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Cheryl 's facial shave part2 by Kennychristie

After Mei finished shaving her elderly client she raise the barber chair and tap him on his back signaling she is done . He got up paid her and walk out of the barber shop. When the last client has left the shop Cheryl feels both excited and a little scared. The Mei ask Cheryl to step up and have a seat on the old fashion barber chair. Cheryl did as was told and feeling nervous by the minute. After she sat down on the barber chair Mei comes up to her and ask her whether she wants to cut her hair shorter so that she can shave her more close and easier. Cheryl by this time has totally committed herself to Mei and said .. "Whatever you wish to do to me go ahead. I am all yours. " So Mei cape Cheryl and starts to cut her hair and making it real short. She clip and cut her hair till it was high and tight.Cheryl look quite different with her super short hair . High and tight but look beautiful. Now for the shampoo as she ask Cheryl to go to the sink and starts to shampoo her . Then ask her to bend forward and and rinse her hair and wash her face as she has wash her uncle and the elderly man.After wiping her dry she was lead to the barber chair . When she sat on the chair her heart was really pumping and beating with excitement. She went to her utility table and lathers her shaving brush and starts lathering Cheryl's nape and side of her face. she starts shaving Cheryl and Cheryl feels super excited as she has never done this before. After shaving her close and neat she use a warm wet towel to clean Cheryl's nape and side of her face..Slowly she raise the head rest making the all too familiar creaking sound to the level she feels is perfect for Cheryl's head to rest upon.. Slowly she push Cheryl's head back onto the head rest and softly said to Cheryl.. " I am reclining you now. " Slowly she adjust the lever and recline the barber chair reclining Cheryl with it..Cheryl could feel for the first time what it feels like sitting on a barber chair being recline to a horizontal position and waiting to be shave.. The anticipation was really too thrilling and excited to be ignored,, And she was enjoying every moment of this whole new experience. Lying there on the horizontal barber chair Cheryl was super excited and the fact that Mei was deliberately taking this to a whole new slow action makes Cheryl more excited and the anticipation was intense . Mei then lather up her shaving brush and approach Chearyl and started to lather her face.. Having never experience this feeling ever before she just lie there and let Mei do her best. Mei kept lathering the cheeks, chin , neck , and upper lips of Cheryl. What a feeling .. Feeling of bliss and joy flush over Cheryl. Now came the warm towel treatment actually called a barber wrap.. And then the ritual of the water powder.. After she apply the white paste over her entire face she suddenly thought of something.. She came over to Cheryl remover the towel and whisper something into Cheryl's ear.. I think you also need some water powder too.. Water powder on your entire face and lather on for the wet shave.. Then more baby powder and your entire face and a full dry shave.. The I am gonna give you a facial mask to topped it off.. Cheryl replied that she has left everything to Mei to do whatever she wants with her and just wanted to dozed off and enjoy the royal treatment... The end

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