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Even more shorter by Baldvenom

It was a wet afternoon where i was checking my hair out in the mirror,It was quite long and thick and my bangs were long too then i decided to go for a trim.After 5 mins i reach the barbershop,I couldnt peek into the glass window as many male haircut photos were pasted there and the only way is to get in for a closer look.

I pushed the glass door and saw the barber attending a customer,he waved at me and i smiled back at him.It was around 2pm when i reached the barbershop,it supposed to be crowed but it wasnt.I sat at the sofa,take quick glance at the customer getting his haircut.There was only one barberchair there so i had to wait a long while for me to get my haircut.After about 5 mintues the customer paid and left.So the barber brought me to the barber chair and i sat down.He pressed the level higher.Then he placed a white cloth on my neck and tucked it in.Then he went out to take a new yellow colour cape and caped me.There i was with thick black hair caped with a yellow caped.I sat comfortably and the i told the barber i wanted a slight trim but the barber said that the weather was too hot and trim abit more like medium.

So i agreed with him,he started combing my hair my spraying water.My hair was totally drenched then instead of taking the scissors he headed for a towel and wiped my hair after few minutes my hair was totally dry and then he took a no5 clipper and used the comb to bring my fringe up and just went through chunks of black hair falled down to the cape some clingling on my hair.He then comb my top with a swipe,hair fell onto my face.But my top wasnt short as i thought it would be.

But then, he also did the same with my back and sides,but i found it boring and it was still long.Then i asked him to go even more shorter like no2.Then he change the attachments and headed to the back.I could feel the cold metal clipper touching my back and the continue swiping upwards more hair dropped and he combed my back.I could feel it was quite short,But i didnt knew how short it was.Then he moved on to the side just buzzing my sides and sideburns.He later moved onto my top he started buzzing my hair which was at the back.A even more huge chunk of hair falled and some even fly to my face.I was scared and after buzzing there,he moved onto my fringe and he was about to buzz of my fringe while a comb but i stopped him as i wanted to keep my fringe.So he left it and buzz the rest of my head twice.He sprayed some water at my fringe and cutting it short with a fringe.

My hair was like a durian.Then he took a wet brush and wiped at my sideburns and back end.The cold water made me flinch a bit.Then he took a shaver and shave of abit of my sideburns and made a blocked neck at my back.He then took the blowdryer and blow my hair thoroughly.He removed the cape and tap me on the back,i paid him while leavibg, i took my phone to see is the video was a succes,it was a could see my whole haircut and i started haing a boner while watching it.

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