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Playing the Field by HairmoReborn

I rubbed my hands through my ginger hair and looked back down at my calculus work. Lots of squiggles and numbers. I didn't have a clue what I was doing. I caught a waft of strong cologne and Stephen caught my attention. He was a truly beautiful man. Biceps like tree trunks and chiseled cheek bones covered in a light layer of stubble only a little shorter than the buzzcut he had sported all semester. He looked over at me and I turned my eyes back down to my calculus and felt my crotch throb. He went over to talk to a few girls one of which I was certain he was going out with. She rubbed her hand over his crisp stubble. My crotch was throbbing so hard I simply couldn't stay. So I left the college library and headed home.
It was a sunny day, the best we'd had all year and it looked like we were in for a long hot summer. It gets like this in the south. The weather heats up and it gets warm, moist and muggy. It was days like that when I really envied the college students siting in the campus barbershop I passed on my way home. Lots a guys packed in the small short with big mops just waiting to hit the shop floor. Then there was Dean, the second most beautiful man alive after Stephen. He always wore a crisp ivy league and had the most adorable smile you had ever known. I didn't dare to get my haircut there as he would be the kind of guy to make me fall silent. I'm not good round attractive men. A guy came out of the shop and rubbed his newly clipped head. There was a clear difference between the newly revealed white skin and the rest. This guy had clearly received a rather severe haircut. It was days like that I regretted wearing tight trousers. My bulge was getting more and more obvious. It was a relief to finally get home. I threw of my sweat laden shirt and looked at myself in the mirror. Yeah I was quite an attractive guy. Ginger hair down to my nose. Little bit of ginger stubble coming too. Nice lean runners physique after years of cross-country and lacrosse and decent arms after a golden summer on the ranch. A little dark red snail trail marked my navel. Yeah, I was cute.
A few weeks passed and the unrelenting heat continued as expected. The last lacrosse match of the semester quickly came and I head down to lacrosse field. It was an oval playing feel, drenched in light and surrounded by rough and ready seating stands. The changing rooms were already steamy and tense when i arrived. I was always a fan of the changing rooms but as a gay man in a straight team you had to be careful. Take a subtle peak here and there of these toned college boys. I pulled our red and white uniform over my jock strap and we head out to the field. The match was long and arduous. At the last moment, I managed to make the golden shot that won us the match and the crowds erupted with shouts of joys. Our captain took off his helmet, revealing his new blond crewcut, as we headed back to the changing rooms. He slapped my ass and looked me up and down. "Not a bad shot, for a faggot." He winked and got into the showers. I simply changed back into some sweat pants and left to go home.
It wasn't that far back to where I lived and I enjoy the quiet to settle my head and all the emotions going on inside me after the euphoria of the game. Then, all of a sudden, I heard steps behind me, I glanced back to see who it was and I couldn't see anyone. The steps got closer and closer until I could feel them approach me from behind. I swung back instinctively with my lacrosse stick and narrowly missed a guy in a pair of short tan shorts. I looked up to his face and my tongue cleaved to the roof of my mouth.
"Easy tiger."
"Ah sorry mate." I tried to laugh it off.
Stephen looked at me and rubbed a hand through his now grown out buzzcut.
I looked back in silence...
"I...I just wanted to congratulate you on tonight's game. You were really amazing."
"Er thanks bud."
The encounter was awkward but it would get even more awkward.
"Listen it'd be cool to like meet up some time and maybe hang out or something."
"Are you asking me out on a date?"
He went really red.
"I guess I kinda am."
We exchanged phone numbers and arranged to meet up the following day. I got home and really couldn't understand what had just happened. My absolute crush had asked me out. Tonight was a good night.
A few weeks later, I woke up and the sun was streaming in through my window. It was warm already at 9am. A man in his boxers was having a cigarette on the minuscule balcony of my apartment. Stephen was all I thought he was an more. His abs were quite frankly exceptional and lets just say his boxers weren't filled with socks. But we wasn't all brawn, he was a science major and to him my calculus was easy. Stephen came back in and rubbed his head. There was now a good inch of hair on his head the beginnings of a proper beard had began to colonise his face. He kissed me with his cigaretty breath and rub his hand through my sweaty, greasy bed head.
"You know, it's time I head to the barbers I reckon."
I agreed with him.
"Yeah you look hot with short hair. I might come with you actually."
S**t. What had I just said?
"Sweet, you could do with a bit of a tidy up."
A tent appeared in my boxers. Yes, that's what I'd get, a tidy up.
We showered and dressed and I let Stephen lead the way. He was wearing a tight tank top and a pair of short shorts, I was wearing likewise. He led me to the campus barbershop and I could already feel a lump in my throat. As we entered, I saw that the shop was pretty dead. I guess all the students had gone home for the break. Stephen addressed Dean the barber like they were old friends, he introduced me and I took a seat while Stephen climbed into the chair. A cape wasn't necessary, Steve simply took off his tank top and sat there bare chested. I couldn't believe my eyes. I crossed my legs.
"How'd you get so shaggy mate?"
"Guess I've been spending too much time with my ginger hotty over there." They turned to look at my. I laughed awkwardly.
Steve nodded approval and in two seconds flat, a clump of hair was on his lap as a #1 blade reduced the inch on top to little more than stubble. The same was done to the sides before the t liners came out and squared the back before shaping his front hairline and putting a slit in his right eyebrow. All the way through his shearing I could have sworn that Steve was grabbing his crotch. As he hoped out the chair freshly shaven there was certainly a noticeable bulge. I stared at him for a few moments before realising that Dean was waiting for me.
"Tank off fella and let's get you ready for summer."
He looked down at my crotch. I yanked off my top and sat in the chair. Dean combed through my ginger locks that hung awkwardly over my ears.
"So what's it gonna be?"
I couldn't respond. He looked down at my crotch again and ran his hair through my hair.
"Short but not short like Steve's. Just a tidy up like?"
"As you wish." He sounded disappointed.
He took a comb and scissors and lifted up 6 inches of curly ginger hair before cutting them off with half an inch to spare. A big clump fell to the ground behind me. He looked at the length then brushed my bangs down in front of my eyes cutting them high up my forehead. Another clump slid down my face and my toned torso. He continued like that cutting off clumps until about a fingers width was left on top. He then got out the clippers and ran a #2 blade high up on the back and sides showering me with ginger spikes. He blended top, back and sides and put in a high line at the back. Dean brushed the hair off my lap making sure to brush up against my crotch as much as he could. He showed me the back in the mirror.
"That ok for you?"
I looked at the boy staring back at me and was instantly transported back to my youth when my brother and I had been marched to the barbershop and very similar matching crewcuts had been inflicted upon us. I didn't like them much back them and I still didn't like it much now.
Dean looked down at my crotch again.
"I think I know your answer."
He took the clippers and removed the guard before running them up the side of my head revealing the palest white strip you had ever seen. Hr reduced the back and sides to the merest of stubbles before reducing the top to a #2. He blended the two lengths and took a pair of outliners to my odd shaped hairline. He showed me my cut once again. This time an attractive man with a military high and tight stared back at me. I had never had my hair this short. I stood up, was brushed off, we paid our dues and left. Behind the shop we paused and Steve looked at me and smiled. He ran his hand over my stubbly head and I felt my loins explode. I groaned in ecstasy as I stained my boxers. He looked at the little ginger shards on his hand before taking my own and placing it on his rock hard crotch. I started massaging it through his shorts.
"Mmm", he groaned at me, "your haircut's hot."

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