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Ben and the Anders Men by CleanCut

Ben and the Anders Men

Ben Cooper and His mother had just moved into a new Neighborhood. It was a nice two bedroom house in a better neighborhood in town.
They had decided to move to Kansas to be closer to his mother's family and to give Ben a change of pace from city life. It was just him and his mother, which was perfectly fine it had been that way for a while.His father had died suddenly when he was six and he had grown up normally but there are somethings that only a man can teach you. Ben had done pretty well in elementary school and in middle school.Making A's and B's mostly. He had played baseball and soccer in elementary school but didn't continue it in middle school after breaking his leg before tryouts.He was relatively happy but after he quit sports he ended up spending a lot of time hanging around the house doing nothing. He would go outside and play pick up games with neighborhood kids.He stayed relatively active because he enjoyed the activity and camaraderie sports provided but he just didn't feel like it doing school sports anymore after breaking his arm. During his middle school years of complacency he began to hang around the house just watching t.v and he got complacent about his appearance. He had thick dark brown hair with blonder sun streaks from being outside so much and green eyes. His mother had cut his hair since he was little and she did not own a pair of clippers. It was down past his collar at the back and down to the top of his eyes in the front and don't even think about seeing his ears. He always had wondered what a short haircut would feel like, but never made any actions toward it. It would suit his strong jaw line and roman nose that he inherited from his father, who had served as a policeman before he died. Also typical of a boy just entering high school he had begun to grown facial hair.
Right now it was a little patchy but showed promise of being thick and dark. They had moved in a week before Ben had to go to school and it was while they were moving in that ben met the people that would change his life.

The Anders. Sheriff Anders, His wife Lilly and their two boys lived right next to Ben and his Mother. While Ben and His mother were moving in Sheriff Anders cam over to say Hello. Ben shook his hand and saw for the first time in his life a flattop haircut, and this one was perfect. Sheriff Anders was a strong man around 45 with broad shoulders, who was still wearing his starched tan sheriffs uniform from work. He held his broad sheriff's hat under his arm and pulled off his aviators with his other hand revealing his green eyes. His hair was a dark chestnut brown and was shaved on the sides and on the landing strip. His skin was tan from being outside and the scalp was shiny, the sheriff's landing strip blinded Ben several times.The rest of his hair was perfectly tapered into a horseshoe shape. All of his hair was shiny from hair wax and under half an inch tall. It didn't move even a hairs breath the whole time the sheriff talked to them. The Sheriff told Mrs. Cooper that he could help her enroll Ben at the high school both his boys went to. It was a nicer high school in the county with a good athletics program and many AP courses. Mrs. Cooper gladly accepted his help. Sheriff Anders even offered to drop Ben off at school in the morning before he went to work, like he did with his two boys. She then asked Ben if that would be okay. Ben readily agreed, he was eager to spend more time with the Sheriff, he had never met anyone like him before. The sheriff then turned to Ben and told him that he would see him at 7:30 on Monday. He then asked Ben how old he was, to which he replied he was going to be a freshman. The sheriff Laughed and said that was perfect since he had a two sons, one was a senior and the other was the same age as Ben. Ben smiled too, hopefully he would at least have one friend in his grade. He also wondered if they were anything at all like their dad, especially when it came to hair. The sheriff then asked Ben whether or not he played any sports, to which he replied baseball and soccer. The sheriff said that both he sons played baseball and that his eldest was the captain of the varsity baseball team. He told Ben that tryouts were on Thursday if he wanted to join the baseball team. Ben told him he would strongly think about it. The sheriff nodded. He then said that if he wanted to go tryouts he should knock on the Ander's door at 10 o clock Thursday morning. With that the Sheriff put his aviators on and turned around. Ben liked the way the sheriffs butt looked in his fitted tan uniform as he walked away. It was much different than the baggy clothes he wore everyday. He also like the black boots the sheriff wore. He looked down at his dirty sneakers.

He was definitly going to baseball tryouts on thursday, he needed to be around the Anders more.

When Ben told his mother than night his plans to go to baseball tryouts, she was secretly overjoyed.She had noticed ben was in slump these last few years, so she decided to move to kansas. This wide open country and classic american town was definitly what Ben needed, and the Anders definitly would provide some testosterone he desperately needed. That whole week Ben restlessly waited for baseball tryouts. He began working out more during his free time and practiced throwing and catching balls. He was already pretty fit but this his muscles really show, and his six pack was coming along nicely. All the while he was practicing his hair kept sticking to his forehead and getting in his eyes. Thursday came and Ben was ready to go. He put on his old sneakers a pair of black gym shorts and a plain red t-shirt. He threw a baseball cap over his long hair and went over to knock on the Ander's door. Mrs. Anders Saw him coming and opened up the door to let him in. She introduced herself and gave him a nive hug and led him into the kitchen where the Anders Boys were having breakfast. Sheriff Anders was already at work. The two Anders boys looked up to welcome Ben into the kitchen. They both wore black gym shorts and shiny new tennis shoes. Eric wore a Blue shirt and Tim wore a red one like Ben. But Ben couldn't stop himself from staring at their flattops either. Both had dark brown hair cut into a fantastic flattop about an inch and a half tall. It was about half an inch on the sides and back and blocked in the back. The side burns were neatly cut at the top of the ear. The older one's name was Eric who had blue eyes and he was about six feet two inches with the toned body of a dedicated athlete. He smiled at Ben and continued to eat his breakfast. The younger one's name was Tim who was the same height as Ben at 5'8" and also had green eyes. They almost looked like twins except for Ben's longer hair and Tim's slightly bigger muscles. Tim said Good morning than invited Ben to have a seat next to him at the breakfast table. Ben sat down and Mrs. Anders brought him pancakes. He casually fell into a conversation with Tim and Eric about school and the latest video games.

It was nice having people his own age to talk to again. Mrs. Anders then drove them to baseball tryouts. After dropping them off Mrs. Anders said that their father would be picking them up. Baseball tryouts went really well, Ben and Tim were the best of the freshmen coming in and quickly made good impressions withe coaches. Even though he hadn't played in years Ben quickly picked it up again. He kept having to blow his hair out of his eyes or re-positioned his cap the whole time which got tedious though. He kept looking at Tim's flattop tucked underneath his ball cap. It was the perfect haircut for a hat, the hat lays evenly and no hat hair! Tim and Ben though were both amazed at how good Eric was though, excelling at both offense and defense. Ben's admiration for Eric Grew as he hit a home run and pitched fast balls over 85 miles an hour. At the end of tryouts all the boys were worn out, and Tim and Ben had quickly become friends. Eric went and talked with the coaches about deciding new teammates. Since he was captain of the team he got to weigh in. As Ben and Tim sat around laughing after tryouts waiting for the sheriff, Eric came out of the Coaches office. By this time all of the other boys had left and it was only Ben and the brothers. Eric told Ben and Tim to come in close. He then whispered to them that they both had made varsity as freshman and should be ready for practice after school monday! The boys then high fived all around and started talking about the upcoming season. Eric was impressed at Ben's skill saying it waas almost as good as Tim, who had been playing for years.

Then the sheriff rolled up in his police cruiser, and rolled down his window to yell "Did ya make it?" Tim then ran towards the car yelling "We made varsityyyyyyyy!" The sheriff then raises his eyebrow and looks at Ben and says "We?" Ben then runs right after Tim and joins him in chant. Soon Eric joins too and they gather towards the cruiser yelling Varsity over and over. This calls for celebration! yells the sheriff and they all piled in the police cruiser still laughing and excited about the news. Eric sits shotgun and Tim and Ben in the back. The Sheriff then turns on to main street and parks downtown, right in front of Steve's Barbershop. Steve's barbershop is an old fashioned three chair barbershop right across from the police station. It has old red leather seats and large black and white tiles on the floor. The shop is covered wall to wall in old army paraphenalia, since the three barbers are all retired WWII barbers. The sheriff gets out of the car and says if you're gonna play baseball you are going to look like a man, so time for some Varsity Haircuts! Ben liked the sound of that, he had been blowing his sweaty hair off his sticky forehead for the past hour. Tim turned to Ben and asked him whether he was gonna cut his hair short like him. To which Ben thought for a moment and then replied "definitely." Tim then burst into a huge smile and said "sweet, you're gonna look just like me." Ben grinned too, he had wanted to look more like the Anders ever since he had met the Sheriff. Eric who was already at the door of the barbershop, turned around and yelled "come on rookies, haircut time!" The two freshmen slammed the car door and ran towards the barbershop. Sheriff Anders was already done talking to the three barbers and told the boys to each take a seat. As they each took a seat one of the barbers went over and turned the sign to closed, as it was almost 6 o'clock. As the boys each took a seat in one of the barber chairs, Sheriff Anders took a seat right in front of Ben's chair to watch the transformation. He asked Ben if he had been to a barbershop before to which he replied no. "Don't worry Son, you're gonna enjoy this and afterwards you're gonna look like a baseball stud" the sheriff then grinned which caused Ben to grin back and say "yes sir, sheriff!" All three boy's necks were wrapped in white tissue paper and then covered with red and white striped barber capes. All the chairs were facing the front window, not the mirrors. The sheriff had said they were getting varsity cuts but he didn't know what that meant. Ben looked over at Tim and Eric whose haircuts had already begun and their sides were being peeled down to the skin. The haircut was definitely going to be short, but it looked good on the Ander's boys so Ben wasn't worried. Ben sat back in his chair as his own barber began to cut his hair. He was nervous because had never been to a barbershop before or had short hair, but he felt so comfortable being with the Anders so he would just enjoy it. He had been ready for a change.

The Barber started with the clipper running them all over Ben's head to remove the bulk of the hair. Ben could see inches of hair float past his eyes and fall to the floor, for the first time in years his ears were exposed. The barber kept going with the long attachment until all of the hair was an inch long. Ben liked the way it vibrated on his head, why had his mother not used clippers before. Then the barber took off the attachment and proceeded to take off all of the hair on the back and sides of Ben's head with no attachment. The clipper blade was cold on his skin but the barber was an old man with a gentle hand who moved with the ease of barbering for 50 years. He moved from one side burn down to the nape and back up the other side, removing all of the hair. He felt the cold air on the sides and knew it was almost bald. The barber used the clippers up the back onto the crown of his head and went further up onto the top of head to prepare the landing strip. The barber then put the clippers down and grabber a can of butch wax off of the counter. He put a generous amount in Ben's hair, gently worked it in and blow dried it to perfection. He then cut the flattop with clippers over comb, taking his time looking at every hair until it was perfectly flat.The barber kept going over each hair on the top and the sides making sure that it was a perfect boxy flattop. The barber then took a hot towel out of a box on the wall and placed it around Bens head. He looked over at Tim and Eric they were just sitting up with towels on their heads. Their barbers then removed their towels to reveal the perfectly cut horseshoe flattops beneath. Each brothers hair was about an inch long in the front and was tapered to fit the head shape until it met bald the landing strip on the top of their heads. The fade fit the hair so naturally and looked perfectly square. The barbers then put warm shaving cream on their heads and began the process of of shaving the sides and back with a straight razor. Ben could tell that the brothers were enjoying it because of the way their eyes gently rolled up in their heads. Eric looked over and made eye contact Ben, He grinned really wide and then looked forward again as his barber started shaving the back. Tim was in his own little world, keeping his eyes shut and his smile big. Ben's barber then removed the towel from his own head and had began lathering his head with shaving cream. The lather was warm and the sensation on his almost bald head was putting him in a euphoric state. He did like Tim and closed his eyes.Letting his sense of touch enjoy the experience. The barber began straight razoring the sides of his head, gently scraping each side removing all of the cream. The barber wiped off the excess shaving cream and gently shaved the landing strip on the crown, making it smooth as a baby's bottom. After he went over the sides and back again shaving the opposite way, he shaved around the hairline and neck especially slow. He then quickly lathered and carefully shaved Ben's face removing any signs of his fledgling beard.The barber then went over and grabbed a blue jar of wax and rubbed this into the little hair remaining on top and used the butch comb and the blow dryer to make the horseshoe stand perftcly straight and still, but still with a little shine.

Finally Ben was done and the barber turned him around to look at the mirror. Ben almost didn't recognize himself. He looked in the mirror and it looked like Tim was staring back at him. Ben's old long brown mop had been expertly cut into a horseshoe flattop with white walls. His hair was brushed up to perfection, his flattop still shiny with butch wax. His sides and back were very pale but there wasn't any trace of hair at all. there was a tan line where his side burns had been, but there was no other trace they had existed. The only hair on top of his head was his eyebrows and his expertly crafted horseshoe flattop. It was an inch long so still twice as long as the sheriffs but much more suitable to him. He bowed his head in front of the mirror to see the top and was rewarded by the same gleam he got from the sheriffs. He couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear. The Barber turned Ben around to face the Ander's boys who were now sitting next to the father after finishing their haircuts. Both of the boys old long flattops now replaced by the same horseshoe design Ben had on his head. The three Anders men smiled as Ben was turned around. If he looked any where as sharp as the three Anders did with their haircut, he was a good looking boy. Or a baseball stud as the sheriff had said. Their sides weren't as pale as Ben's , except for the landing strips of course. The sheriff gave Ben a huge grin walked over and rubbed the bald part on top of Ben's head. It was nothing like Ben had ever felt before and it was awesome. "Now you look like a Man Ben cooper, and now I have three sharp looking Baseball studs" said the sheriff he then gave Ben a a big bear hug and the brothers joined in. The sheriff then smacked ben lightly on the back of his bald head and turned around to pay the barber for the haircut. Tim ran over to Ben and smacked the back of his head, he turned Ben to look at the mirrors exclaiming "Now we definitely look like brothers!" Ben laughed and smacked the back of Tim's bald head in return. "These varsity haircuts are awesome" Ben as he rubbed the top of his head again. "You can say that again said Tim". "VARSITY!" yelled Eric as he ran over and smacked both of them on the back of the head, leaving a red hand print on the newly shaven skin. They all yelled varsity again and Eric then joined his father at the door buying something from one of the barbers.Ben and Tim were still over at the mirrors looking at their new haircuts. Ben's tan lines were a lot lighten than Tim's but that just means during practice he wouldn't wear a hat. Soon he would look exactly like Tim, whose hair had been short enough to allow tanning."Ben i'm really glad you moved into our neighborhood" Said Tim. "Me too, Tim" Said Ben as he threw his arm around his new friends's shoulder. With their matching Green eyes and dark hair, similar facial features and being the same height, they indeed looked like brothers. But now because of their matching Flats, looking in the mirror Ben and Tim looked like identical twins. And were just about as inseparable since that day.

The sheriff saw the boys looking at themselves in the mirror and smiled to himself, He was excited to see the shy boy he had met just a few days before progress so quickly into this handsome energetic young man. "Come on tweedle Dee and tweedle Dum, we'll be back her soon enough" said the sheriff to Tim and Ben, as he and Eric exited the barbershop. The younger boys chuckled at their nicknames and then returned to their seats in the back of the cruiser, still rubbing each others head.The sheriff then told Ben that he would pick Ben up from practice everyday along with his boys, since he would be at practice everyday now because of baseball. Ben asked if he would be going with the Anders to the barbershop too from now on. To which the sheriff laughed and heartily replied "Of course! we have to go back in a week and get spruced up before the first game. Can't have you guys looking like hippies" To this the boys gave a hearty cheer. Eric then turned to Ben from the front seat and told him that the baseball players have a dress code and that he would have to follow it. It consisted of short haircuts, which they had just covered. The Anders men and Ben laughed at this. Also at school he would have to wear a collared shirt everyday and a tie and jacket before game days and your grades had to be good. Ben replied his grades were good but he didn't have enough shirts.The sheriff replied he could have some of Eric's hand me downs, he would send Tim over with them later. Ben was overjoyed now he would get new clothes to match his new haircut. The sheriff then drove them to get ice cream to celebrate Tim and Ben's news. They laughed frequently and ended up talking for hours. Ben really like the Anders men and felt comfortable around them, and the feeling was mutual. As The sheriff pulled into the driveway the boys got out and said goodnight and ran into the house after some more head smacking of course. Ben got his things from the car and readied to go across the lawn to his home. The sheriff turned to Ben and said "Congratulations on making the team today and cutting your hair that took a lot of courage. I think you Look amazing and I'm so glad you moved into our neighborhood, I think you're really gonna like it here." Ben then gave the sheriff a hug which he returned. "Thanks I think i'm going to like it here too, I'm really excited about the team and to have friends again" Ben said as he rubbed his flattop again, like he had for the last two hours. "well I think you'll be friends for a long time, take this it's how we get our flattops to stay at attention without moving". He gave Ben a can of butch wax and a butch comb, rubbed the back of Ben's new shaven head again and then sent him home.

Ben woke up the next morning and stared at himself in the mirror for about five minutes trying to get his flattop to stand just right. He still couldn't believe the amazing day before. If he didn't have the awesome haircut to prove it, he would've thought it was a dream. Ben gave his hair a few more brushes then looked in the mirror. The butch wax and comb did work wonders. The haircut really did suit his facial features very well and made his chin look stronger. It matched his lean athletic body better than his mop before. He was now a baseball stud as the sheriff called him. His mother saw his haircut and smiled asking if it had anything to do with the Anders across the way. He said yes and she said it looked very handsome on him and that the Anders were a great influence. Ben told her that he made the team and that Sheriff Anders would pick them up everyday. She smiled and asked whether he would be taking him to the barbershop to from now on. Ben smiled from ear to ear and beamed "of Course" Then the doorbell rang, Mrs Cooper answered it. She was did a double take as Tim stood there holding a garbage bag of clothes. Mrs. Cooper got over her confusion of seeing double Bens and let Tim into the house. As Ben and Tim ran up the stairs to Ben's bedroom to try on the clothes, Mrs cooper couldn't help but thinking how much they looked liked brothers, even twins maybe. Especially since their flattops made them look exactly the same from behind. Tim and Ben sat on Ben's bed looking through the garbage bag of Eric's clothes Tim had brought him. Tim told Ben that he normally wore chinos and Boots to school, with the shirt depending on the weather. Since it was still summer they would wear short sleeve button ups.Ben pulled out a pair of chinos that were fitted and made his butt looked like the sheriffs did in his sheriffs uniform. Tim was also wearing Chinos and a button up and had not just inherited his fathers dark hair and green eyes, but also his butt. Between the Chinos and the Baseball pants, Tim and Ben did not have a hard time coming across girlfriends during their high school days. Tim pulled a few black belts, and buckles out of the bag and they began preparing for the first day of school. Ben chose a Red button up with a black horizontal stripe across the front for his first day of school. It matched a corresponding Black button up with a red stripe Tim had. Ben then tried on a pair of Eric's old black boots that fit him well. There was even a black and red backpack for him in there too. Come Monday He had his shirt pressed and tucked into his pants which were ironed and held up with a large lone star belt buckle. His flattop was brushed to attention and was perfectly flat. Swinging his backpack over his shoulder he raced down the stairs and out the door to meet the Anders. In his Chinos and shiny black Boots he matched Tim down to the lone star belt buckle. They greeted each other with high fives and began to pile into the cruiser. The sheriff greeted him and rubbed the back of his head, which had grown over the weekend into a stubbly buzz cut that Ben also couldn't stop rubbing. The boys practiced laying their books on top of their perfectly square heads on the way to school. Sheriff Anders looked at the two boys in the rear view mirror and couldn't help but think he had gained another son in the last few days, and he was definitely okay with that.

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