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Mother – I've caught yet another one by Thebarbered1

This is a continuation from my original story, "Yes, mother – I've caught another one". I'm taking up Kaleb's and Alex's idea about a shorter cut and a face shave.

The next day after his haircut, David was walking down the same street as he had yesterday when he got caught. It was a very narrow street, not much more than a footpath really. As he approached the shop, despite feeling safe this time - surely couldn't happen again?, he still walked on other side. As he approached the shop, he couldn't help but notice a young man, in his mid 20s or so, slowing walking towards it. He looked unshaven and his hair looked, not that long, but rather dishevelled. He was clearly an easy prey for them. As he glanced across, he also noticed that same startlingly pretty girl, standing at the door, looking towards this what was clearly to be their new victim, about to be caught. She caught a glimpse of David in the corner of her eye as he approached, and a smile twinkled on her face. She had already noticed David there, and smiled at him, this time, less mockingly, and more of admiration. David smiled back.
David knew what was coming for this guy, and couldn't help imagining how he was going to look as he emerged from the shop again. Was he going to have the same very short cut he had? He was intrigued, and couldn't resist waiting to see what happened. Opposite the shop, there was a small clearing with a tree and bench. He sat down. Amazingly, it was at the perfect angle, to allow him see right inside the shop, and clearly to where the chair was, that he was sitting in only yesterday. Being such a narrow, quiet street, he could also just about make out what was being said.. The scene was set.
Clearly, this new victim was also being taken by this amazing girl. He couldn't take his eyes off the window, gazing at her. As he approached the door, the girl appeared at the door, still smiling enticingly at him. Not noticing David sitting there, he paused, looking very unsure what to do next. She said to him seductively "hello there, why don't you come in?” and took his arm gently with her hand and as she had done with David, and drew him inside. He was then lead towards that imposing figure of the chair which dominated the interior.
David watched on at what was happening, thinking to himself "Yesterday, that was me”.
He allowed himself then to be coaxed into that chair. Looking extremely nervous, he looked at himself in the large mirror front of him. He must have been having the same thoughts as David had, as he grinned slightly. David also noticed him look towards where she had gone, as she disappeared from view for a moment. Suddenly, she reappeared, with that large black cape. From where he was sitting, and this time seeing it being put on someone else, he could see now how substantial it was. Before closing it, she tucked a tissue around the back of his neck. He saw the strap at the back of it, as she then buckled it firmly behind him. He had a look of shock on his face at this. The girl turned away once more and then returned with the second cape. It was white in colour, with narrow blue pinstripes. With a flourish, she covered him - and the black cape underneath, and snapped it together, three times, one after the other. By now, he was really looking worried.
Standing behind him, she looked at him in the mirror in front of them and said "I'll be back in a moment", before once again, disappearing from view. disappeared into the back of the shop. David could seem him, gazing at himself in the mirror.
The young girl came back into view and looked at him in the mirror and blew him a kiss – and then, once again, disappeared from view. He looked very confused, and was clearly thinking what David had thought yesterday, that this isn't what normally happens when you have a haircut. He gazed at himself in the mirror once again, before, after a few moments, a door to the side opened and a second person entered .
It was that same imposing figure that had cut David's hair. "Is he ready?", she asked.
The guy's mouth was about to move, but the voice of the young girl, who was out of view, piped up. "Yes, mother – I've caught another one". She then said "By the way, look…” The woman glanced across and saw David sitting there. She grinned and waved. David had forgiven them now, and had got used to his short haircut. He waved back and also grinned. The guy in the chair glanced round also, and got his first glimpse of David. He looked rather worried again.
The mother then put her hands on his head and turned it straight ahead again. She retrieved a comb from the shelf in front of David and began to drag it firmly through his hair. She was almost sneering at the length of it, as she did to David "I don't want much off. Just tidied up a bit please", he said to her in a rather shaky, nervous voice.
She responded with a sharp and robust "Head down”. He bowed his head forward. She placed her hand to the back of his head, and pushed it forward. His chin was touching the material of the cape. A harsh buzzing noise behind him broke the silence and she pushed her against the base of his neck. He tried to look up, but once again, his head was pushed back down. "Keep your head still!" she called out.
As she passed the clippers up the back of his neck – and bits of hair began to drift down noiselessly on to the floor around him. "Please don't cut it too short" he asked in a panicked voice. But the only effect of these words seemed to be an increase in the speed of the clippers. Again and again, they vigorously ploughed their deep furrow across his scalp, yet more hair falling to the floor.
The clippers went silent for a moment. David could see her change the attachment on the clippers. The guy tried to look up, but before he could, the woman positioned his head roughly to one side. The clippers burst back into life once more, and the blades started to eat into the hair on the right side of his head. Once more, little mercy was shown as the hair was peeled rapidly and efficiently from his head.
His head was then yanked over to lean the other way and the process was repeated on the left side of his head. At this point, David did hear the soft sound of the young girl chuckling - he was not mistaken this time.
Once more, the clippers were switched off and his head brought sharply upright. He glanced quickly in the mirror in front of him and looked shocked. She began to vigorously sweep across his head, bits of his recently cut hair being flung into the air before drifting to the floor. After a few moments of this harsh brushing the woman picked up a comb and dipped the fingers of her other hand into that pot of "Royal Crown Pomade”. With a large dollop in her fingers, began to liberally coat it on his now, also short hair.
Nodding approval, she then began to comb through his hair, smoothing it flat against his head. She also carved the side parting into his hair while sweeping the rest towards the back of his head. By the time that she had finished her handiwork with the comb, he looked much as David had done yesterday - about 20 years younger, and if he'd just stepped the 1940s.
At that moment, the two young girls that had entered the shop yesterday, appeared around the corner. As they approached, they noticed David there, now also drinking a can of Coca-Cola, and giggled. David smiled and called out "hiya!!”. Their giggles turned to one of smiles and looks of admiration. "Hi”, they both called back. They entered the shop, and disappeared out of view, in the direction of where the other girl was sitting.
The barber greeted them, before turning back , and returning the comb back down on the shelf and inspected the results of her work. Satisfied that she had achieved the desired result, she started to brush the pieces of hair from his shoulder and around his neck, and started to remove the top cape, and undo the buckle on the underneath cape.
He obviously thought as David had done at this point, and gestured to climb out of the chair, but a heavy hand on his shoulder firmly held him in the chair. "Not yet", the woman said to him. He was clearly unsure what was happening now. She removed the tissue from around the back of his neck, but then proceeded to replace it with a fresh one. Once again, she buckled and snapped the capes back into place. She leaned forward to pick up that canister of shaving foam and shook it vigorously. She then squirted some its contents into her hand and started to spread the white foam along his hairline over his ears, and then across the back of his neck. He looked worried as she started to spread the cream up the sides of his head and higher up the nape of his neck. The barber wiped her hands briskly on a small towel and went and picked up that old fashioned cut-throat razor from a leather case on the shelf, and held it up in front of him.
His head was once more pushed firmly over to one side and then his ear was held down as she started to work the razor along his hairline. She worked rapidly with the sharp blade stripping away the short hairs left by the clippers. David could see him trying to lean away from the blade, but as with him yesterday, her grasp was too strong. After a few moments work, his head was released, but almost immediately, the barberette twisted his head over to other side and around his left ear got the same treatment.. Once again the razor did its work and another broad white strip was carved across the side of his head on the other side. His head was released once more, and while she wiped the blade clean, David could see the shocked look on his face, examining in the mirror, the matching strips exposing his skin above both of his ears. David could also make out the sound of the girls giggling, and imagined this guy hoping, as he did, the floor would open up so he could be freed from this horrendous experience.
Once again, his head was now forced forwards again and the razor was forced across his nape. He could almost make out the noise of its scraping blade against the continuing high-pitched giggles emanating from the young females, out of view but having clearly enjoying his guy's embarrassment, as much as they had his.
Even David thought it was over then, but no. The barberette looked straight at the guy and shook her head. "You need a shave don't you?” she declared. Before he could say anything, she pressed the pedal on the chair and that back slowly went back, so he was laying at 45°. She produced a white towel across the front of him and once again, leaned forward to pick up that canister of shaving foam and shook it vigorously. She then squirted some its contents into her hand and this time started to spread the white foam over his chin and jaw and under his nose. Once again, with that cut throat razor, complete with brand new blade installed, and with that scraping noise, cleaned his face up with a fresh new shave. While she did it, he kept deadly still. Finally, she wiped the razor clean, put it down, picked up a towel and wiped him clean. She then picked up a small bottle, of what David assumed was lotion, and patted it around his face. He winced as her hands touched his face.
Finally, the capes were unsnapped, unbuckled and removed, and he was brushed down. As he lifted himself from the chair, he glanced once again in the mirror, and looked stunned. He momentarily disappeared from view, David suspected, for him to make payment. Then, still hearing the girls giggling, he emerged and stepped outside the shop.
As he left, David decided it was time to break the ice with him. He called over to the guy and gestured him over. As soon as he looked up and saw David, his demeanour suddenly came more relaxed, realising that David had received the same treatment. "So, they caught you out as well then?” David said to him. He blushed, before saying bewilderedly "Yes…. What's hit me?”. David said "Hey, fancy going for a drink?”. "Yh, why not?” he replied. The walked off, receiving glances from other people passing.
While chatting in the bar later, it turned out this guy's name was Adam and they became good friends. In time, much to their surprise, they decided "It was an intimidating experience, but hey, the haircut's actually quite good actually”. They dared each other to go back there sometime?....... But how would the girl and the barberette there react to them returning? In the meantime, they decided they would walk past there a couple of days later – just to have a sneaky look. On the way, they noticed a couple of others walking the other way, with very short haircuts like theirs – also having clearly been caught out by of the girl and the barberette. As they actually got there and walked past……. yes, there was another victim in the chair, and with his head bowed forward.

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