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Gym Haircut by Hairmo

Dean sat in front of the mirror and played with his hair. He looked at the shaggy mess on his head that covered his left eye and was almost over his collar. He brushed it away. That would do for now he thought and pulled on a skin tight gym t-shirt and headed with his bag out the door. He only lived a few doors down from the gym and met his friend Tom their every Friday for a good workout. Tom had a short crewcut and had always said that Dean's hair was too long and would get all sweaty during their workout.

This was true Dean hated the way his hair would stick to him when he was all sweaty and the way it got in his eyes but was reluctant to cut it because long hair and a six pack was just plain sexy!

He entered the gym changing rooms and there was Tom topless and almost ready to go. Dean threw his bag into a locker and closed it as Tom pulled on his top.

`Still no haircut I see` said Tom jokingly and they both walked into the gym itself. Dean always noticed that the regular bodybuilders always had cropped short haircuts and none of them were complaining of lack of female interest. The two men began to work up a good sweat. The two of them always had a short break after an hour. The two of them went into the changing rooms, sprayed their deodorants and had a good drink.

`You ready to go back in?` said Tom, wiping the sweat from his brow.

`I`ll be back in a minute` Dean replied `I want a breath of fresh air`

`Ok` Tom replied, and Dean ran down the stairs and out into the fresh air. He began to jog up a street, inhaling deeply all they way. He then stopped and flicked the hair out of his eyes. He was annoyed. He turned around and saw a building behind him. In bright red letters it said, `George's Number 1 Barbershop`. Dean stopped and thought.

Im fed up with this, I'm gonna get it cut real short. Dean stepped into the barbershop. It was empty barring a man having the hair brushed off him as he payed the barber. The barber was a young man in his twenties, about the same age as Dean.

`Next please,` the barber called and he put a hand through his short black hair. Dean nervously sunk into the barbers chair and began to think frantically about what he wanted.

`What can I do you for?` the barber asked as he threw the cape around him and fastened the clip.

`Number one on the back and sides, a three on top, and leave me a bit of a fringe` Dean said decisively.

The barber looked at the mop onto Dean's head and looked at him.

`You sure?` asked the barber.

`Definitely` Dean replied.

The barber then sprayed Dean's hair with a fine mist of water and as he combed it thin trails of water dripped from the hair into Dean's eyes.

The barber then reached for the pair of clippers hanging on the side and attached the number one guard to them. He flicked the switch and they burst into life with a gentle hum. The barber put the clippers to Dean's right sideburn and thrust them high into his mop sending down a large clump of black hair.

Dean's heart began to race. He had done it there was no going back now. He felt the vibrations of the clippers spread around the back of his head and then up the other side making quick work of 7 months grows and creating a pile of black on his lap.

Unexpectedly the phone rang and the barber disappeared to answer it. Dean looked at himself in the mirror. He could see hair on the sides comparable to the stubble he wore on his face and a huge mop on the top that hadn't been touched. He then dared and stuck his hand out from underneath the cape and felt the number one clipped stubble. Yes, he thought this is almost like my five o`clock shadow.

His heart began to race agin as the barber entered the room again.

`Sorry `bout that now where was I?`

The barber then picked up his clippers slipped of the number one and put the longer number three on instead. He hen put his hand on Deans head and covered the long matted fringe and about and inch behind it. He then plunged in his clippers and drove them along in rows demolishing all that was not covered by the barbers hand.

Dean then looked at himself again in the mirror. His hair was ridiculously short apart from a long fringe in front. He could see the line where the barber had switched guards and was about to say something when the barber took the guard off the clippers altogether. He then put it where the line was quite visible and faded the two parts together. Shaving off the strands that dared to poke above the comb.

The barber then surveyed his work and pulled out a pair of scissors. He then took a long strand of Dean's fringe and held it between his fingers. The with the scissors he took a slash at it and the lock came off and littered itself around his nose. It continued with long strands and got shorter and shorter until he was done and his hair got slightly longer towards an almost non-existent fringe.

The barber then pulled out a smaller pair of white clippers and took these to the stubble that his sideburns had been reduced to and cleared them right off the boys face. He then continued making an arc around the ears and defining his neckline. Finally the barber looked at Dean's fringe. With his comb he brushed it up, took a fraction more hair off with the clippers and then defined the hairline underneath the fringe.

The barber then loosened the cape and brushed the pile of black matted hair onto the floor. Dean paid the barber and stepped outside. His head now felt so much lighter and there wasn't enough hair on his head to get in his eyes. He raised his hand and felt the stubble all the way back to the gym. He was fascinated by the way it felt like his stubbly beard.

He went back into the gym and began training with Tom again who was fascinated by Dean's new haircut.

Afterwards in the showers Tom looked at Deans stubbly spikes formed by the water. He walked over and rubbed his friends head. The two of them dried off and then walked out into the sunlight.

Dean didn't bother to put his top back on. He walked there short hair and six pack and turned to Tom and said.

`Short hair and a six pack is really sexy!`

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