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Death Valley Shave by Chris

Hi. I'm Chris.
I'm 19 years old. I used to live with my mom in New Jersey. It was much cooler and drier back there. I just moved in with my dad in Death Valley, and no it isn't because of some new found phase: I'm actually going to college here. I got a sports scholarship here, I play soccer.
I moved in here a bit early at the start of the summer to get used to the place and to get to know the town a bit better before college started in the fall. I've never had lived in a bloody humid and warm environment like Death Valley ever before. I've kept my jet black hair in pretty much the same crappy style since I was 12. Long and unkempt, covering my ears and falling into my eyes. Chicks digged it in Jersey, even though I had to wear a hair band while playing soccer games.
My last girlfriend, Rose, loved caressing it while we were getting intimate. She would run her hands through it and make me run through her red locks as foreplay at times. What a chicken though, because a) she always dyed her hair red (dirty blonde was always a turn on for me and it was her natural color) b) we never actually managed to go the distance. I mean we always made out and s**t, but beyond giving me a few BJs and the occasional hand job she never ever wanted to ‘lose her virginity'. Probably the only reason I stuck with her throughout high school was her insanely beautiful boobs. Thank god that time's over.
Anyhow, my dad lives in this neighborhood, really traditional. You've got kids playing in the streets, big huge gardens (despite the sweltering heat) and a huge public swimming pool. Our neighbors were pretty cool as well, the house next to us had known I dropped by and sent us a huge warm cherry pie. It was pretty goddamn tasty. Dad told me that they had three kids, two older sons who worked with Mr. Nolan (their father) on the family business and a daughter my age. I hadn't met anyone of them so far.
I was unloading some groceries from the car, when she came to meet me. She had dirty blonde hair, tied into two childish pigtails. She had great legs, she wore short-shorts with a white tank tops She probably wasn't wearing a bra because sweet jesus that was some good stuff.
‘Hi I'm Sophie! I heard you were new around here,' she said twirling around one of her pigtails like a fan.
‘Yeah, I'm Chris! I heard you're also going to college here. Nice to meet you. What do you do for fun around here?'
‘Well we take a dip in the pool or go skinny dipping in the river beyond the farmer's fence.'
‘I'd like to see you take a dip.'
She giggled.
‘Say Chris, you're probably gonna die in this heat with that mop of yours. You should consider getting a haircut. You should drop over if you like. I give buzzcuts to my brothers all the time. You could really use one right now.'
Who was I kidding? Alone, shirtless in a room with her? My hair can go to hell.
‘How about like right now? I'll drop by as soon as I'm done with the groceries.'
‘Great I'll get the clippers started. Drop by in our basement. The entrance is from the outside! No one's home so better run quick,' she winked.
I ran to my room and stripped buck naked. I found a pair of blue adidas shorts and wore them and a pair of flip flops. I entered the basement and she was there, standing with a set of Wahl home clippers and a wooden stool. There was no cape, so I guess I'd have to sit shirtless, exactly the way I was in front of this huge mirror. A sink and shaving cream also were there. What use would that be?
‘Take a seat,' she said. ‘What do you want, do you wanna look nakedly bald or just a buzz?'
‘I've never gotten a haircut beyond what I currently have. Do your worst.'
‘You're getting a number 1 bitch.'
She put on one of the most miniscule of guards and ran it slowly over my forehead giving way for a patch of stubble to replace my luscious locks. My jaw dropped.
‘Surprised are you. Wait till ya see the final product.'
It was exhilarating and shocking seeing all my hair fall to the floor. I felt bare. I felt naked. More naked than I've ever been in my life. And this is coming from someone who sleeps nude. My penis tingled.
The mop had replaced by fuzz. Which felt damn good. My head seemed tiny but it seemed incomplete with just fuzz.
‘You seem unhappy. Mind if I razored it for you? You'd look fab smooth.'
‘Yes ma'am.'
She lathered me up with shaving cream which smelled of lemon. Stroke after stroke skin appeared on my head where it was never exposed. It contrasted with my sports tan, but I liked it. My smooth scalp felt shockingly erotic. My penis was bulging better than it had ever done with Rose.
‘Do you like it?'
I said, ‘I love it.'
I dropped my pants to reveal the beast in my barest of natures.
‘Finally. What took you so long?' she let out with a sigh of relief as she undid her shorts and top.
I f***ed her brains out.
The end.

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