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we want to shave head by Hung

Shaved head !!!!!!!!!!!! stimulating sounds !!!
This summer, my class had a picnic at the beach, but our group - 4 people, but decided not to go home and have a plan for this summer. We decided to change the shape of the hairstyle .... sounds like .We had this plan for a long time but only now decided to do it.
Our team consists of: Huy, Tu, Manh and me. We decided to shave our head at this time when we did not go to school. All 4 of us have a special favorite with the shaved head. We loved the shaven head and likes to rub it - a sense of excitement. Because of this, we often went to the temple close to the full moon day of each month to see the monks shave their heads and help shaved head other young monks, which is something we really like - there is also job volunteers and our hobby. Because the temple was really packed so grateful head monk us, they shaved their heads in two days , was 14 or 15 and 29 or 30 on the lunar calendar.
Today we decided to shave our heads.
As planned, we will be present at my house at 7 am to prepare, this month my parents are not home because they have to worry so my house is the safest place to implement the plan.
Our family does not allow us to shave their heads because they think that only monks are doing that. We do not think so, we'll do what we love, whereas this does not affect everyone. We like bald, we will become bald. Special Huy said he would shave bald forever, he is our leader, Huy always crazy with the shaved head, Huy was sneaky shaved head of his brother when he was drunk. It is the courage and passionate. He usually likes rubbing the shaved head of the young monk, sometimes he persuaded them to allow him to shave their head, and of course he had to pay some money to do it.
Suddenly I heard a loud bell outside the gate, Huy and Manh transported on a car, the bus ride to Tu. Our group has enough public gatherings, we fully buy items needed for shaving head, such as shaving cream top, straight razors, scissors, and a little varnish .... We quickly go the bathroom and do the job, we stripped out to comfortably do the job, Huy spray faucet took on all of us, he sprayed on top of us, .We quickly rubbed our hair back one last time when to retire from it. According to the order that we get, Huy will shave their heads to us. The first one is Manh shaved head, he is gay, he said he shaved his head because he loves his boyfriend so (lover of Manh no hair so he decided to shave his heads to his boyfriend he kindly). Before becoming bald Manh cry a lot he does not want thick hair and smooth away of him, but it was too late, worries Manh Huy change your mind razor should have taken an array a large array on top of Manh, Huy is a skilled barber, razor glide them across the head of Manh, the white scalp looming, the hair slowly fades Manh, Manh will become a bald perfect because he had a round head and a white skin so he looks very handsome when shaved head. Huy quickly shave off the hair remaining part of Manh on his head, the sound heard rustling razors and hair fall to the floor - it is stimulated ...... Huy told Manh that: "I am sure you your boyfriend will stimulate when seeing your bald head, you rejoice and enjoy hot fun with him”. Manh hair now gone, bald head pop up, try to shave off Huy hair strands little rest on the head of Manh. Huy spray water on the head of hair pieces to break off. Manh's bald head shining moment and very smooth, we quickly re-touching his head - an amazing feeling - I and Amendment feel restless and look forward to shave their heads as Manh. Huy massage head OF Manh very long to enjoy the feeling of a bald head- Huy very proud of the product his first ......
STORY will continue .......... Do you want me to tell this stories not ??????

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