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My Mind was in a Whirl by Steve

Here I have a poem for the Hair Cut Story Website, it actually does tell a story based on a true experience

My mind was in a complete whirl following an unusual offer from a middle aged lady named Shirl, making my mind up had never been harder the day she offered to be my barber.

She showed my the barbering kit she`d just got, combs, scissors,grades,hairdressing cape, fine line trimmer and even some electric shears. She said` I`ll soon cut your unruly hair into shape if you`ll kindly sit down and wear this barbering cape`!

Shirl went on to say` you`ve no need to worry for I`ve done a night school barbering course and I cut all gents styles from modern to ultra short and I`ll soon save you money with this kit I`ve just bought`!

Her face at first wore a determined frown, which broke into a smile when I finally sat down. The cape was donned, the shears plugged in and then switched on!

What happened next seemed totally unreal feeling her zooming with the shears, up my neck and around the ears. Next came a trim with the comb and scissors, then 10 minutes later she showed my the damage by handing me a mirror,

`Your lucky I managed to leave you some`, she jokingley teased. But with the result I was actually pleased. After we`d had a cup of tea and a chat, Shirl said `thanks for trusting me` and gave my newly trimmed head a pat.

As I left I knew there`d be more, monthly haircuts from my mum in law.

This poem is dedicated to my mother in law, who at the age of 63 decided to take up men`s barbering as an interest. Her name is Shirley and she actually did a nightschool barbering course. The fees were sponsored by the old peoples home, where she regularly goes to give the old men their monthly traditional short back and sides. My father in law was her guinea pig and it wasn`t long before she strongly persuaded me to let her cut mine. It felt really funny letting my mother in law cut my hair at first.

Shirley is really confident now and isn`t shy to use her electric shears or a razor. Once she gave me a grade 2 cut against my will, she just burst out laughing and said` you`ll have to excuse me Steve but I just wanted to see how you looked with a shear cut. Oh dear I`ll be shaving your head next time, won`t I`? However she didn`t she just cut it normal.

Shirley works two days a week at a local traditional barbers shop and all the regular customers seem to like her service. I once strolled past and saw her giving a school boy a crew cut, he was just sitting there and letting her run the shears through his blonde mop, creating shorn furrows. When he came out he`d a number 1 and 2 cut. The next customer just calmly sat down in her chair, let her put on the cape and get to work on his hair. Yes they must trust her. She actually said that she got her knack from going to the barbers with her younger( late brother) when he was a young child and watching the barber cut his hair. When she met my father in law, when she was 16 she always accompanied him to the barbers and watched him have his done too.

She always desired to learn barbering herself, but in 1950`s Britain there was no opening in the trade for girl barber`s. However at least at the tender age of 63 Shirley finally got her wish!

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