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Alex's Win and Loss by Manny

Justin leaned across the desk and handed me a newspaper clipping. As he did so, his thick chocolate-colored forelock tumbled forward and hung freely in an amazing spectacle of sheen and full bodied waves. As was his manner, he mopped his hair back, running his fingers through his tantalizing mane that hung to the base of his smart, starched collar. Justin combined immaculate business dress with a playboy-esque hairstyle that underscored his youth as the head of a rather traditional corporation. At age 32, he was at the top of his game.

I was just two years younger and happy to have reached the rank of special assistant to the director. The sad reality was that I was no more than a glorified gopher. What I liked about working for Justin was that his trendy tresses gave me liberty to grow out my own hair into a style much like his -- thick and long. My golden hair shimmered in the office sunlight as we met to discuss the annual charity fundraiser. People joked that Justin and I were vying to get the office yearbook's "best hair" superlative like in days past of high school jockeying.

I glanced at the headline and winced, Governor to Get Buzzcut in Charity Shave Event. "That's for your planning committee preparing for this year's corporate fundraiser," he said without any emotion. "If they can't come up with something more original, it's something they might consider it."

I stammered, unprepared for this idea. Did this mean Justin was considering active participation and letting the staff shave his head?! Obviously, this would be the way to rake in the big bucks. The thought of him shorn of his glorious mane excited me!

"I'll pass on your idea." Then I tacked on an after-thought. "And should I tell them that you're willing to be a shavee?"

Justin threw his head back and sent his lovely hair into convulsions. "Heavens! I'll be happy to do the honors and play barber. But, those I had in mind to be on the receiving end were people like you. I can just picture you on stage in front of a packed auditorium caped up....your colleagues having fun pushing the clippers through that mop." He stood and walked from behind his desk. Then, he grasped a shank of my hair and fondled it in his hand, "I myself would pay a pretty price to see you barbered, Alex."

I felt hot and nervous. "It would be a voluntary event," I stammered.

"For most people," Justin replied with a devilish twinkle in his eye. "But for you, it'll be a command performance! You do so much want this event you're planning to be a huge success and break the record for giving set last year. I can just see you now at the company awards ceremony, with your clipped head, receiving a nice big fat check for outstanding work in breaking records for corporate charitable giving." The boss tussled my hair again and murmured, "Yes, a nice tight butch will suit you well."

I left the office in dread all but covering up a glimmer of excitement. It had long been buried deep within, the fantasy of having my lovely hair all shaved off down to the wood....the proud, vain pretty boy humbled and made to squirm at the hand of an authoritarian barber. If I could somehow turn this into a doubleheader by bringing about a bonding experience with the boss I secretly admired and feared, I'd be on cloud 9. A brief mental image of us rubbing each other's butched heads after the event sent my private parts into overdrive.

The fundraising committee lapped up Justin's suggestion with zeal, knowing that it had come from the boss himself. We laid out the guidelines and parameters for the event. Justin would be given the honor of shaving the hair of the employee with the highest amount of donations....if he so chose. I assigned Philip to brief Justin on our plan and suggested that he ask the boss to personally announce it to the company.

Then I planted a seed I hoped would flourish. "Wouldn't it be great if he mentioned he'd been the first to put his name on the shavee list? The impression he gave me when he suggested the event was that he might be willing to be shaved," I said to Philip as we walked towards the conference room for the briefing.

We sat around for 15 minutes waiting for Justin to finally show. "So what have you for me, ladies and gentlemen?" he asked with an animated voice as he breezed in. Justin enjoyed making people wait for him.....

Philip plowed through the details of the proposed fundraiser....all to Justin's nods of approval. At the end of it, he pushed the sign-up list over to the boss, "We thought you would like to be first to sign your John Hancock -- leading by example, like you always tell us."

Justin looked startled, taken aback by the boldness of the suggestion. He glanced at me and grimaced, seemingly understanding my roll in putting Philip up to this. He pushed his hand back through his hair, "People would want to watch this cut off? But it wouldn't be fair....I for sure would get the highest amount of donations, and then what would happen....I would get the honor of shaving my own head. Won't work!" he quipped flatly, with a definitive air.

But Philip persisted, "In that situation, we could say the shaving honor goes to the head of the planning committee -- Alex!"

My face turned crimson, "Phil, I think Justin is trying to tell us this is just for lower level folk. He'll make his contributions in bank-rolling the event through generous contributions to the shavees.....and by playing honorary barber. I can't imagine him coming into work with a tight butch, looking like a marine recruit!" The whole table laughed, including Justin.

The boss fondled the paper, deep in thought. "If I'm the top fundraiser, I'll submit to the clippers," he stated rather dramatically. The table broke into spontaneous applause. But, Justin quickly qualified his gesture. "If anyone else, however, raises more, I'll have the option to cash out -- contribute in cash the amount I raise and forego the clippers. That'll drive the contributions to my account sky high," he said mopping his hair back from his face. "I know there are lots of people out there," he said, looking at me, "eager to see me bald!"

I answered him directly, "Agreed!" Yes, I agreed with his condition for participation; and, yes, I wanted to see him bald!

Justin signed the form with a flourish and handed it to me. I followed suit. I dreamed of stroking each other's shorn heads at the end of this exciting challenge.

When I got back to my desk there was a message that Justin wanted to see me in his office -- asap!

I timidly knocked on his door and poked my head in. "Get in here -- now!" he barked. I shuffled in, dreading the conversation. "That was quite a little stunt you pulled there Alex....manipulating me to join the event."

"You want your head shaved, Justin!" I exclaimed boldly. "It's written all over your face! Why else did you suggest the event?" I astonished myself, taking him on like that.

"Follow me!" he snapped, striding into his private bathroom. As soon as the door closed us in, he grabbed me and drew me into a tight embrace and planted his lips against mine. I groaned with pleasure. He plunged his fingers through my mane as he forcefully gripped me and sucked the breath from me.

"Justin," I gasped, struggling to gain a foothold against his surprise, but welcomed, advance.

"Let's get one thing clear, Alex. At the end of this event, you will be shorn down to the tightest butch and my locks will be untouched. Do you understand?" he stated with a firmness that I could not resist. "I will keep donating to your account until you are the highest fund raiser! And I will savor every moment you sit quietly beneath the cape as I strip off your prized locks....." he purred as he stroked my hair tenderly.

He had me beat -- his wealth was legendary. "Yes, boss, you will be my barber...all my treasured hair deposited at your feet," I whispered submissively.

"And I will keep you shorn. This won't be a single event. You'll tell everyone you like your new look -- clipped down tight, to the wood -- my little baldy boy! Understand? This pretty, long hair that rivals mine will not be allowed to grow back," he snapped.

"Yes, sir," I murmured. My response delighted Justin to no end and he continued fussing with my hair....stroking it and praising it and telling me how much fun it was going to be once he'd been handed the clippers. I too fantasized about the impending transformation, reluctant but still eager to see the gleaming shorn tresses fall on the cape as I cowered.

Justin led me through another door which revealed a large mirrored vanity replete with brushes, hand mirrors, hair spray and other beauty products on the counter. I knew he was fond of his hair, but had no idea he had set up a shrine to it in his inner sanctum! "From that point on, I will be your barber and you will be my hair stylist, Alex," Justin instructed, taking a seat in front of the mirror. I eagerly took his lovely hair into my hands and began brushing through the dense tresses. Justin groaned with delight I was fondled his locks and fussed over their attributes -- so shiny, so healthy, so long, so full of body.

"Open the second drawer there, Alex," Justin instructed.

The opened drawer revealed a folded up piece of cloth setting on top of a small box. The cloth turned out to be a barber's cape and the box was labeled Oster fast feed clippers! I cast the cape about him without being instructed and fastened the snaps shut. Then I opened the box and took out the clippers.

Justin's eyes widened. He looked so vulnerable under the cape.

"You know you want this," I said firmly, plugging the clippers in.

"What about the fundraiser?!" Justin pleaded in a panic.

I snapped on the machine as I grabbed the forelock. "This is how I'm going to do it at the fundraiser wrap up -- clippers right to the scalp and pull off this whole mass and hold it up like a trophy! You will sit quietly and submissively during your haircut, understand, boss?!" Then I yanked his hair back by the nape and put my lips against his. After I had exhausted him, I said, "We'll both end up bald -- but we can wait until the end of the campaign. I want you humiliated publicly! The proud, arrogant boss turned into a lowly bootcamp recruit....."

The very day the fund raiser was announced, Justin made a $10,000 "anonymous" deposit into my account!! I was floored. Right from the start, he was making it clear that he would force me into the top spot so that he could have the pleasure of publicly shearing me. He started addressing me as "Baldy" in the office, much to the delight of my colleagues, who I realized also wanted to see me shaved bald. Philip took to sneaking up on my from behind and unleashing a huge buzzzzzzzzzing sound in my ear which frightened me.

As first, I tried to rally people to donate to Justin's account, but after a few rounds, the grand total for him was $327. He could easily pay off the amount and retain his lush mane. But, there was still the outside chance that he would be a good sport and submit......willingly, for the sake of company morale. I had to keep believing that! After all, he kept the cape and clippers in his vanity -- he undoubtedly harbored an inner longing like my own.

Since I was his Special Assistant I knew Justin's habits -- including his departure routine. Right at 5:00 p.m. he would shut down his computer, go pick up a coke from the vending machine in the hall, then step into his bathroom and emerge with freshly brushed hair and sans neck tie.

The night before the fundraising finale ceremony and public shave down of the top ten fund raisers, I decided to confront him in private.

When he went out to get his coke, I slipped into his bathroom. I hid in the inner sanctum, behind the door that led into the vanity area. I watched Justin sit down and brush through his long locks, eyeing them so intently that he did not notice me. Then I watched him slide open the second drawer and take out the cape. He fastened it around his neck, like he was waiting for the barber. The long waves draped over the cloth in an inviting manner. He wanted a butch!! I knew it!

Boldly, I stepped out from the shadows and grabbed him by his hair. "It's time for your haircut!"

"Alex!" he squealed. "What are you doing in here?"

I wrenched him hard by the hair as I reached for the box holding the clippers.

"You're hurting me!" he insisted.

"Quiet!" I commanded, still firmly gripping his lustrous locks.

"Plug in the clippers and snap off the guard. I'm taking you down right here, right now -- to the wood!" I announced.

Surprisingly, he complied quickly. His nervous fingers fumbled as he struggled to get the cord into the outlet.

I clicked the machine on and brought the screaming teeth to his hairline.

"Please," he begged.

"Please what?!" I snapped.

"Please do it to me!" he urged.

I needed no further encouragement -- the clippers plowed back through the dense mahogany locks, emitting a shriek of triumph. I pulled off a huge wad of lovely hair, exposing a strip of white scalp. Justin groaned with delight and horror. "Don't stop," he begged.

"YOU are going to be the Baldy-boy, Jussy-boy!" Huge hunks of shimmering hair fell in torrents, quickly covering the cape. Justin complied with my non-verbal instructions as I manhandled his vulnerable head. The role of barber-to-the-boss energized me until I was fit to pop. The feel of the silken hair sliding over my hand as I clipped up through the nape sent a chill down my spine. He was quickly being reduced to mere stubble. I looked on as Justin snatched quick glimpses of his forced makeover in the mirror when I re-positioned his head.

Finally, I finished my task, "There!" I announced. "The new you -- stubble!"

Justin reached out from under the cape and stroked his bald pate. "I can't believe this. Awesome! It's finally happened. After years of desire, I've been taken down to the wood!" I leaned over and kissed his shorn head.

Suddenly, Justin stood up and pulled off the cape. "And, you, Alex, have been a very bad boy! Sneaking in here like you did!"

I watched him take off his belt. He grabbed me by my golden hair and forced me to lean over this salon chair. Then he pulled down my pants and I felt the belt hit my exposed butt. My first adult spanking! Twice, three times and then a fourth the belt rang out, leaving me in serious pain. "Please, Justin, I'm in pain....."

"You'll still feel the sting when I sit you down in front of the audience tomorrow morning and shave all this off," he said, as he fondled my hair in a tender way. He guided me to the mirror -- there I stood with my thick, shimmering hair intact looking like a glamorous male model. And he stood beside brutally shorn like a lowly bootcamp recruit.

"This is going to take some getting used to," Justin confided with a waver of worry in his voice. "You've cut it so short."

"The butch will build character, boss!" I said cheerily.

"Good, you can remember that tomorrow when you see yourself bald for the first time!" he exclaimed.

The next morning Justin made a huge splash, emerging from behind the auditorium curtain with a total cueball look, to the evident surprise of the huge crowd that had assembled to watch the grand finale -- including the shearing of the top ten fundraisers onstage.

"Do you like my new look?" he called out, to a roar of approval. "All that hair -- gone! Shaved off, swept up and thrown into a trash can! I'm still getting used to this," he said rubbing his head. The crowd laughed. "I feel naked!" They laughed again, on cue. "But, it wouldn't have been right to have a longhaired barber doing the honors of shaving our top fund raiser, Mr. Alex DeLorean!"

One of them women called out from the crowd, "You look more handsome than ever, Boss!"

"I miss the long hair, but the sacrifice was worth it. Together we made over $25,000 -- far surpassing last year's total. And now I want to introduce you to the top fundraiser, who happens to be the organizer of this successful event, Alex!"

The curtain swept open to reveal Alex, sitting caped up, in a big traditional barber chair that had been borrowed from a local shop for the event.

The crowd clapped furiously. Justin walked over to a staging area and slipped into a traditional barber's tunic. Then he picked up a brush and began carefully styling Alex' blond locks. "Nice hair, Alex. It's been a while since you've been to the barbershop, hasn't it?"

Alex blushed.

"Tell us why you decided to chose this type of fund raiser when you knew it would probably be subjecting your own pretty boy look to the electric razor?! Is it a secret fantasy you've always held close -- to be taken down to the wood? All this pampered hair that you fuss over each morning, falling to the cape as you watch on helplessly?"

Alex squirmed and the crowd laughed.

"Make him look like a man!" Philip called from the audience.

"Make him look like a marine!" another added.

Justin continued to ham it up. "Alex and I often do not see eye-to-eye on a situation.....mainly because of this!" Justine remarked as he flicked his special assistant's long forelock so that it fell in front of Alex' green eyes. "Philip, come up here and see if you can help me come up with a solution for that problem."

Philip bounded up to the stage and Justin handed him a set of steel barber shears. He brandished them to the audience, pantomiming 'the big chop' to the forelock. Then, carefully, right at the top of Alex' forehead he slipped the blade under the mass of shimmering hair and delivered the first CRUNCH.

"Timber!" Justin called out, as the forelock was brutally hacked off at the root. Justin picked the shorn hair off the cape and tossed it into the ear. "Thanks, Philip, for you assistance in helping Alex address his periodic lack of vision. But he has another problem that needs addressing, he often has a tin ear to the instructions I'm giving him."

"Could it have anything to do with this?" Philip asked gleefully as he seized a shank of hair that flowed over Alex' ear.

"Cut it off!" Justin commanded.

Philip hacked away at it, brutally dismembering the once-graceful tresses that cascaded abundantly towards Alex' collar.

Then, Justin took forceful control of the makeover. He grabbed Alex by the nape and yanked his head back, Parris Island boot camp style. The crowd cheered wildly! "Someone out there asked me to make him look like a marine?!"

"Shave him!" the calls came back.

Justin gleefully plowed the clippers through the dense blond thatch peeling off a huge swath from forehead to cowlick. Sheaves of hair fell to the cape. The whole experience was well worth the $10,000 donation Justin thought to himself. He dreamed of paddling the lad in his private chambers and keeping him shorn to the wood. Alex' visage was stamped with a semi-horrified look as he felt the soft locks falling past his face and ears. But, beneath the trauma, he felt the same joy of being forcibly shorn that he had sensed in Justin the day before. He thought back to his first adult spanking and longed for an opportunity to turn the pompous Justin over his knee and gave as hard as he received. But for that moment, Justin was in control and was having the time of his life publicly humiliating his little lackey by stripped away all traces of his golden mane.

Finally the deed was over. Justin held up a hand mirror, and, Alex, on cue, let out a wail, "AAAAGGGGGHHH! My hair!!!"

"Okay, Baldy, out of the chair. It's time for you to get to work. Go get that broom and sweep all that up!" The cape came off and Alex obliged the crowd by hamming it up and feeling his bald head over and over again, projecting humiliating, horrified looks to the spectators.

Philip dashed up onto stage again with a camera and asked the two for a pose. Instinctively, they turned to face each other and rubbed each other's freshly shorn heads.

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