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head shave by Shyam Sundar sharma

Early in the morning i received a call from my native that my uncle is expired late in the night. As in our family when father is not alive all have to shave his head and if any widow in the family then she also had to shave here head. Actually a barber is called for head shave in the family. As i was on a Govt. job i was away from my family and as soon as i received a call it is understood that now and then me have to shave my head bald. I did n't tell my wife about this till we had a cup of tea in the morning 5.30 AM.After we had tea i just told my wife that Uncle is expired late in the last night and now......... She understood the things. She scared what to do in this case now. Whether to shave head here in Mumbai only or to get head shave at my native. After 1 hour thinking and discussion whe decided to shave me here only. She recalled her head shave and tried to give me energy that just don't get tension . Assured me to help me during my head shave.Then she started me telling her head shave story at tirupati 6 years back just after my marriage and after she has conceive. I was just go on listening but my mind was little bit tension.As with in a few hours i will have to undergone a head shave.She shared how she was dressed for head shave, She weared a blouse with her top collar locked and back open. She was in open hair keeping a straight line in the middle of her head . The barber called her to sit infront then she started pouring too much of water in her head . She also shared how she enjoyed during pouring of water but when the barber started putting blade in to the straight razor how she scared of and closed her eyes when the barber after stooping her head down started scrapping her hair from the top of her head. A whisping sound coming due to the movement of razor on back of her hair she could clearly hear and could know that now she is going to be a bald women with in four or five minutes. Soon she became bald from back and the barber then started to shave her head from the front side . The barber started scrapping from the hair line in the front and then side by side she shaved her head. She was bald with in four or five minutes and after this she was completely bald. She was given a mirror after head shave and she could not see the mirror even for 5 Seconds and give back tothe barber. She was thinking of people how she will meet the family persons and neighbours etc. All she told me and then she came up with a shirt which i wore last night and started putting all buttons locked. She locked my collar button also to avoid any hair falling in side the body during shave of my head. Soon a barber was called in my flat and sitting arrnagement was made for my head shaving. My wife wet my hair and sent me to sit before the barber for head shave. I just sit before teh barber and she instructed the barber to shave my head .The barber was bihari so he asked mundan kare ka hai na bhabhi jee. She nodding her head yes and told her to left a tuft of hair on top of my head .The barber keep ready his straight razor and got ready to shave me.My wife was wathing all this and then she told teh barber bhiya jaldi kar do takla .Just then he started to shave my head from the back of my head and i could feel the shave. it was a different type of experience for me.My wife enjoed it very much. But i was a bit tensed as my head was started to be going bald. Soon i became bald and really i was looking very nice. My wife gave him 200 Rs. all my moustache also shaved which i never shave off. Now my wife really enjoying my head shave. My top collar button then was loosen by her and told now you looking smart. It was just an complement for me.

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