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Fouth year by Philip

I went into school when the headmaster called me over ~ peter your hair needs a good cut~ ~what about the rest of the sixth years~ ~ I am not worried about them get your hair cut today after classes look at your clothes they don't hardly fit~ ~sir~ ~ I am talking peter, you don't look your age at all.... ~ went back to class ~ peter sit at the front~ ~sir~ at the front~ sat down Billy my half brother who sat two desk behind me just smiled.

After class Billy came up to me ~what was the headmaster talking you about~ ~ I have to get my hair cut today~ ~ short~ yes~ when ~ peter over hear~ I went over to there headmaster ~don't forget today~ ~I wont sir~ ~good boy your uniform that has to be changed ~ he walked off....~changed?~ Billy came with me to get my hair cut ~ is that you all have to do peter~ yeah~, sat on the chair ~what can I do for you! ~short back and sides~ ~ok~ he give me 1950s boys hair cut ~what I asked for short back and sides not this~ ~that will be 7.00~ I looked at him~7.00 pls, I paid him ~ it suits you~.

Billy saw my hair cut ~good~ we went back to school ~peter my office~~sir~ peter~ I stood in front of him ~ peter good hair cut I am happy now you are no longer in the class you where in, you are in because of your marks fouth year, you be treated as a fouth year which is fourteen from now, a full school uniform with shorts by Monday and PE kit, books, bags and you be wearing shorts after school for good~ ~ how do you know I wear shorts at home sir~~ I caer for my boys.

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