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American Flat Top by Stillclippered

I'm from the UK but worked in Boston for 3 months a few years ago.
I decided I wanted to experience a real American flat top. At that time I was unaware of all the terminology and told the barber "just give me a real flat top" and wow he certainly did!
My 3 inch long hair soon hit the floor as the sides and back were shaved to stubble , after about 20 minutes of shaping and clippering I thought it looked perfect, the sides clippered super short and the top poker straight about 3/4 inch long.
Then he really got to work, a landing strip left white scalp, with tiny bristles, a 1/8th horseshoe followed with a 1/2 inch front bumper then shaving foam all round and razor white walled to skin!
It only cost 6 dollars and although I felt self conscious at first but I had a beer in a local bar and nobody batted an eyelid although I couldn't stop touching the smooth back of my head.

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