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Life Behind the Chair-Shaving the Cop by Kaleb McKinley

A continuation of "Life Behind the Chair-Clipping a Cop" from March 29, 2015

He's received a very short haircut by a barber who knows what he wants and now it's time to shave Officer Hammond, but I started thinking, it might be fun to see what some of you want to do with our cute cop. There are several great writers here and with this story, you can write the ending you want. I'll set it up and you can finish it in the comments section. I'll add my own ending later.

"Hey, I know it's late. You don't have to worry about the shave today", Officer Hammond was obviously nervous. "Don't worry about the time, Officer", I said firmly. "It's no trouble at all." I continued, "have you ever had a barber shop shave?" His voice quivered slightly as he told me he had not. A first timer, a barber shop shave virgin. This is going to be fun! I began to get him ready for the big recline. It's always a great experience when you fully recline a nervous stud for his first shave under a barber's straight razor. I put the headrest in place and went down to his feet, flipping the footrest so his legs could rest comfortably for the next thirty minutes while I cleaned him up.

I gave his neck a quick squeeze with my left hand while pumped the chair to full height with my right. Moving my hand onto his shoulder, I reached for the silver chair lever on the side of the old Koken barber chair. "Showtime!"

--Now, do what you want to Officer Hammond. Add it to the comment section, PG, PG-13, remember, he is fully reclined, so maybe a little more...whatever the site will allow. I hope you'll think it's fun. I would really like to see what you'll do with my story.

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