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Tommy's having the same by The Barbered1

This story is a follow up to "Simon has it short”, which "Next in the Chair" very kindly wrote as a follow up to my original story. "Short back & sides for a year - then two”, so this is sort of Part 3. This part of the story starts as they arrived home after their haircuts, Simon with his brand new crewcut…….

The laughter continued as they walked the short distance home, but gradually, it got quieter as they reached the front of the house, and walked up towards the front door. Tommy pretty well knew what they were going to say to him, but for Simon, it was a case of how were they going to react? They had been someone surprised at when he had said to them that he thought Tommy's short hair looked good, and had decided to get his cut short as well, and then saying that if short hair's good enough for Tommy, it's good enough for him, but how would they react to this fresh new crewcut he had? They went in the front door, and Tommy went on in into the sitting room first, where their Mum and Dad were in, watching TV. Simon heard them say to him, "Yeah, OK, that'll do” before then asking "Where's your brother then?” Simon walked in. Simultaneously, their jaws dropped, and Tommy quietly chuckled. "Simon, what have you done?, Why have you had it like that?”… his Mum asked, looking rather shocked. "Because I like it. Great isn't it?” he answered excitedly. "Well, yes… if you like it” his Mum replied slowly, looking a mixture of shocked and confused. "It's brilliant” Simon declared.
As they walked to school, Simon prepared to face that music, but actually, he needn't have worried. On re-iterating what he'd said on the Friday, that he was sick of having long hair and saying it was great it'd all come off that night, a few did say at the start, he's mad, but many actually said, "Hey….” and ended up running their hands through the bristly hair on the top of his head and liking it.
Anyway, those few weeks passed by and it came round to the next haircut. They entered the shop again. With no other customers in there, Tommy walked straight to the chair and sat down and once again, Mr Morgan soon had him covered in that white pinstriped cape with a neck tissue securely in place. In a way, he was hoping, after what Simon had done the previous time, that Mr Morgan would ask him how it wanted it, but clearly, under strict instructions from his Mum and Dad, he proceeded to, as before, click the attachment on to the clippers, push Tommy's head forward, so he was bowed down, and once again, the clippers mowed through his hair all up the back of his head. Before he knew it, each of his ears were being held down, and Mr Morgan then trimmed neatly around them and finishing off by tapering gently up the back of his neck. For the third month running, he had his regular short back and sides. He was ready to leave, when Simon said "Hey, my turn”, and sat in the chair. "Same as before please” he declared. He looked at Tommy and grinned. "Yep, I want to keep it like this”. Tommy look shocked.
The white pinstriped cape was shrouded over him, and the tissue wrapped tightly round his neck, before clipped into place. Simon, once again stared at his reflection for a moment. Last time, he was looking at himself with long hair - this time, eyeing Tommy in the mirror, he grinned. Before any time, Simon had a number 2 all over short crewcut once again.
Outside, Tommy said to his brother "Didn't think you were going to do that again?” "Oh yeah, (Simon replied) it's good like this”. He looked at Tommy and grinned, but could see in his eyes that he really wished he could have his hair, crewcut, like his big brother's. They walked home and on getting there, it was the same "Yeah, OK, that will do” for Tommy, and for Simon, it was "You've got it like that again!”, to which Simon replied "Oh yes, definitely!”
Another month passed, and it was the Thursday evening before, and they were sitting having their tea. They had been talking generally, when inevitably, as a subtle hint, their Mum said "Are you going to get your hair cut again soon, Tommy, (saying this time) since you keep it short now?”. He started to speak, but Simon stepped in. Knowing that they were still oblivious to Tommy's punishment, and said, "He's coming with me tomorrow. He's decided he wants to have his the same as mine, don't you Tom?” Tommy looked him rather shocked, thought for a second, and said "Yeah, I like it!!” Mum and Dad exchanged glances. They thought for a moment. He maybe on punishment, but It was still a haircut after all, so Dad responded, "Well, if that's what you really want?” Without them noticing, Simon grinned a little at Tommy.
Outside, afterwards, Tommy said to Simon "Why did you say that?”. "Come on (Simon replied), I saw your face and could see in your eyes the last time we had it cut, you really wished you could have had your hair cut like mine”. Tommy blushed, thought for a moment, before saying "Yes, I did actually”. "Well, now, you can” he replied.
The next day, they entered Mr Morgans. "Hello boys” he greeted them. This time, Simon took the initiative and jumped in the chair. "Same again please!”. In no time at all, he was getting up with another freshly cut Grade 2.
"OK Tommy, your turn”. He got up and walked to the chair and sat down. As Mr Morgan was covering him in the white pinstriped cape and added the neck tissue securely in place, and before Tommy or Mr Morgan could say anything, Simon piped up "Tommy's having the same as mine this time”. Mr Morgan glanced at Tommy, who after a brief hesitation, nodded. "Are you sure, and are your Mum and Dad alright with this?”. "They're fine with it (Simon piped up again). We all talked about it last night, didn't we Tom?”. "Yes” Tommy replied. "OK” Mr Morgan said.
Following his previous short back and sides, Tommy's hair wasn't that long, having just grown out a little bit. Mr Morgan, holding the clippers, this time with a number 2 attachment on, switched them on, and with a click, they came to life with that same buzzing noise that Simon had just heard. Mr Morgan placed the clippers in the middle of Tommy's forehead and, as he had done with Simon, pushed them backwards, mowing a path all the way back to the crown of his head. Bits of short hair drifted up into the air, before slowly and silently settling on the white cape in front of him. Mr Morgan continued to make pass after pass with the clippers, front to back, until all of the hair on the top of Tommy's head was the same uniform short length as Simon's. Mr Morgan then placed his hand on the top of Simon's head and gently but firmly pushed it forward until his chin was almost resting on the cape and held it there until the clippers had passed several times up the back of his head and removed the remaining hair. This time, it was Simon looking on as Tommy had his head bowed for the clippers. Before he knew it, the boy in the mirror staring back at Tommy had the same number 2 all over short crewcut as his elder brother.
Mr Morgan, then to finish off, clipped around the edges, around the ears and back, to leave a sharp outline, before releasing the cape at the back and removing the tissue from around Tommy's neck. He then picked up a hand mirror and showed Tommy the back of his head. "There you go, son. Just like your brothers. What do you think?” he said. Tommy thought for a moment. "Do you know what (he suddenly declared), I really like it, thank you”. Mr Morgan then said "Don't forget though, you're booked in for every month” "We'll be here!!” they both said simultaneously. They all laughed.
The first time Simon was getting his haircut at Mr Morgans, Tommy watched on with a mixture of horror, guilt and admiration for what his brother was doing for him. This second time, both sporting grade 2 crewcuts, Tommy again (without him noticing) looked at him, this time, just with admiration for what his brother had done for him, and said "Thanks Si”

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