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The Competition by Recruit

Mark and Trevor had been working out at a local gym
since graduating from college. Both had bulked up
naturally to the point where they were proud of their
progress. Some of those who frequented the gym were
into body building competions. Both on the amateur
level and professionally. Mark expressed interest in
going into an amateur competition. He approached one
of the regualars,Corky, who had participated in
several events. Corky was glad to give his advice.
First off he told Mark you have to clean yourself up
in order to give yourself definition. Mark was not
sure what this entailed. He learned by cleaning up it
meant getting rid of his body hair. Matt possessed a
thick coat of black body hair and luxuriant black
locks. He said to Corky,` you mean I have to shave my
body like you?` Mark was taken back by the answer.
Corky told him he had to consider shaving his body
hair off or even better wax it. One thing Mark noticed
about Corky as well as some of the others who competed
was their lack of hair. And among there were those
like Corky who even shaved their heads, or so he
thought. When he asked Corky if it meant shaving his
head, he responded `I would encourage it for a start.`
Mark learned that Corky and others competing did not
just go for shaving. The truth was they had undergone
body and head waxing. Mark and Trevor were amazed to
learn that Corky used to have a full head of black
hair. But his bald head showed no signs on any hair at
all. Corky informed Matt that routine waxing early in
his years of competions had reduced hair growth to
almost nil. Well, Mark was not ready to go that far.
And Trevor was not sure about going into competions as
was Mark. But decided to give it a try. Both followed
Corkyis suggestion to wax their body hair and shave
their heads. Their first competion both got honorable
mentions. More followed and Mark was fascinated by the
ultimate smoothness of the other competitors. He
found himself wondering if he should wax his head
too. Mark approached Corky on the subject. Corky
agreed it was a good decision. He warned Mark to go
easy at first since constant waxing would damage the
hair follicles permanantly. Mark agreed he would.
Trevor was surprised to learn of Mark`s decision to
wax his head. After the first waxing treatment which
he found to be rather unpleasant, Mark was really
taken by his smooth hairless dome. No stubble or
shawdow in sight. He had to admit he liked the look.
As soon as stubble grew back he had it waxed again. It
became a regular routine. Over time he won a couple of
competitions. He became aware that his hair just was
not growing back. He did at one point stop waxing his
head to see if it would grow back while on vacation.
Behold! hardly a trace of hair. Mark was not dismayed.
For he actually liked not having any hair. Not so for
Trevor, he was willing to shave his head for
competions but was eager to have it grow back. They
both continued to work out. Mark continued to compete
whereas Trevor felt it was not for him. Mark has won
several amateur competitions and is planning to
compete professionally. He has developed a great mass
of muscle and his bald head only adds to his overall
definition. Hair on his head is no longer a concern.

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