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Mr Dice part 2 by Snipped Sam / shorn lad

This story has been retrieved ,unfortunatly Mr Dice part 1, was lost.
To set the scene, I was seventeen years old in the late 1970s.To cut my thick blond hair
would have been regarded as a sin and consequently I had never been taken or sent to the barbers.
As a student I got a part time job in a hardware store, My new employer Mr Dice was a traditionalist
and made it very clear what he thought of my unconventional lenghth of hair.After a number of reprimands
and being told to get my hair cut, I eventually agreed to accompany Mr Dice when he next
went to see his barber.
Mr. Dice part 2
By shorn lad
As I sat in the chair, with the white nylon gown all tucked in very tight my heart was racing, I felt excited, for the first time I was in proper traditional barbers, not only that I was in the chair, sitting to attention.
Mr Dice had now sat down in the next chair to the one I had sat, he had a good view, the barber started combing my hair, thick blond hair which fell over my collar and covered my ears.
`I think it's a good job the scissor sharpener came this morning, Simon..all my scissors are now very sharp, and ready to cut your hair short`
`That's very reassuring " I replied politely.
`Well Simon, Mr Dice has brought you here to have your hair cut short or are we going for very short?`
`I think Mr Dice is keen for me to have it really short`
`Leave it up to the men to decide then?`
`If Mr Dice is happy with that`
`I think you can rely on myself and the barber to judge the correct amount of hair that you need to lose Simon`
` fine by me, Sir `
"the shorter the better, if you please”
The barber began to cut my hair with long steel scissors, all could be heard was snip snip, hair was falling into my lap in enormous quantities. The barber was certainly very fast in the way he operated those scissors, after several minutes of cutting, the hair had gone from over my ears, in the mirror no hair was visible any more at the back of my head, and my fringe was very short. The barber gave my face a good brush down with a very soft brush, then took some thinning scissors, these did tug away at my hair, he had bent my head forward for the procedure, but I could see him remove clumps of my blond hair as he stood in front of me to cut away. Another brush down followed, then some cutting with a different pair of scissors.
`well Simon that was fairly painless for you I hope`
It didn't hurt a bit sir`
`good lad`
`very smart indeed Simon`
`thanks Mr Dice`
`we are almost done, but I have one little job to do, just to give you the perfect haircut`
He placed his hand on my head and bent it right down, he then reached over and took the electric clippers from the hook. I first heard their distinctive buzz, then felt the cold blade touch the nape of my neck, and then I felt them journey up the back of my head, then it was above my ears, no leniency was given, no nonsense proper barbering, I felt content and happy, at last I was the lad in the chair at the mercy of the barber.
When that little job was done, out came the razor which he first sharpened on the strap, and some shaving just above my ears and then on my neck.
After that there was a vigorous brush down all over my head followed by lots of powder, then a combing into place assisted by a dab of haircreme.
`all done Simon`
`thank-you very much sir`
When he showed me the back in the mirror I was surprised that it had been clipped so severely, but that did give me a lovely warm feeling as well.
when I came off the chair, it felt strange wiping my neck with the tissue and feeling short bristles of hair, as I put the tissue in the bin, I saw the enormous pile of blond hair being swept up by the barber
`I can't believe that's all my hair`
`that's not your hair Simon, the hair you have is on your head` said the barber
`and from now on Simon whilst you are working for me that's how your hair will stay`
`yes sir ,and thank-you for bringing me sir`
From then on everyone was happy, I worked for Mr Dice for another two years and he kept his word and kept my hair very short.
The End

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