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Staying bald for wife with cancer. by fullman

John and Jane have been married for 3 years now. They have a large house on the outskirts of Chicago and are adored by all their friends. John works as an account executive while Jane is a primary school teacher. They loved each other a lot. Jane has shoulder length blonde hair that she loves to comb everyday, while John has a full head of dark brown hair with short, well maintained stubble on his face.
Now 3 years into their marriage, Jane found a lump in her breast and immediately saw the doctor, who diagnosed her with breast cancer. Her doctor recommended a course of chemotherapy starting immediately. "Don't worry!, John assured his wife. "I'm here for you, for better or worse.
The next week Jane started her chemotherapy and lumps of her hair started falling out. Within two weeks of chemotherapy, Jane became completely bald. Looking at herself in the mirror, she cried "I'm hideous! John, being the sympathetic husband he is, said to Jane: "Well, if you're bald, I'll be bald too. We gonna be bald together. I'll stay bald as long as you are. Without hesitation, John picked up the clippers, removed the guard, and ran it over his dark brown locks as chunks of hair fell to the bathroom floor. As John cleaned up his hair, he looked into the mirror and felt his 1mm stubbly head. "I'm not done yet! he said to himself.
John inserted a brand new cartridge onto his Gillette Fusion razor, grabbed a white towel and shaving foam and headed into the shower. John rubbed his stubbly head with very hot water and lathered up his head. He picked up the razor and scraped his head completely bald, as tiny stubbles flushed into the plug hole. John lathered his head again and shaved once more, making sure he was totally hairless. John wiped away the shaving cream and water from his head and looked in the mirror as he rubbed aftershave on his bald head. His head, although totally bald, has a slight grey shadow and you can definitely tell his head has been shaved. As John stepped out of the shower and the bathroom, Jane couldn't believe her eyes. "OMG, you're bald! Baby you didn't have to do that for me! "Yes I did have to, I want you to feel that you are not alone. John said to her as they embraced and made love that night.
The next morning, the now bald John put on his suit for work and kissed Jane goodbye. As he arrived for work, his boss, Dan, was not very impressed with his new look. "John, why have you reported to work with a clean shaven head? You can't face clients looking like a skinhead! John replied, "Please, my wife has cancer and is going through chemo. I shaved my head to support her. So Dan replied: "Well, okay, if you insist. But grow it back quickly! But John knew he will be bald for a while.
So within the next year and a half, true to his word, John stayed bald. He would lather up his head and face every other day, scraping off the slight stubble that has accumulated. John's new look quickly defined him and made him the hot topic amongst co-workers and friends. People began to associate John with being bald. When Jane's cancer has officially retreated and her hair began to grow back, John still headed to the bathroom and lathered up his head. "What are you doing? Said Jane, "You don't have to shave your head anymore. But John replied: "You know what baby? I like myself bald. This is the new me.
Ten years on, John and Jane are still married, happily as ever. John's head, well, still totally clean shaven and that's just the way he likes it.

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