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Just Like Me by Recruit

An associate of mine Trevor and I recently returned
from South America on a business trip. Our company
was establishing a field office in Caracas,Venezuela.
The company arranged our airfare and a condo for the
three months we would be there. On our arrival
everything was to our liking and the refrig was
stocked with food and cold beer. Neither, of us were
drinkers but were glad to have it if we so desired. We
managed to take in the sights on the days we finished
early. The one thing that really got to us was the
heat and humidity. The days were near 90 or better
almost every day and very hot and humid. I was glad in
my choice of hairstyle or should I say lack of hair.
For I have shaved my head for the past eight years
since I began to lose it. Trevor on the other hand had
thick red hair almost to his shoulders. So, I was not
surprised when he decided to get a shorter haircut. At
times he commented on how cool I seemed to be with my
shaven head. I told him it was cool and easy to
maintain. One day after work Trevor went out to get
his haircut. I asked if he wanted me to go with him,
since I am more fluent in Spanish than he. No he
assured he would be fine. On his return I waas almost
speechless. For there was Trevor as bald as me-no
balder than I.For there was not even a hint of stubble
on his head. When I asked him how come so bald. Trevor
tearfully told me what happened. The barber spoke
little English and did not comprehend what Trevor was
telling him. The barber himself was completely bald.
Trevor tried to tell him short-a buzz not bald. The
barber buzzed Trevor`s hair off. Then proceeded to put
a lather on his head. At that point Trevor reluctantly
resigned himself to having his head shaved.Before he
knew it Trevor was bald. He was shocked by his now
bald head. Paying the barber he left. I told him it
was a shock to see him bald, however it would grow
into a buzz in no time. Over the course of the next
few weeks his hair began to grow back. In the meantime
like me he had developed a good tan with his now grown
in buzz. Trevor awoke early one morning and took a
shower. I was preparing breakfast. When he came out he
took me by surprise. Trevor had shaved his head again.
He admitted he had come to like the bald look. Over
the course of the next several weeks he shaved his
head daily. WE returned home , after getting the
field office running. Everybody was in shock to see
Trevor with a bald head. Eventually, a couple of those
with mpb decided to shave theirs. Trevor now is
committed to keeping his head shaved. It really is a
great look for him.

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