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Japanese super short buzzcut by Baldvenom

(A real haircut story from japan) Ring,ring,ring the alarn bell goes off.Jason woke up from his long deep slumber.While sitting down on his bed with his messy dark black hair,he checked his phone.There was a sms sent by his dad."Gd morning,dad wont be cming home for this 2 days casue i am on an overseas trip.So plz do all the chores assingned to you.Keep the house clean and i have placed ur allowance for this 2 days at ur table.N one more thing.........I placed xtra $20 for u to go get a haircut and if u dont,i wont tell u the password to ur cpu".Also send me a picture of ur new short haircut for me to confirm and dont try to cheat me.Ok take care and gd bye.Love you".

Jason shouted in anger.But he had no choice to go for his haircut as he wants to play his cpu.Then jason tidied his bed and went for a shower.After a few minutes jason came out with his thick black hair all went.He took his towel and dried his hair thoroughly.He wore a plain white tshirt with a black skinny jeans and a gery jacket over.He took his haircut money and left his house.

While on the way,he did not know how to get his haircut short.By the time he reached the salon,it was closed.He decided to head for a barbershop which he hates.Upon searching,He found a old japanese barbershop.The barbershop had a wooden sliding door and the inside was just like the olden times,with a old barber which is bald sitting on the old red barberchair reading a newspaper.The barber notice jason peeping through the shop and invited him to cme over and have a seat.

Jasom was nervous and sat on the barber chair.The barber took out a towel and placed it over his shoulder and took out a red nylon cape while jason took of his hood down and he cape it over him.the barber took out a comb and started combing jason mop.The barber ask if jason came for a trim but jason replied by saying that his father wants a short haircut.The barber suggested him to go for a super short buzzcut.Jason had not had a buzzcut before and the sound of it wanted to make him try it.

He confirm with the barber with his suggestion and the barber started lifting upon his long black hair and snipping it ahort Jason started to have a boner and he was tring to control it.to be continue....

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