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Bootcamp by Paul

Dylan – or as he preferred to call himself the-boy-with-the-hair – checked the mirror one final time. Being so awful vain he could spend hours and hours before the ground-to-ceiling mirror who showed his pride and glory in all its might.
The incredible blond mane flowing from the top of his head down over the shoulders on to the elbows and right down to his lovely ass. All his body covered in an enormous blond carpet of thick shining hair.
He rubbed the big bulge in his pants. Admiring his own crowning glory had that effect on him every time. He could wank his dick ten times a day just by the thought, feeling or reflection in a shop window or mirror of his awesome mane.
He quickly dressed in his very tight black leather pants (no underwear!), white shirt and black leather boots. He grabbed his black leather jacket. The contrast of his enormous blond mane on the back of the black leather jacket make his fabulous mane look even more amazing.
But he was getting late. As usual caring for that unbelievable mane had taken hours. Washing it, drying it, brushing it and admiring it had made time run away from him.
The boy-with-the-hair ran down the stairs his amazing mane flying all around him and caping him in blond hair. He had planned to take the bus to the party but realized that he wouldn’t make it in time that way.
So he sneaked to the table drawer in the hall and grabbed a spare pair of car keys. And then headed for the garage.
Although 21 of age Dylan had no driver’s license. From time to time his father had allowed him to make a small drive in his car in a deserted road in the countryside. But Dylan had never been driving in the streets of Chicago!
He opened the door, gathered all that unbelievable blond hair and lifted it up so he didn’t sit on it – and threw it behind him. The back of the driver’s seat was completely covered with overlong thick blond hair all the way to the floor of the car!
Dylan turned on the engine and backed the car out of the garage. His parents were away for the weekend and wouldn’t find out about the car he thought to himself.
Dylan drove into the street and made his way. All horny thinking of his fabulous look – all black and all blond!! He was sure to raise everybody’s attention at the party – and get a nice guy to take good care of his amazing mane all night!! As had been the case so often.
Dylan got so horny thinking about himself and how sexy and attractive he looked in all that leather and all that extremely long and sexy blond hair that he didn’t notice that he broke the speed limit. He went on dreaming of himself and how wonderful his long long blonde mane was. He was ever so proud of it and it occupied all his time and mind.
Just then he was called back to reality as he saw blinking lights in the rearview mirror and heard the alarm of a police car.
OHHHH no s**t he thought to himself instantly noting the speedometer and speed limit. S**T! Now he would be even later at the party.
He drove into the side of the road and stopped the car. A policeman came up to him.
Dylan rolled down the window.
“Good evening officer”
“Evening son. You broke the speed limit. Let me see your driver’s license”.
Dylan turned all red in his face. Meanwhile the police officer noticed what was hanging behind the boy – a carpet of thick blond hair covering the whole of the back of the driver’s seat all the way to the floor!
The police officer first didn’t believe his eyes but then he called on the other officer: “Hey Bill come and watch this. You won’t believe it”!
Dylan already all read in his face blushed even more realizing that the police officer was talking about his amazing mane.
He decided to try to take advantage of their apparent interest in his long long hair to divert their attention from the missing driver’s license.
So Dylan opened the door and stepped out of the car – dragging all that wonderful overlong hair behind him like a cape.
The other police officer had come up to the car – and both officers now watched with extreme disbelief the sight of a guy dressed in black leather and covered completely to his ass in thick blond hair!
Dylan smiled at the officers. They just stood lame and numb.
“Officers I regret I’ve forgotten my license at home. Please excuse me”. The boy-with-the-hair smiled his adoring smile to the officers and made a throw with his head sending cascades of long blond hair around him and touching the two officers.
The officers finally regained their senses.
“Son, we will have to check that. Give us your personal information”. Dylan did so and one of the officers went to the police car and called the station to check the information.
A minute later he came back to Dylan’s car.
“Son we have a problem. You do not have a driver’s license. And you have broken the speed limit. Further this car doesn’t belong to you. You are under arrest. Pls follow me son. We take you to the station.”
Dylan tried to throw with his fantastic hair to distract the officers and tried to explain. But to no avail. They pushed him to the police car and into the backseat. As the closed the door, his overlong blond hair got caught in the door!!! Dylan cried of pain and blushed of shame.
The officer opened the door and pulled the long girly hair inside.
“Better look out for this this this…. Well hair son” he said in a tone of voice which couldn’t hide his contempt of the hair monster beside him.
They arrived at the police station and everybody turned their heads and laughed and made comments as the overlonghaired boy was led to the detention area.
“Now you wait here son for the judge” they said and locked him up in a prison cell.
“BUT listen dude. Stop. This is all wrong. I haven’t got a lawyer. And not done something grave enough to justify this treatment. Let me out. I want to talk to my parents and my lawyer”.
But the longhaired guy in his black leather dress called out in vain. Nobody paid any attention to him.
The hours went by and Dylan got more and more nervous. Nobody knew where he were. His parent wouldn.t be back until Monday. Would he be left here until then? And what about his hair? He desperately needed a hairbrush to caress for his precious locks. He brushed his mane every second hour so it always looked shining and impressive and beautiful. Now he hadn’t brushed it for hours.
Then the door opened and to officers opened the cell and grabbed him by the arms.
“Where are you taking me?” Dylan cried in fear.
“Easy son. You will be brought before the judge now”.
Dylan was led to a court room and stood right in front of a judge.
“Son, you have commited several grave offences. Driving without a driver’s license, in a car that does not belong to you and broken the speed limit. Apart from that your looks is a disturbance to the public order”.
“But your honour..”
“SILENCE in my courtroom”
“You will remain silent as a pass you my verdict”.
Dylan couldn’t believe that this was really happening to him.
“For the grave offences you have committed I sentence you to serve ½ a year in bootcamp. That will teach you some good manners and to adapt to normal society. The execution of your punishment will start immediately”.
Dylan tried to protest, but was quickly led out of the room.
His legs felt like gel and he was dizzy and at the point of fainting.
He was led to a prisoners transportation car and locked in a small cell. And the car left the police station.
The prison transportation car stopped and Dylan was taken out of his cell and onto the ground.
He was with 10 other young guys all looking like hard core criminals. Big muscles, bald or sandpaper heads. Jeans, boots and T-shirts.
Only Dylan with his black leather outfit and long long blond hair was sticking out.
All the other guys looked at him and laughed.
“Hey guys look Rapunzel is here”
“Thought this was a bootcamp for guys”
“Hey sweetie come here with that long hair and clean my ass”
“Get a haircut – looks disgusting”
The guards laughed and then asked for silence
The guys were led into the bootcamp.
First they went to the clothing depot and got their prison uniform.
Then on to the doctor for examination.
And last – but in no way least – to the barber!!!
Dylan didn’t know what was waiting him until he saw the big sign over the door that led into the barber: “BARBER”.
“Oh no. No f***ing way dudes. I’m NOT going in there” he uttered in desperation.
“No f***ing barber is coming near my mane. My f***ing awesome mane. Has taken me more than 6 years to grow. Ain’t going anywhere near that room”.
The other guys laughed their guts out at the sight of the horrified boy with his over over long blonde hair reaching all the way down to his ass and covering his body in a carpet of blond hair.
“Hey sissy boy afraid of a little haircut”
“You first Mam!”
“All that long blond hair will look beautiful – on the floor!!!””
“F*** you dudes. No one’s gonna touch this f***ing awesome mane”.
But the poor skinny guy had no force to put behind his words.
Two VERY big prison guards grabbed him by the arms and let him into the room.
As Dylan saw what was inside, he practically fainted in their arms!
The room had three oldfashioned barber chairs with red leather seats. All the walls very covered with mirrors. And in each chair sat a victim in the process of getting the only haircut the three barbers in white jackets offered – Oster 76 Blade000!!!!
The three guys in the chairs were caped in enormous black and white striped capes. Their heads were moved backwards and the barbers moved the Osters over their heads sending TONS of hair to the floor. Which was already covered in cut hair.
The three guys were soon shorn and led out of the chair.
“NEXT” called the barbers.
And three new guys hesitantly entered the chairs. Neckstrips were applied and the enormous cape. And the clippers turned on!!
A firm grip on each of the heads and the experienced barbers who were all their 50’s ran the clippers fast and efficiently over the poor guys heads sending new amounts of hair to the huge piles already under the chairs.
When the guys were skinned, the barbers called again: “NEXT!”.
Dylan felt a hard push in the back and tumbled towards one of the chairs.
All the guys and the prison guards laughed.
A very angry looking barber looked at Dylan.
“My God. Looked what the cat dragged in. I didn’t know that this was a female bootcamp. Get your ass into the chair Miss – FAST!”.
Dylan was all dizzy and paralyzed by fear. He couldn’t move.
“Didn’t you hear me Miss. All that long s**t hiding your ears prevent you from listening! Get your ass into that chair NOW!”.
Dylan looked in horror at the oldfashioned barber chair in front of him.
It all had happened so fast. He couldn’t believe he found himself in this situation.
Finally he spoke: “Look this is all a dreadfull misunderstanding. My dad can explain everything. Call him and he will tell you.
“No more talking Miss. Since your father didn’t manage to get you to the barber all these years he hardly can be expected to explain anything. Enough talking Miss. Haven’t got all day. Now get that ass into my chair NOW!”.
The two very big prison guards had been watching all the time and now moved towards Dyland and grabbed him by the arms. They lifted the poor skinny guy up in the air and placed him firmly in the chair.
Before he could react the barber had caped him tightly and he couldn’t move.
With now further delay the barber started to pull out all of the long long thick blond hair from under the cape in the back.
Extremely long strands of thick blond hair began to stream down the back of the chair to the end of the seat.
When all the hair had been pulled out the whole back was covered in an enormous blond carpet of hair.
The barber looked with disgust at all that long long hair.
“Never in my life I have seen anything the like. What a filthy disgusting ugly mop. I will make you a real man in seconds!”
The barber tried to brush out Dylan’s amazing mane of overlong blond hair but soon gave up.
“Leave that long s**t alone.!”
And then he reached for the clippers and turned them on.
“Now watch carefully Miss how my well oiled and warmed up Oster76 takes you from girl to man in a matter of seconds!”
And with no further delay the barber grabbed Dylans head with a firm grip and moved ir backwards. He kept his firm grip on the longhair’s head and with the other hand he moved the Oster76 Blade000 to Dylan’s forehead.
“Ever had bangs Miss?” he smiled as he moved the clippers up into Dylan’s frontal hair.
TONS of thick blond hair started to fall as the barber moved the clippers slowly backwards over Dylands head.
Unbelievable amount of beautiful blond hair raised to the floor. The barber moved the clippers right down the middle of Dylan’s head leaving only sandpaper behind.
Extreme amounts of thick blond hair piled up under the chair.
The barber moved the clippers to the front again placed them at Dylan’s forehead and repeated the move.
New TONS of blond hair fell to the floor.
Dylan cried in the chair. He couldn’t move as the barber plowed all of his wonderfull long blond hair of.
The barber then pushed Dylan’s head forward and moved the clippers from the bottom of his neck to the top sending unbelievable amounts of blond hair to the already very huge pile of blond hair on the floor.
The barber held Dylan’s head in a firm grip as he moved the clippers all over his head leaving him with nothing but sandpaper.
As he finished he let go of Dylan’s head.
“Now son you look like a real man. No more sissy princess hair to the ass. A nice clean sharp sexy haircut. You keep it that way boy. That will keep you out of trouble”.
The barber removed the huge cape and let all the long strands of blond hair on it join the rest on the floor.
“Boy – we need sweeping here. Don’t want to move around in all that long disgusting filthy s**t.”
Dylan was forced to sweep up all of his precious cut blond hair and leave it in the dust ban.
When Dylan’s parents found out about his imprisonment they hired a very expensive lawyer who soon got Dylan out of jail.
As the boy entered his home both his father and mother couldn’t believe their eyes. Instead of the sissy boy with overlong asslength blonde tresses that had left the house they now had a real young clean sharp looking boy.
They both were so pleased….

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