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Matt Goes Shorter by burrlypup

I've been cutting Matt's hair since I got my barbers license, and I use the term 'cut' lightly. Over the past five years he had allowed his dark brown hair to grow progressively longer. These days I merely trim his beard and neck area, though roughly once a year Matt requests that I trim off an inch to keep his mane looking thick and healthy. It's a pleasure washing his hair, it's incredibly soft and silky, and since his hair now reaches his waist he comes in weekly for a shampoo and condition.

About a week ago, Matt came in with a wild grin and sat in my chair. I felt like he waited until 7:59pm to walk in, just as I was closing.

"It's that time of year," Matt said, breathing in deep and closing his stunning green eyes. When he opened them, he smiled as his eyes met mine. There was a strange tension that had developed between us, Matt wasn't as talkative and seemed to enjoy me washing his hair. It was almost flirtatious, but I didn't want to risk losing a client if he were just being friendly.

After washing his long locks, I gently towel dried them and combed them straight back.

"How much would you like trimmed, Matt?" I asked, as I did every summer for the past 4 or so years. I noticed some hesitation, but finally he spoke up.

"I think I need a change, and I've decided to donate a good 16 inches." I was floored as those words came from his mouth. That long of a donation would leave him with shoulder length hair. Matt handed me a handful of rubber bands and winked at me. I placed one just under where I would be cutting, followed by another every three inches to the tip of his hair.

I noticed Matt was a bit nervous, so without allowing him to back out, I took my shears and began slicing his ponytail off. After it fell away, I placed it in his lap, letting my fingers linger long enough to sense his state of arousal. He winked at me again.

Matt tousled his much shorter hair now, allowing it to fall into his face, obscuring his fine bone structure and intense gaze, then brushed it back with his hands. I trimmed the ends, taking off no more than a half inch in some places, then used a hair tie to bind his hair back in a much shorter ponytail which still fell a good 8 inches past his nape.

I reclined the chair and snapped on my edgers, cleaning up his neck and cheeks, taking off his mustache and following with some hot lather. I shaved his cheeks and upper lip, and gingerly shaved his neck. I applied some aftershave and then brought him up to an upright position. I noticed his neck looked rather hairy, so I bound his ponytail up and shaved his neck. Like times before, Matt purred a bit. He seemed to enjoy the feeling of clippers on his nape. This intensified after I lathered his neck and shaved it clean.

It had only been 30 minutes since he walked in, but the transformation was pretty dramatic. I was about to to snap off the cape when Matt spoke again.

"I think it needs to be shorter. I've been debating going for this look." Matt showed me a cut on his phone, and I got hard instantly.

"Are you sure?"

"Positively. I'd like an undercut with shaved sides, but leave the top long. Since the sides are long enough to donate, would you mind binding my hair so I can donate every last inch?"

"I don't mind at all. And I see you came prepared." Matt handed me a small bag of rubber bands.

I parted his hair evenly on top, and tied it into a manbun that I let fall foward into his face, reaching his chest in front. It took a few minutes, but I bound the hair on his back and sides, wet his hair down, then carefully edged them off with my straight razor with the grain. About 5 minutes later, his back and sides were completely shaved high on the crown. I spent another 5 minutes shaving against the grain with some lather, then splashed some aftershave on his smooth bald back and sides.

He looked gorgeous, and he enthusiastically rubbed his bald sides and nape. I was so aroused, I inadvertently rubbed my hard on against his shoulder and he grinned at me in the mirror.

"I'm not crazy about this look, let's try this one." As he lifted the phone, I finally realized his game. With all his hair tied in a manbun, I flicked on my edgers and placed them at his forehead, pulling them back Matt sighed and purred like a kitten. I took another pass and soon the last strands were severed and his long manbun fell away with my hand. I dropped the heavy locks in his lap, with the rest of his silky locks.

Matt rubbed the stubble left where his manbun was, comparing it to the smooth bald sides.

"Missed a spot!" Matt said playfully. I responded with a handful of hot lather. Two shaves later, his head was smooth and shined brightly under the shop lights. He was so handsome, I playfully kissed his head. He seemed to liked it.

"This was fun, Matt. Did you plan to end up bald tonight?"

"I've been wanting to for a while. Guess I won't get to see you for a weekly shampoo for a while."

"Let's make a deal. You come in as much as you want, I'll keep your head nice and smooth for free." I offered, kneeling so we were face to face.

"Sure, but one condition."


Matt got up and kissed me. Five years of built up sexual tension exploded all at once.

The next morning, I woke up with Matt in my arms. He felt perfect. Then I rubbed his sandpapery head and laughed.

"I think you need a haircut, Matt."

"Yeah, it's way too long."


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