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Joe's First Barber Haircut - Pt 2 by HairBarberGuy

After 5 minutes the pair arrived at the shop - which had its blinds pulled down and the door was shut and locked behind them by Matt's mate Will. Matt said to Joe "I am going to go first sit in the waiting area and watch - try not to get too excited" as Matt was robed and the discussion about what sort of haircut Matt wanted went on, Joe started to get hard. Once the clippers started on Matt's hair he started to release pre cum and then he could hold on no longer and Joe started jacking off to Matt's haircut - Matt looked over and said "Your a horny boy - that sight will look so much better once we get your hair sorted out" to that Matt and Will laughed and talked about what to do to his hair.

Before long Matt's cut was over and it was then Joe's turn - he was absolutely filled with nerves but also excitement. Matt said "Hurry up and get in the chair boy, I am so looking forward to this" Will then said I don't know its even worth a cape and so Matt then said "Very well- Joe your having this one naked" and Matt then pulled off Joe's clothes and Will then said - we best tie him up as we don't want him running mid way and then Will grabbed some rope and tied him to the chair - this was it thought Joe - he was trapped.

Will then looked to Matt and asked the dreaded "and what will your boy be wanting today?" and to that he said "Can you give him the haircut that most of the 18-20 yo's walking into your shop have been asking for? That would be the Pompadour then - said Matt.

Joe looked as white as a sheet as Will readied the clippers before Matt then stripped out of his suit to his boxers and said to Will, I am going to work on his downstairs while you give him the haircut. Matt said to Joe while I work on you feel my hair - like a man should have it.

With that the Clippers started up and went straight through his hair leading to a clump of his black hair tumbling down his body and ending up on Matt's back as he worked on Joe's downstairs.

Joe was secretly in his element - in his ideal fetish scenario - being used by a guy and having his haircut under control.....

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