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Close Shave by Razor Sharp

Type your story here: It was almost 5:30 p.m. and I was running late for my haircut appointment with Joe. I knew Joe would be angry if I'm late because I have been late on other occasions for my appointment with Joe. I arrived at the barbershop just after 6:00 p.m. but I did not see Joe. Joe co-owned the shop with his sister,Zelda,a very dominating woman with little tolerance for tardiness. I called out for Joe and to my surprise, Zelda came out from behind the back room. I asked Zelda for Joe and she told me Joe left at 5:45 because his 5:30 appointment did not show.I told Zelda that I was the 5:30 appointment but was held over at work. Zalda said I was in luck and take a seat in the chair. I was nervous with Zelda because I have seen her cut hair the way she likes it,not the way the customer likes it cut. I told Zelda I only want a light trim and she told me," I'm the barberette,I know what is best,sit quietly or leave. I did not respond as Zelda placed a tissue around my neck and then placed a large cape over me, snapping it tight around my neck. Zelda then grabbed a hand held hair clipper, firmly pushed my head into my chest and began cutting. Zelda had a firm hand the way she moved my head around but I was pleasantly surprised when I looked into the mirror to see my hair cut. She dusted me off and went to the shaving cream dispenser, took a handful of shaving cream and began spreading it over my neck,ears and sideburns. She then took out a straight razor from the drawer and began stropping the razor on the leather strop several times. Again Zelda firmly held my head as she began shaving my neck, ears and sideburns. After shaving my sideburns, Zelda told me I needed a shave,to sit still and she placed a headrest into the chair. Before I could say a word, she reclined the chair and told be to take a nap. I did not want to upset Zelda so I pretended to nap. I heard the shaving cream dispenser activated and then she firmly grabbed the top of my head and started rubbing the shaving cream into my face.She told me I had a tough beard but not to worry,she keeps her razors very sharp just for men like me that have tough beards.She then placed a very hot towel over my face and I could heard the razor being stropped several times. Zelda removed the towel,rubbed more shaving cream on my face and placed the towel on my chest. I felt my head grabbed firmly and turned to the right side and felt the razor on my cheek. Zelda then turned my head to the left and shaved the other cheek. She firmly pulled up on my neck and stroked the razor upwards several times on my neck giving me a very close shave. Zelda then placed a cold towel on my face, removed it and slapped aftershave lotion on my face and upright the chair. She removed the caped and said I look like a new man.I jumped out of the chair,thanked her, paid her and left.When I got home and looked into the mirror,I realized Zelda did know what was best!!

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