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Singapore haircut dilemma by baldvenom

It was after school,cal was walking back home from school.He could not make up his mind of cutting his long black hair with the bangs combed to the side.He was still in a dilemma and check his wallet if he had $10 for his haircut.He was a fetish of people shaving or buzzing their head.But he was to shy to get this kind of haircut.

As he passes by the barbershop with a small toy horse which kids rides.He still can't make up his mind and while walking across the barbershop he peeked in the glass window to see if anyone was there,the barber had just finished his client haircut and paying the money.As the client left,the barber was dusting off all the extra hair on the chair.Cal saw and walked further down but he stopped turned back and went inside the barbershop.The barber greeted him while he placed his back on the sofa.

Cal went nervously to the chair and sat.Then the barber placed a white towel at his neck and tucked it in his shirt.As the barber was taking the cape,Cal was still in a dilemma and he quickly video tape his haircut by placing the phone on the piece of wood under the mirror.Then the barber placed a bright pink cape over him and Cal looked at the mirror to see that the hair was quite messy.He wanted to go shorter and decided to have a short back and sides with the top trim and sideburns cut straight up.The barber recommended him to have his top trim abit more as it was a hot day.

Then the barber took the No.3 clipper and started buzzing his sides.Cal had a sad face as he watch his hair at the side go shorter and shorter.Then the barber changed to a No.4 clipper and started buzzing at his back of his hair.Cal felt the cold metal blade touching his skin and hacking off the hair.The back hair dropped very quickly in chuks and were on his neck part cape.The barber use thw comb and shove it down.Then the barber sparayed Cal hair with water and started using the scissors to cut his top,chunks of hair were dropping and flying.Cal facial expression changed when he saw the barber trimming his hair too much and even snipping his bangs off.After 5 min the barber combed his hair nicely and trimmed his side burns.Cal was relieved and paid the money and left with a goodbye and checked his phone for his video.

To see his hair all cut and his facial expressions when the barber was cutting certain part he smiled and went back home and thinking of going shorter next time.


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