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He wants it like Chris has his by Thebarbered1

It was the summer of 2013. Paul had relatively long hair, practically covering his ears, and down to his collar at the back. He had never particularly thought about the length of it, either growing it long, or having it shorter so to speak. He just went with the flow.
Then one night, he had this dream. The next day, he couldn't remember why, how, where or when, but he just remembered having a very short haircut. For some reason, after that, he could not stop thinking about it, and actually having his hair cut short. It was almost as if the seed of this idea had been planted in his head. He had this fixation about it. Over the coming days, this fixation grew and grew, and he found himself looking around for hairdressers and barber shops – but, never found one that particularly caught his eye.
At college, he had two mates, Steve, who had longish hair like he did, and Chris, who had short, neat hair. It was neatly tapered at the back, and just off his ears. He decided to tell them about his dream, and his wish to perhaps have his hair cut short. He looked specifically towards Chris, and said " maybe like yours”. Steve looked a bit shocked, but Chris said "Why not? Go for it. Short hair like this is becoming more and more popular”. Paul hesitated, before saying "Ohh, I don't know though”. Much as he wanted short hair, the nerves were setting in.
"Come on Paul (Chris said), I can see in your eyes you want to… Go for it”. Paul looked nervous, while Steve smiled. He suggested "Go where I go. There's a barber shop I go to down the Finnerston Road. It's called "Brian's Barber Shop” and is about a mile from here. Go and have a look. When you go in, just ask for…. like Chris has” He knows me in there. Paul looked even more nervous. Chris said to him "I'll tell you what. I'll come along with you. You can do it. Meet me there after college on Friday, when it's open late, at about… let's say 5.00”. Paul thought for a moment, before hesitantly saying "OK then”. Steve said "I'll come along too. Not for a haircut, but I'll be there”. They all agreed and went their separate ways.
Friday afternoon came, and college finished. Paul was feeling very nervous, but he found and got to "Brian's” in plenty of time – at about quarter to five - Steve arrived a few minutes later. They waited for Chris to turn up. Five O'clock came, five past five came… nothing… then at ten past, Steve's mobile phone rung. Chris had been held up, and wouldn't be able to come yet. "Go in with Paul though, he's nervous, and get him to ask for what I said”. He said after that, to go to "The Bell” pub a short distance up the road, and I'll get there as soon as I can.
"It seems it's just you and me then?” Steve said Paul. "Yeah” Paul replied slowly.
The walked towards the shop entrance and slowly walked in.
A bell tinkled as they opened the door. This gentleman, which they both took to be Brian, greeted them. He was just finishing another client, and said to them "Do sit down over there, I'll be with you in just a few moments”. He had short, dark hair which was slightly greying, and was probably in his late 50's, and was wearing one of those blue nylon tunics, buttoned up on the right shoulder.
On sitting down, they surveyed the scene. There was a single chair in there, which dominated the room. It had a mirror facing it, and the walls, there were posters all around, suggesting different haircuts clients could have, generally short haircut styles. On a table next to the chair, there was an array scissors, combs, brushes, and other haircutting items. There was hanging on the wall above it, some clippers – four of them, with, on a small shelf next to them, a selection of attachments for them
Eventually, the gentleman in the chair was finished, and Brian brushed him down. Steve and Paul continued to sit there, waiting quietly whilst they chatted for few moments, before the customer paid and left. Brian looked towards them and smiled. "Two for a haircut then?” Steve looked rather shocked. "No, not me, just him here”, he said, pointing at Paul.
Brian gestured Paul to the chair, and he nervously walked over and sat down. After tucking a neck tissue in around his neck, Brian produced a royal blue cape, with a flourish, it sailed through the air and came to rest on his shoulder, and with the sound of a couple of poppers snapping closed, he secured it in place. He then produced a black rubber cutting collar, which he placed around his neck and across his shoulders.
"Right, what can we do for you young man?”
He looked nervous and hesitated. Before he could say anything, Steve said out load "He wants it like Chris has his”.
"Ahhh. You know Chris then?.... Is that how you want it? Short back and sides”
Those four words caught Paul off guard a bit. He blushed slightly, but then, nervously nodded.
"OK, here we go then”
He took some steel scissors which he had in the front pocket of his tunic and cut the hair from around Paul's ears, before bending his head forward and cutting his hair from off his collar and then up a bit. He then also took a comb out of his pocket, and combed Paul's hair firmly. Using the scissors and comb together, he held the hair tightly and started to cut it very firmly. Brian was clearly in complete and absolute control of this haircut. There was not any conversation whilst this was happening, just the sound of the scissors. Paul sat there motionless and could feel himself getting hard. Eventually, Brian finished with the scissors and comb and put them back in his pocket, picked up a small hand brush, and then brushed away all the loose hairs.
After that, he then started to powder dust the back of Paul's head and above his ears. It had a really sweet barbers shop smell, and Brian used plenty of it. He then removed the cutting collar and gave it a shake to remove all the loose bits of hair that were clinging to it, before once again securing it back in to place.
There was a short pause while he sorted a few bits and pieces out, and then he said to Paul enquiringly
"I suspect it's been a while then since you had a barber use clippers on your back and sides to make them very short with his clippers then?”
Paul blushed again, and replied "Well….. errr.. yes, I think”
"Well, it's about to happen again now” he said, reaching over and taking a pair of electric clipper from a hook, and then selecting a comb from the side.
"Head right down there's a good lad”. Paul bowed his head down as far as he could. His chin was just about touching the front of his cape in front of him, and Brian started to clip, the clippers purring as they removed the hair from right up the back of my head.
After that, Brian lifted up Paul's tilted head to the side and trimmed around and above each ear, giving it his complete and full attention. Paul could certainly feel himself getting very hard now, and seeing in the mirror in the corner of his eye, Steve watching intently, and smiling, knew that the expression on his face, was giving away to Steve, what was happening. A few seconds later, Paul couldn't help it – he closed his eyes, and groaned quietly.
After a few minutes of clipping, Brian stopped and put the clippers down.
On removing the cutting collar, and loosening the back of his cape, Paul thought that was it - but then, after brushing him down, Brian tucked the cape back in, followed by a small white cotton hand towel at the back.
"Head back down please” Brian declared.
Paul did as he was told, and Brian proceeded to apply some shaving cream, and going round Paul's neck with a cut throat razor, before lifting my head to each side, and trimming with it around his ears.
"Would you like some product on it?” Brian asked. Paul thought for a moment before replying "errrr. Yes please”. Brian picked up this pot and took out a dollop before rubbing it into his hair.
After that, he finished off by combing what was left of his hair, giving it a slightly spiky appearance on top, but making it look very neat.
He then showed Paul the back with a mirror.
"There you go, how's that?” Paul noticed how very similar to Chris' it was, and he found he actually liked it. He said to Brian "I was really worried at first, but do you know what? …. I really like it… Thank you. It's good” Brian was pleased, and said "Well it's certainly a transformation. I'm glad you like it. Will I be seeing you again?”. Paul grinned, and replied "Yes, I think you will. I'll come with Chris next time”. Brian whispered quietly back to him "Maybe you could both persuade your friend there to come again next time?”. They both turned looked round to Steve. He looked worried.
A short time later, in "The Bell”, they were having a drink, when Chris entered. On seeing Paul…. "Yayyy!! Looks good”. "I do prefer it like this now” Paul answered.
While they were chatting over their drink, Steve whispered something quietly to Chris. They both looked across at Paul and smirked. It was obvious what they were talking about. Paul blushed. "It's alright (Chris reassuringly responded) It happened to me the first time too”
Paul then said to Chris… "Actually, Brian said maybe we could persuade Steve to come again next time?”. They both turned looked at Steve and grinned. Once again, he looked worried. Was he being pushed into a corner?

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