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Fresh Flat by CollegeBoy

Finals week is always a crazy time around my university. In the midst of everyone taking their final exams and preparing to move out of the dorms for the summer, there are also a lot of shorter cuts starting to pop up around campus. One guy in one of my classes showed up to my final a few minutes after I did and sat in front of me. I thought he was one of those students that only shows up for exams and doesn't care about the rest of the classes. One thing did stand out, what looked like a newly cut flattop, skinned on the sides and just a hint of a horseshoe on top. I never noticed this guy in the class before now, but once he turned around and started talking, I recognized him as Brett, a guy I had been talking to in the class since midterms. I was shocked to realize it was him, and he picked up on it right away.
"I know its quite the change isn't it" he asked.
"Yea, I barely recognized you as you walked in. What made you change it up so drastically." Until now, he had shaggier hair that was never looked shorter than about an inch on the sides before.
"It's something that I do when summer comes around, keeps me nice and cool for summer, and also gets a funny reaction from people who don't know me before its grown back out."
"I would say so dude, it looks good though" I commented.
"You know if you want to change it up, you could always go see Joe sometime since you'll be around this summer, and to be honest you're looking a bit shaggy haha."
I always kept a fade for the most part, a regular buzz or the occasional impulse head shave here or there, but mostly a high and tight fade one on the sides and three on top. I hadn't gotten it cut since spring break so I was pushing an inch and a half on top. "I don't know about that much of a change dude, but I normally go to Joe anyways, so maybe one day it will happen."
We laughed it off a bit and continued chatting until the final began. I was done before him and went to go see another professor next door about a project. I was getting ready to walk out the building when I heard my name called out. "Hey Ryan, you done for the day?"
"Almost, I have to go print out a paper and turn it in then I will be heading home. What about you?"
"I'm done for the day and figured we could grab lunch or something."
We talked in class, but never hung out outside of class, so I figured what the hell, I have nothing better to do for the day. He walked with me to turn in the paper and we decided to go to a place just off campus to grab some food. We ended up finding out we had a lot more in common than we had thought. Both of us came from somewhat small towns that no one out of the state would know of, both liked to hunt and fish, enjoyed scoping out the bars for the good looking girls to try and get with. I found out he was changing his major to physics as well and we talked some about what we wanted to do after graduation. As we were walking out, he noticed my dip ring in my shorts and asked to bum a dip.
"I didn't know you dipped Brett?"
"Oh yea, I usually have my can on me, but forgot it walking out the house this morning. Most of the guys from my town do."
"Same here haha." I obliged and threw in a dip with him. We started walking around the block and ended up coming near Joe's as we turned at the corner.
"You know Ryan, Joe's usually getting back from lunch around now, I bet he would be able to fix a flat up for you."
"I don't know, maybe I'll just go with my ..."
He cut me off mid sentence, "You know you want to try it out dude, you haven't been able to keep your eyes off mine since we left the building earlier. Try it out, what's the worst that could happen?"
I knew he was right. I mean even if it didn't look good on me I could just shave it off later and enjoy the experience. "What the hell, why not."
We walked into Joe's and he immediately greeted us and asked what my friend was doing back so soon. "Oh I'm not here for me, just here with Ryan."
Joe told me to have a seat and he would be right with me. I sat down in the chair and started relaxing while Joe got everything set up again after lunch. "Well Ryan, what are we doing today, the usual? It's been a while since you've been in here. I don't think I've seen you with this much hair since you first came in to my shop."
"Yea I know Joe, classes took the toll on me and I haven't had the time to come in. Actually I'm thinking I'm going to go with something different this time."
"What do you have in mind" he asked.
"Give me the same thing you gave Brett earlier today."
"You sure you want to go for the flat? Be different than you're used to."
"Yea I'm sure. Brett's looks great and I figure if I'm ever going to get one, I better get one from someone who does great work."
Brett sitting in the spare chair next to me gives a laugh and explains how he noticed me checking out his flat today. "I told him he might as well go for it."
Joe chuckled and started to cape me up. "Hope your ready for this Ryan, you may not recognize yourself after this. A flat can really change a person's look."
"Oh I'm ready for it Joe."
He fired up the clippers and started running them up the right side of my head. I looked and the remnants of my hair on the cape and realized it was a good bit longer chunks coming off than I was used to. He moved around the back and rotated the chair a bit and I caught a glimpse of the shorn side. I immediately jumped to attention down below and had to adjust a bit to make sure nothing showed. Brett looked at me with a crooked smile and nodded at me. He understood what was happening and started talking to me about my summer plans again. We were both staying in town for summer and were going to be working on campus at our regular jobs. I got lost in the conversation and wasn't even paying attention to how far Joe had gotten. The clippers were turned off and I felt a brush getting the loose hairs from my shoulders. I thought it can't be over yet, he's barely touched the top.
"Alright, now that that parts done, time to get this top nice and flat. Are you sure you don't want to change your mind Ryan?" Joe said as he laughed it off.
Brett piped up, "Oh he's definitely ready Joe. Get that nice and flat like mine."
Joe reached to the counted and grabbed a small jar of what I think was wax and worked it into my hair. He grabbed the blow dryer and started combing the top straight up to attention. Joe shut it off and snapped on the clippers once more. "Alright stay still while I get this leveled out."
I sat there expecting him to take the comb and run the clippers over it to get it nice and flat to start, but oh was I wrong. Next thing I know the clippers are plunging into my hair and hitting my scalp halfway back. I felt the clippers run through the middle of my head and got a rush like no other. Junior popped up and practically let loose in excitement. Brett noticed and busted out laughing, covering it as a joke on his phone so Joe wouldn't know what I was going through. Joe worked meticulously to get the top down level. I felt a rush of cold air run over my head and got the chills from the feeling of the air on the top of my head. The clippers switched off and Joe picked up the edgers and ran them around the edges of my head to catch all the stray neck hairs.
"There we are Ryan, one high and tight flat, fresh for summer."
Joe rotated the chair to the mirror which my back had been to the entire time. I was immediately shocked by the change in appearance. I reached up to feel my head and was amazed and the feeling of the landing strip. I've shaved my head before so the feeling wasn't new, but the contrast with the rest of the flat was amazing. I got out of the chair and paid Joe and thanked him again for the haircut. "I'll expect you two back here in a few weeks to keep those flats looking flat" Joe said as we walked to the door.
"Don't worry Joe, we'll be back for sure" we both said as we walked out the door.
We both started to head home and as we talked we realized we lived just a few houses apart from each other just off campus. We never drove to campus in the nicer weather so we both walked home. We got to my house first and I invited Brett in for a couple of drinks to celebrate finals week almost being done. I went to grab the rum and next thing I know I feel a hand running up the back of my head. It caught be off guard but it was a rush to have another guy rub my head.
"The same thing happened to me the first time I went for the flat too Ryan."
"I thought you noticed what was happening but I wasn't about to say anything" I laughed about it as we walked into the living room.
We started talking about classes, girls, had a few drinks and started getting buzzed before we knew it.
"You know the real rush when getting a flat comes when you shave the landing strip after you get home."
I looked at Brett in a bit of confusion and asked why he didn't just have Joe do it. He explained that Joe barely does any more shaving due to the decrease in demand and said that he usually does it on his own at home.
"I'll do yours if you ever get the nerve to do it."
"Thanks Brett, but I don't know if I'm ready for that part yet."
We continued drinking and ended up with a pretty good buzz before the rum ran out. Brett said we could go to his house and continue as he just restocked his liquor. I said why the hell not and went along. Once we got to his place we had a few more and I was feeling pretty good.
"You know what Brett, why the hell not go for it."
He looked at me in total confusion asking what I meant.
"How about you shave my landing strip?"
"Oh I thought you were't ready for though?" Brett said with a thick amount of sarcasm.
"Well maybe its the liquor talking, but I might as well go for it. I've gone this far, why not go all the way."
"Alright then, head into the bathroom and get ready. You might as well get into your boxers so the water doesn't get your shirt wet. Makes it a lot easier."
I went into the bathroom and stripped down ready to go. I threw in a fatty and got a good buzz going. Brett walked in with a huge dip to and said that great minds think alike. He grabbed his razor and shaving cream out of the cupboard and set them on the counter. He went my head a bit and started applying the shaving cream. I was expecting him to just cover the landing strip, but he ended up covering the whole back and sides of my head. Brett saw my facial expression change and piped up. "You didn't think I would just shave the top did you? You'd look pretty funny walking around with a small smooth portion on the top of your head and a bit of fuzz on the sides. Gotta do it right if you're going to do it."
I laughed with him and crouched down a bit so he could get a good look at everything. He began with the sides of my head and worked around the sides. Next came the top. "You ready for this," Brett asked.
"Yea I definitely am, let's do it."
Brett took the razor over the top of my head and I immediately had to regain my footing and adjust down below due to the head rush. Brett started laughing his ass off and said the same thing happens to him too. He rinsed out the razor and grabbed a towel to wipe off the excess shaving cream. As he got closer, I felt that I wasn't the only one who got a little exited during the process. He wiped me off and told me to go ahead and take a shower to clean the rest off. I hopped in the shower and I heard the sink turn on again. Brett was giving him the same treatment. I peaked my head out of the shower and couldn't help but starting acting on what I saw. A muscled guy with an amazing haircut, lip full of dip, and "adjusting" himself repeatedly during the process. He looked over and smiled at me. I went back to my shower enjoying the warm water running over my freshly shaved skin. I heard the curtain open up and Brett hopped in.
"Just like the lockers rooms in high school" I joked.
"Yea just like it for sure."
We finished up our shower and ended up going into Brett's bedroom. We sat there talking for a bit about our newly learned shared interest in haircuts. We both realized that we also had a thing for the guys with the haircuts as well. After talking a bit more we started rubbing each other's heads feeling the freshly shaved skin. Before we knew it, we were acting on our desires and going at each other.
The day started off pretty normal and led to a whirlwind. Who knew the person I had only talked to in class would end up changing up my world in just one day. We became best friends after that day and visited Joe's regularly. We moved in together a couple of days after that and starting dating. If the rest of college is going to be this interesting, I am up for anything.

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