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Mr Dice part 1 by Snipped Sam / shorn lad

Back in the late 1970s the majority of lads of my age had very long hair, at 16, I had for some time had a facination

for the more traditional barbers shops and short haircuts.I kept my hair very neat, but by todays standards it was long.

During holiday time to earn a bit extra cash I helped out in a garden shop one or two days a week, the owner Mr Dice

was an extremely likeable character and a pleasure to work for.

Mr Dice would sometimes tease me about the length of my hair, it was a bit of a standing joke, but he always said I

looked smart, very clean and tidy.. pity about the hair.

One particular afternoon it was early closing, so as we left and Mr Dice locked the door,

`so what are your plans for this afternoon Simon?`

`probably go into town, have a look round`

`i`m going that way, we can walk together if you like`

we chatted as we walked , after a few minutes Mr Dice stopped.

`well simon ,this is where I leave you, I have to pay a visit to my barber, thats a gentleman who cuts hair Simon`

`yes, Mr Dice,I think I know what a barber is`

`not one of those fancy places that you probably go to though`

`is that where you go then ?` i asked seeing a red and white barbers pole at the corner of the street we had stopped


`yes, you do not know it then?`

`well i can`t say I have been there, no `

`he is a very nice man, and a very good barber too Simon`

`when you say a very good barber, Mr Dice what do you mean`

`he gives a very good haircut and he prefers to cut hair short, why dont you come with me ? you don`t have to

have your haircut,but it will enable you to see for yourself`

`o.k if he won`t mind`

So I went in with Mr Dice,he introduced me to the barber, who was extremely nice to me, very friendly and

his shop was very traditional,spotlessly clean and gave a good feel of privacy, fully curtained so people could

not see in.

I sat down in one of the waiting chairs whilst Mr Dice had his usual smart haircut, in fact this time I heard him ask

for a little shorter than usual. Eventually Mr Dice was all done, had been brushed down and paid for his haircut.

I still sat in the chair,thinking if only he would send me to the chair now or say something like ,Simon get your haircut.

They chatted about horse racing for a couple of minutes,

the barber then looked over at me

`alright young Simon ?`

`Yes thanks`

`what would you say if I now said next , simon ?`

`nothing,sir` I replied

`you would say nothing at all ?`

`no, just stand up to go to the chair for my haircut`

the barber turned to Mr Dice, `thats a bit of a suprise Charles not the answer I was expecting`

`nor me,.. how do you feel about having your haircut Simon now you are here?`

`feelings do not come into it Mr Dice, its really what needs to be done that matters`

i thought that was a very brave thing to say really afterwards,i just wanted him to take the bull by

the horns and tell me to get my haircut.

`well simon you probably know what i think, a nice short haircut is called for`

`I know mr Dice,and i think thats why i am here, why you brought me to see your barber,and i am happy

for you to get the job done`

`you would like me to get the barber to cut your hair short Simon?`

`you know what needs to be done sir,and thats what matters`

`simon, haircut and no arguments`

`yes Mr Dice`

I then stood up to make my way to the barbers chair

to be continued...

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