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My First new cut by marscay1

I had been told by my partner to get a short new haircut ,before he would sleep with me again We have been together for 6 mouths and things have been going alright, he picked me up from work and we both went to a local Barbers shop , it was only a single chair operation, it was late in the afternoon and we were the last customer for the day, the Barber locked the door and closed the Blinds before turning the chair and telling me to get into the chair, my partner led me to the chair and I sat down , my partner told me not to speak to the Barber, they just whispered in the corner and seemed to agree on my style and what was going to happen to me, returning from there conversation my partner used two straps to tie my wrists to the armrests of the chair, he then kissed me on the cheek and I felt helpless, what was going to happen to me?, I did not have to wait long to find out my fate, the Barber started with his old fashioned clippers ,pushing and holding my head onto my chest with a strong hand so I could not move, the barber quickly had the back and sides done ,then shaved with his cut throat razor a circular line around above my ears, this was done without lather just shaving to the skin, the barbers attention and focus was the mop on top of my head, he puled it all forward and again clipped it to a short crew cut length, I felt like a new person!!!!,the Barber finished me ,then my partner told me to stand next to the chair while he had his hair cut, I did what I was told to do ,and to my amazement my partner had his haircut exactly the same as mine, we left the Barbers shop that day very much together and I knew He Cared

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