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Cheryl's Facial Shave Part 1 by Kennychristie

It's been about a month since Cheryl took her uncle for his haircut and face shave.. And all this while the images and feeling has been playing inside her head. She can still see clearly how Mei shave her uncle, the merticulate way the barber works on her uncle. And also the last remark before she left the barber shop ..Mei wink at her and asked would she like the same treatment too? It swirl inside her head practically everyday distracting her daily routine and also makes her want to try it more and more.. But female don't shave their faces..It was suppose to be taboo .
Then one day as she was surfing the internet she came across some article on female /women facial shave..It says women in Japan go and get facial shave at barber shop and this new idea intrigue her more and more. So she decided to look more into it and sure enough women do get their faces shave in Japan.. Some do it themselves and some goes for the proffesional shave at barber shops. And some of the barbers are men . She could feel the excitement and intensity . So she made up her mind to give it a try.
So one Sunday morning she decided she must go for a try. Mind made up she drove to China Town and found the barber shop where she took uncle for his haircut and shave. Parked her car and walk to the shop . As she enters the shop she saw Mei still with a customer. An elderly man in his late 70's . Getting his hair cut.. Cheryl thought well this is good as she can sit down and watch before she actually submit herself to the actual shave.. Mei was giving the elderly man a high and tight just as her uncle was getting the last time she was here. Then when Mei wash done cutting the man's hair she shampooed him and then leads him to the sink and then proceed to wash his hair and face . When this is down she leads the man back to the barber chair and whisper to Cheryl . It may take a while. Do you want to wait? Cheryl immediately said yes .. She will wait as secretly deep down inside she loves to watch the shave.
Mei caped the man and went towards the table where all her utensils are and then lathers her shaving brush and then brush it onto the nape and side of the elderly man and then started shaving the man's nape and sideburns till it was sharp and precise. After wiping of the excess shaving soap lather she pull up the head rest and slowly push the man's head backwards so that it rest on the pillow-like rest and then recline the chair and the man followed the recline. Till the chair was in a horizontal position the man was lying on the chair quite simply relax and so enjoyable. Cheryl can't really comprehend what this must feel like. The man's eyes were closed and waiting in anticipation on what might come next. This time Mei use her right hand , soak it in water and started rubbing and massaging the man's cheeks ,chin , vigorously and closely.. Cheryl then ask Mei why she didn't do that to her uncle the last time he was shaved and Mei says it's because her uncle's beard isn't that dense .Not like this man's. This elderly man's beard was very dense and quite thick. It grew right down his neck and all over his cheeks ..So this is the extra step to soften the beard before the actual shave can be perform. Then she went over and lather her shaving brush again till it was all foamy and nice. Now she lathers the man's face. Neck was not miss too. Right up to his temple , chins and cheeks were well covered in lather .. Next the warm towel slowly over the lathered area.
Then the same procedure that Cheryl saw Mei did the last time ..She went to the table and open up the little box and took out a few crumbles of dried water powder and then add some water and again rubbed it on her hand till it was a white paste and applied it over her entire face ..She then as Cheryl whether she want to try some..It was very cooling she said.. On a hot day like this she says Cheryl should try it while she wait. Cheryl ws a little apprehensive but say why not.. So Mei gave her some water powder and teach her how to emulsify it and then ask her to just apply them over her entire face and neck.. She did as told and immediately felt the coolness 0f the product and was pleased she accepted it.. Now both the women's face were white all over like they were wearing some beauty mask.. At this particular time the man just happen to open his eyes and saw the 2 women and closed his eyes back in contentment.
Then Mei lathers the man's fore head and start the shaving process. And Cheryl was no longer shy or inhabited but stand next to Mei as she shaves the man slowly and closely..Then Cheryl ask Mei why does she apply her water powder mask everytime she shaves a customer.. Which is what Mei does assumed Cheryl.. Mei says its a family tradition..her grandmother ,auntie,mother were all women barbers and they did it everytime..So she did it too..Now Mei finished shaving the man's forehead she remove the warm towel from the man's chin and went on to re-lather her shaving brush and lathers the man's face again this time using more pressure so that the beard will be soft and standing when she shaves him.Again the warm towel applied over the lathered area.. Now she slowly tilt the man's nose upwards and Cheryl was surprise to see so much nostril hairs were in there.. Mei says she loves trimming nostrils hairs.. The denser the better laughs Mei.. They both were smiling and Cheryl was dreaming of her treatment on the reclining chair when her turn is up.............................

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