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Cheryl's Uncle haircut and face shave by Kenny Christie

Cheryl just woke up from her sleep and was enjoying the day when her mom called her and ask her if she is willing to take her uncle to the barber shop for a haircut. As Cheryl was off today she reluctantly agreed. " Okay mom I'll be down in a minute." She quickly washed her face and changed into a pair of faded jeans and a colorful tee shirt and hurried downstairs. "Where's uncle? asked Cheryl. "He is outside in the garden. Waiting for you. ". her mom said. Chreryl went out and there was her uncle. A man of around 65 years of age with some old folks sickness. Walking very slowly to Cheryl and say thanks to his niece for agreeing to take him for his haircut. " It's okay unc " replied Cheryl.. "Let' go now"
Cheryl drove down to the oldest part of China town and parked near a very old barber shop . It was a very vintage shop with very old fashion barber chairs. At this point Cheryl was getting a little excited and very happy that she has decided to take her uncle for his hair cut. She parked the car and open the door for her uncle and both of them walk into the barber shop.
It was indeed very old and vintage with only one chair. And inside the barber shop was all those familiar tools and utensils used by old time barbers. But to the surprise of Cheryl the only barber there or perhaps a lady barber was a young women just about Cheryl's age. Around 20 or so. But she is very small size and pettite much shorter then Cheryl .
" What can I do for you? " ask the lady.. "My uncle needs a haircut .".replied Cheryl.. "And a shave too ?" ask the lady barber.. " I guess so " Said Cheryl who does not know much about men's face shave. "Okay this way please as the barber leads her uncle to the vintage barber chair and then ask Cheryl whether she wanted to wait or do some shopping while she is working on her uncle.. As Cheryl has never witness a man's haircut or face shave before feel intrigue and found it a good idea to hang around and watch the whole process. "I will hang around and watch ". replied Cheryl... "Okay and by the way my name is Mei " the barber said and extend her hand to Cheryl.. " Cheryl is my name " Cheryl replied..
So Cheryl sat on a bench by the window and watch what was an unbelievable event that stuck with her for many , many years to come. Mei then capped Cheryl's uncle and use her fingers to feel his hair and the symentry of his head. Also she use her fingers and rub his chins and cheeks to feel his facial hair... " Hmmm quite a lot to work on." say Mei. Cheryl was taken aback realizing she was being spoken to. "Huh". she exclaim.. Actually Mei was also trying to get Cheryl invoke in the haircut and face shave with her. And what a perfect model they have in Cheryl"s uncle.
Mei then took a bowl of baby powder with a fluffy brush and and brush uncle's nape all over. She then ask Cheryl how uncle wants his hair cut. Cheryl immediately try to take the whole procedure into her own hands and ask Mei to.give uncle a high and thight. A very high and tight at that.. So Mei said okay and got to work... She buzzed uncle's hair . First the right side then the left and the nape till all that was left was a little hair on the top. The she use a scissors and snip , snip the top till it was about 1/2 an inch left. When she is completely satisfied with her work she brush the hair off uncle's head and face. Next she remove the cape and then capped uncle with a plastic one.. Cheryl was surprise by this and ask Mei what was the plastic cape for.. Mei says it's time to give uncle a shampoo .. So she proceed to shampoo uncle and when she's done she ask uncle to follow her to the sink to get a forward rinse. As uncle leans for ward Mei proceed to rinse his head and use some hand soap and wash uncle'st face and nape.. She was very thorough and Cheryl is captivated by the whole procedure and wanted to get more involve.. She walk towards Mei who is working some lather and washing uncle's face his nape and his hair or what was left if his hair.. The she use a wet towel and wipe off the lather . . She then rinse it one last time and dry uncle's hair and wipe his face dry.. When this is done she tapped uncle in his back and motioned him back to the barber chair to go on the next procedure. .. Cheryl then ask Mei is the face shave next and that's when Mei gave Cheryl a mischievous wink..
As uncle sits back onto the barber chair Mei put a dry towel over his back and recape him.. Then she went to the table and pour a little water onto a small shaving bowl which has a piece of soap in it. She dipp the shaving brush into another small bowl of water and the starts to lather up the shaving brush and proceed to lather uncle's nape and side burn..Cheryl is really intrigue and excited now. She ask Mei is this also part of the haircut procedure .. As Mei shave uncle's side burn and then his nape and make sure that all the edges and perfectly shave. When she finished she took a warm towel and clean up uncle's nape and sideburns ..
She then went to the back of uncle and pulled up a pillow like object from the back rest of the vintage barber chair.. It made a very old crackling sound which makes Cheryl staring more intensely on the whole proceeding .. When the her rest was the correct hight that Met wanted , she then adjust the lever at the side of the chair and slowly recline the chair and uncle head on the headrest reclines with th chair until he is in a horizontal position. Uncle close his eyes in total relaxation while Cheryl wat h in amazement. . Mei then went over to lather her shaving brush until she got the correct constitency and went over to the horizontal lying uncle and starts to lather his chin , neck, cheeks all this time Cheryl watching dumb folded .. Then Mei took a warm towel and cover the lathered face of uncle and let the towel sit there.. The next move she makes really had Cheryl feel more fascinated .. Mei went to the table and open a small plastic box and pick up a couple of white substance and put it into her palm and then adds a few drop of water and the rubs her palms together until her whole palms are covered with a whitish substance and the surprisingly apply the white substance all over her own face and neck..Cheryl was really amaze and before she could ask Mei told her that it was water powder.. A Chinese powder use to whiten the facial skin.. As the powder dries Mei's face turn white all over as if she wore a beauty mask.. She smile and proceed to relather her shaving brush and the went over to the lying uncle and lather his forehead .. She the picked up a straight razor , open it and strop the straight razor on a leather strop hanging at the side of the barber chair until she was satisfied with the sharpness and as she proceed to shave uncle's forehead.
Cheryl was watching this whole procedure with thorough amazement and excitement and ask Mei how long the face shave will take.. Mei replied it will take about half and hour to fourty five minutes. She shave the. Relaxing uncle's fore head very merticulately and expertly. She told Cheryl that it is a two process shave.. First the wet shave which is what she was doing now.. Lather up and shave.. Then followed by a dry or powdered shave . Where the whole face is covered with baby powder and the whole face is shave .. The eyelid, forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, neck throat, ears, ..after this is done Mei covered uncle's mouth and then uses little scissor and slowly trim and cut his nostril hair until she is satisfied he is cleanly and closed shave.. Then using a warm towel she wipe his face and bring up the chair and uncle looks 10 years younger... The Mei look at Cheryl and said " I can give you the same treatment too". She gave Cheryl another mischevious wink... The end

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