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craven for a shaven by marcus

Since being a very young boy I always had fantasies about getting my head shaved as well as looking at bald men; from their I knew my dream haircut, to get the shortest of the shortest. Of course being bald at 12 was impossible neither of my parents would dream of entertaining the idea of letting their son get a total head shave. After a few years of mum cutting my hair shorter and shorter over the past years throughout high school, she finally had enough of cutting my hair short. She wanted me to grow it long and have a stylish son but I just kept on looking at middle age masculine men who were almost shaved to the wood. When she refused to cut my hair I started going to barber shops but never found the right one who would say hell yeah go for it ! I still went of couse and actually it was great to watch shabby men get shorn. It was expensive alway having to pay and when my mum and dad split up I finally cam out as gay. When I got drunk with dad I spilled the beans, I told him I wanted a masculine man, and I love the shaved head look and wished that he would have cut my hair in the past, but dad had always refused to cut it.

Dad told me that he couldn't cut my hair because mum would have given him a hard time if he agreed, he ask why i wanted it all shaved? Dad always had a bit of a temper and after a few drinks in the afternoon he said to me fine i'll cut your hair as now mum wasnt their to give him any greif and i was old enough to make my own decisions. As it was cheaper than going to the barbers every month.

He told me that he would cut it, but it would never be all off as he wasn't willing to make me look stupid. We argued and finally we came to a compromise. He would cut it a number 1 all over which was darn short but not as much as the hunky men in sports bars. For a while this continued untill the night that I flirted with one guy, a completly bald man , dad didn't like the idea and said why ? Why bald men ? In a very drunken answer I said it turns me on I like the look , want to feel what its like. When we got back home dad was still having a go at me for liking the bald head look. very stern in clear black in white dad said "do you want it all off?" I said kindoff. I said i do butmI'm scared if i look awfull. My heart was beating so fast i could hardly breath. "Yes!! Or No!!" Dad replied adding "f*** what others think do You want it? , I'll F*** n do it ". My heart was beating so hard I didnt speak but I nodded back to dad.

He said come here then sit down. I sat on one of the kitchen chairs and at that moment fear stuck me like a puch to the face. Wait I yelled can you cut it a zero not completely bald ? Dad quickly resonded with a clear cut no its all or nothing !! He said once im finished with you there wont be a hair left to shave I felt excited deep down and my response was "Dad you know I want it cut short but thats not fair " dad soon answered back lifes not fair, you want it cut dont you ? We both knew I wanted it bald and with that I agreed with him yes I did want it cut but never had I truely expected him to cut it. His last response to me was you have been craven for a shaven so sit and shut up and ill cut it. "

He pulled the clippers out of the drawr and unravelled the cord pluged them in and took the safety guard of, still sat their on the chair I removed my shirt and put a towel around my neck. He turned on the clippers and I felt the cold steel bare blades run up the back of my head. Feeling the hair tricly down to the base of my neck and felt the bare feeling of the room. Another few passes were made in complete silance, I said thanks dad he said okay. He compleated the back and sides he moved on to the front.

With a few sore passed where the clippers were tugging he made more passes and more untill the clippers stopped dad lay then down and up I stood. All the hair that was on my lap and body fell to the ground. I took my hand over my head and felt the stubble and again thanked dad. "Im not finished yet!! " dad replied , "bathroom now" he growled, I walked into the bathroom and dad turned on the hot tap, he waited till it got hot and got shaving gel and a razor out. He wetted his hands and creamed up the shaving gel over my stubbly scalp. This is when I went rock hard. My body tensed as I crouched at the sink, kneeling with my held over the sink bowl and with a few more rubs of dads hands over my scalp dad leaning over me like a boss. I knew that there was no turning back. I relaxed and enjoyed the experience of every stroke dad passes over my scalp with a new razor. The scraping sound was unbelievable and I loved the feeling of being shaved and couldn't wait to see then end result. It took ages and he used more and more gel and more strokes with the razor in every direction. Until I truely was dads bald son. When he finished I had a shower and wow the experience was unbelievable. I was completely free and felt amazing I was a skinhead. And after dinner dad smiled so are you happy now? He asked in a sarcastic way , very I said. Well as long as you like it , and he did say i suited it wich was nice. We spent the rest of the night in a small pub on the corner and everyone asked me about my shaved head and most of them wanted to feel it and it didnt seem a huge deal to them. I told them dad done it as i wanted it. Most of them couldn't have cared less and it made me realise its only hair at the end of the day. Three months later im still dads skinhead son , my next mission is to persuade dad to shave his too.

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