in fashion`. This week he had an elaborate pattern shaved into one side of his head and three slits shaved into his eyebrows.

`Hi AJ` said Jordan as he ran to catch up with him.

`Hi Jord, still dunno what to do with the hair?` AJ questioned.

`Nope, I wanna get it cut sometime soon though summers just around the corner`

`True` replied AJ `I had a few ideas for you, maybe a pattern shaved in, a flattop a V-cut...`

`What was the last one?`

`A V-cut now Jord that is really fashionable`

`Thanks AJ, tell the others I`ll meet `em in the pool` and with that Jordan shot up a side street. Not too far up that street was Jordan's barbershop. He stood outside `The Demon Barbers` for a second before going in. There was one barber and he was just finishing a pattern shaved all over a mans head. The barber switched off the clippers brushed him off. The man paid and left.

`Next please` he barber shouted and Jordan came and sank into the barbers chair.

`Usually number two Jord` said the barber who was already fixing the guard to the clippers.

`No,` Jordan replied ` I want something different... I want a V-cut`

`Wow thats cool` replied the barber and fixed a shorter guard to the clippers. He then took the clippers and peeled away the two inches on Jordan's right hand side and then started on the back. To Jordan's surprise he then skipped a part of the back and did the same to the left hand side. The barber then stepped back from Jordan's head and surveyed the back. There was a triangular strip that the barber hadn't buzzed. He then trimmed it slightly and was then pleased with it.

`So how short you want it on top Jord?`

`Pretty short, nice and short for summer`

`Just enough to gel?` the barber suggested. Jordan nodded in agreement. The barber slipped the guard of the clippers and began to cut the line where the short and long hair met. He clipped off the hairs that strayed over the comb but left an obvious gap between short and longer. He then attached a number four and poised the clippers by Jordan's fringe. He then pushed back and about 3/4 of an inch was left standing. He then took a pair of white clippers and began to outline. He made and arch around the ears and then shaved the neck thinner making it so that there was only a slight bit of stubble either side of the clippered point. Then he took the white clippers to Jordan's fringe. He shaved a slight indent knocking out a bit of Jordan's short fringe and defining what was left. He then took them and clipped the boundary between short and shorter even shorter still a distinct difference. Then finally the barber clipped the point at the back and switched the clippers off.

Jordan looked at himself in the mirror. He desperately wanted to touch his new haircut. The barber then dipped his hands into a tub off gel and worked it through Jordan's hair. The tiny little spikes stood on end with the gel even those on the point stood erect.

Jordan peeled himself from the seat and paid the barber. He was glad he wasn't wearing a shirt - he didn't have the shavings of hair tickling him down his t-shirt.

He felt the new hair. He felt that the sides were really short - like his old buzz- and there was a triangular strip at the back. It was almost like a toned down mohawk.

He ran down to the swimming pool, threw his bag into one of the lockers and threw himself in the pool. He could feel the soft spikes under the water and he loved them. He loved the contrast between short and shorter.

`Yep Jord I was right` AJ commented `that is fashionable!`

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