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Barber Chat: Why We Love a Shaved Head by BaldSurfer

As usual, I've been maintaining a shaved head all summer, but the last week or so has been very busy and complicated and I hadn't had a shave all week. I have a full head of hair, so after a week, I have a thick #1 buzz all over. And since I felt like I'd earned some pampering, I decided to treat myself to a barber shop head shave. No barber gets my head as completely smooth as when I shave myself, but I love the relaxing feeling of the hot towels, hot lather and the scratching ound of a straight razor across my head. And I decided to take the opportunity to try a shop I'd never been to before.

I walked in and the first barber to greet me was an African-American guy, probably late 30's and a shaved head. Always a good sign when you get a head shave from a barber who shaves his own head. He introduced himself as Jim and led me to his chair. As he caped me, and surveyed my full but obviously maintained beard and my stubbly head, he asked "So what are we doing? A shave?"

I said yes and he asked "Head, beard or both?" and I told him I was keeping the beard and just wanted his best hot lather head shave.He smled widely and said I'd come to the right guy. It was going to be, as usual, a long process, since my hair is thick and coarse, so it takes clippers, edgers and a then a lot of blades to get me back to slick and shiny. But he was enjoying the process and started talking about how "there's nothing like a fresh bald head." I agreed and told him that's why for at least a few months every year, I shave off a full head of hair.

"I love the feeling," I told him, "of going to bed with a freshly shaved head and the feel of the cool pillow when I first lay down."

He answered "I kinda feel the same way about my big leather recliner chair. I sit down to watch the game with a cold beer, put my head back against the cold leather and recline back."

And suddenly we went back and forth - taking turns saying what we liked about a clean shaven bald head.

ME: I actually love the process of shaving. I do i in a hot shower, lather it up and go sloowly,against the grain. And I go over every rough spot until it's as smooth as it can possibly be.

Jim: I like getting rained on. Especially that big warm summer rain

ME: Diving into the pool. Especially if I JUST shaved it and it still tingles.

Jim: When she knows I just did it, my wife loves to run her hands all over it and kiss it. Gets her all hot and bothered

ME: When it's super smooth, my girl likes to sneak up beind me and put my bald head between her boobs

Jim: I never have to check in the mirror to see if I look good

ME: No hair means nobody sees how grey my hair is getting

Jim: The wind on my head when I'm on my motorcycle

ME: I don't do bikes, but feel the same way driving my convertible, especially on the highway

Jim: I shave before I come to work, but sometimes in the middle of the day, I run the electric razor over it to stay smooth

ME: I love the way I look bald. And I catch myself rubbing my head all day because it feels so cool

By now, Jim had finished the second shave - this one against the grain, and then he broke out the Wahl electric razor to catch the last tiny rough spots. That's the shaver that so many barbers use. It's the only electric that really does a good job on heads.

Jim was pretty proud of the job he'd done and told me to feel it. It was smooth. Still not as smooth as when I do it, but pretty close. I smiled and told him it was perfect.

Then I said "One more thing I love about a shaved head is that I get to treat myself to this - a great shave and a great chat with a great barber."

I paid him $20, tipped an extra $10 and rubbed my head as I stepped back out into the sunshine, happy to be bald again.

I hope you guys use the comments to add some things you love about shaving your head...

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