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My boy friend shave head by Tamika

"I'm really sorry about my grammar, hope you sympathize, because I did not know much English."

I and my boyfriend, we know each other 2 years ago at a gay bar. His name is Taku, 23 years old,he is a home builder. We met and fell in love there.
Sunday morning last week, we did not go to work, when I woke up the Taku had prepared breakfast for us.
I was surprised because it is inherently so I do. Taku said he has something to say to me .... It's a secret ...
Taku said he would love to shave their heads from early age, Taku enjoyed the smooth shaven head, he would love to touch them, a great feeling. But ever Taku never do that, he wishes to do so.
I exclaimed - Taku, you have to be crazy, a very strange hobby.
Taku said he wanted to confess to me long ago but never had the chance. And now he wants me to help him. I do not want to do this, because I like the Taku thick hair (it is very black and smooth).
I tried to convince Taku not shaved ... Seems everything useless. Taku was determined to become a bald guy. When you can not stop him, they must get him to achieve their dreams.
I ask Taku naked and go into WC, and me too. We exchanged passionate kisses, I began to shave heads for Taku.

He sat down and I started to spray water over his head, I rubbed his head for the water absorbed his head. I quickly mounted blades I stroked his thick hair and fondled them
I ask : are you ready?
Taku answer : Yes,” sir barber”.
I quickly grab a razor every hair on the top section of Taku and scrape around. I open razors and staring from the center, white scalp was visible. I carefully scraped from the middle of Taku leave early. Once completed, I began to scrape the sides and side burns. Finally I started scraping the front section of Taku leave me with a bald head clean. I lathe shaving head and start again to ensure shaven. The cold that I felt after applying aftershave is soothing. I rubbed the bald head of Taku with my bare hands. I gently kissed his lips shaved head of Taku, he stroking me so long, I shaved hair back rest, head of Taku will ensure smooth. He was really excited with the newly shaved head, he kept rubbing it forever, looking in the mirror. He thanked me very much, but I really have to thank him had. He let me have a chance to fulfill my wish. After I shave his head for him, he decided to tattoo a picture on it.
After shaving head for Taku, I'd f*** Taku right then, but Taku said he wanted to see me as a guy bald, he wants to shave my head, I do not want to lose my hair, but Taku was beautiful quick hug and kissed me on my lips tight - surprisingly - Taku hair shaved a large wound on my head.
I got shave heads, I feel sorry for my hair but it all was late, and now I have to shave your head, because I can not resist the Taku.
I sat for Taku shave my head, patchy hair falling to the ground, my oily skin out, hear the sound of truth is razor irritation. Taku shave my head skillfully .... he wants to do this job for so long.
aku's face, the look brightened. He is handsome with his head shaved, it is shiny and smooth ....
Very fast, Taku had finished shaving my head, he carefully shaved my head to make sure no hair, and completely bald. He kissed my bald head and rub it vigorously.
Once we become the bald guy, we started f***ing each other, Taku quickly licking my bald head and I also do the opposite with Taku ...
Taku's face, the look brightened. He is handsome with his head shaved, it is shiny and smooth ....

But we decided to shave all body hair left on our to ensure smooth all .We have a pure body and we give each other. I continued to f*** Taku until fatigue ...
From that day our daily work we are shaving their heads and do f*** ....

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